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goodganja  +   2959d ago
Nice idea. But it would be better if they rumbled.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D
ReBurn  +   2959d ago
I'm sure that there will be a rumble version once they get a Sony-branded controller to reverse engineer.
Panthers  +   2959d ago
They take batteries. Thats the best thing about the PS3 controllers is that you never have to buy new batteries.
CRIMS0N_W0LF  +   2959d ago
Will the battery charge be correct when checking it on PS?
Lightning Mr Bubbles  +   2959d ago
this is crap man
Just look at it. I never buy third party controllers, this should cost like 2 dollars.
Bonsai1214  +   2959d ago
yeah.. it even says in the description, "no one knows how it'll handle" which isn't a good sign.

and it better be cheaper than the real thing. sixaxis retail at 50 bucks a pop..
Twizlex  +   2959d ago
It is cheaper than the real thing. It says that right in the title. How you missed that is beyond me. If you actually read it, it says it costs $34.99.
Bonsai1214  +   2959d ago
i knew it was cheaper. i was affirming the statement by saying it better have been, because if it were more expensive, no one would buy it.
Twizlex  +   2959d ago
Oh, my bad.
games4fun  +   2959d ago
does it have
sixaxis i'm wondering about it because i bought a logitech i had to take it back because i wanted my friend to play warhawk but it didnt have sixaxis control so i had to take it back

its annoying when they say it is a ps3 controller but it has no sixaxis
WhEeLz  +   2959d ago
Its not really cheaper if u dont have rechargeable batteries...

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