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gotgame1985  +   1627d ago
look i`m so tired of you people complaining all the time, if u don`t like the game don`t buy the game, problem solve.
not one of the kenict games announced at e3 is on rails , u sony fans keep putting down kenict but what inovative games have been put out on move, im sure some sony fanboys are going to say killzone. let me tell u this i own killzone and played it with move its ok but its nothing to brag about. incase i didn`t mentioned i do own both console and i really don`t see why any one would favor one so much that u become a fanboy, i do favor 360 the most but i don`t favor it so much that i will talk down a game for the ps3 before knowing anything about it.
one more thing u sony fans have a habbit of putting down any thing microsoft, just because its put out by microsoft. but over 70% of the things u but down wine up being a big seller.

u have only seen a trailer for this game how can u judge, and before u say something stupid remember your opinion about kenict. besides phil spencer did say u can play with a controler or kenict so how is it on rails.
jay2  +   1627d ago
Only game thats made me consider buying Kinect, If I don't need Kinect for this game, then I won't buy it any time soon.
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