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Sam Fisher  +   3026d ago
just die
nintendo WUU
bootsielon  +   3026d ago
They should start with the Wii
Because the DS is sure as hell not going anywhere. The Wii, on the other hand, doesn't have game buyers. It has fad buyers. If they don't act quickly, it might be too late.
Sam Fisher  +   3026d ago
and they would get bored of it and just leav it in the closet and go buy sumthing new cuz the WUU is a fashion thing not anymore a gaming console
Zhuk  +   3026d ago
Hopefully the Xbox 360 and PS3 will end up crushing the Wii, otherwise gaming as we know it is in trouble with all this 'casual' nonsense going on
john_doe  +   3026d ago
Naah i don't think the situation is going to change in 2008... the wii will continue to sell like crazy.. and the big games are yet to come
ChickeyCantor  +   3026d ago
i hope Wii keeps crushing them both just to see you cry XD
PS360WII  +   3026d ago
I like to eat pie

See that's all I get out of most of your guys posts. You see a Wii article jump in it and just say mindless stuff. Why not stay in the news threads you want to hear about instead of meandering into those you care nothing for and bash away. I know you are upset that a pure gaming machine is beating a multimedia machine that also plays games but come on. Don't be hatin'.
ItsDubC  +   3026d ago
Agreed, if someone doesn't like something, why give it the time of day to habitually make demeaning posts about it? The only viable explanations hint at mental or maturity issues for said poster.

The PS3 currently doesn't appeal to me but you don't see me going out of my way to diss it on every occasion. In fact, if you are truly a fan of games, why would you not remain optimistic about upcoming titles regardless of which console they are to appear on? Play games, not consoles.
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MyNutsYourChin  +   3026d ago
In my case, I would love to have a PS3 or 360 to play R&C or Too Human when it's out. Yet although I don't care for Sony or Microsoft, that isn't the force stopping me from purchasing or supporting their systems.

First, their systems are too expensive for me. Second, their systems include things I do not want or need. Third, for Sony, their games are not that good (currently, as I'm sure that will change as soon as the devs start understanding the architecture better) and for Microsoft, they have some serious problems with their technology (overheating and scratching discs).

Yes, the PS3 and the 360 have fantastic graphics and are way more powerful than the Wii but currently, that doesn't seem to matter now, does it? Ever hear of David and Goliath?
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Gina-get-u  +   3026d ago
I don't want the wii to die, but I don't want it to divert development dollars away from serious games towards casual fluff.
PS360WII  +   3026d ago
That is some what of a problem. I think once they stop trying to push out the quick cash in's and focus on making real games for the Wii we won't get stuck in the casual fluff. It's just the growing pains of the new generation. Core games are being made and will be coming out soon enough.
bootsielon  +   3026d ago
It doesn't matter if they make games for the "core"
The problem isn't just the games; it's also the console. I'm used to gamecube's capabilities, and I'm over it. And seriously, don't get offended by my gamecube = Wii comments, they're just the truth, nothing to be ashamed about.

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