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TerminalGamer  +   1658d ago
Looks similar to the Diablo series.
ftwrthtx  +   1658d ago
and that's a good thing. I love Diablo
banjadude  +   1658d ago
Wait a second... I could have sworn that there was an article 2 weeks ago, that said Disciples was cancelled. Hmmm....???
ftwrthtx  +   1658d ago
Considering these were just released this morning, I'm thinking that maybe someone was misinformed?
banjadude  +   1658d ago
Hmmm, I might be mistake for another title... idk *goes back to searching*
Corrwin  +   1658d ago
Yeah, but they're not STUNNING screenshots!
JsonHenry  +   1658d ago
I gotta agree. This looks like a game that should have come out 4 years ago. Not today. :/
therapist  +   1658d ago
games already out, this is about an expo, the poster is just a tard, you can buy the original game now for about

it's not at all like diablo, more like Heroes of Might and Magic 5, but way more in-depth monsters, but also more complicated, i love the game, it's well drawn out, the monsters and creatures you can get are exquisitely rendered!
ftwrthtx  +   1658d ago
That's a different game.

That's a link for this game

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