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Lord_Doggington   1751d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(2)
SpaceSquirrel  +   1751d ago
It's a relief that the big banks have finally said something. There's been too many small banks saying the same thing.
MAiKU  +   1751d ago
Those claims about a bunch of gamers getting their money stolen is either a coincidence or a bunch of jump happy liars.

I should probably call my bank and see if they have anything on the matter as well.
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eggbert  +   1751d ago
Actually It's because people don't usually check their statements on their cards.

They were probably having statement issues for a bit, and just bothered to check because of recent events. In this scenario, it would seem like the PSN debacle is to blame when it was something else.

Besides, there have only been like 2 reported claims of people losing money, and both of those were just anonymous e-mails with no follow-through to see if the story was legit. I'm not saying that NO ONE was compromised because of Sony's poor defenses, but I will say that online forums are filled with people who are saying things like "I just checked my credit card statements, and apparently I just bought a new boat".

More than likely, the vast majority of these stories aren't true. But your not going to stop idiots from being idiots.
xAlmostPro  +   1751d ago
Mines fine, infact i don't even think the chances are high enough that my details get used lol..

Not only people missing the point that out of 77mil accounts not everyone is active.. and then out of the active ones not everyone had details stored.. and some only have things like address and no card details(which are encrypted anyway). So a hacker/the hacker(s)would have to go through everyone of them to find some with card details then try break the encryption. Not likely.

As for identity fraud well, the only lead to the hackers has been a group of turksih muslims(chat logs leaked).. therefore i doubt they can use my home address when im in the UK lol. Also i never use my middle name on sites etc only formal things.
skynidas  +   1751d ago
I'll keep checking my bank statement just in case...
MAiKU  +   1751d ago
You should also get your cards changed. Even if it was just a possibility the safest route is the best.
skynidas  +   1751d ago
Yeah, I was considering changing my cards. But i'll wait until the PSN comes back and more info comes out to make my decision
BISHOP-BRASIL  +   1751d ago
I guess this whole situation is the first time I'm actuallly happy that PSN wouldn't ever accept my brazillian CC (it's international, but brazillian's PSN don't have a Store and obviously my adress postal code in other regional accounts were different from my billing adress postal code, so no deal).

Once I almost got me a second card outside just to use on PSN, ended up not doing it because I really don't like the idea of having too much credit, I prefer to only spent what I actually have.

PSN cards came out and I never looked back on the matter... Guess I was luck, not that I actually think my CC info would had been stolen, but I would be changing CC now just for sure... Not having to deal with it while all my friends overreact is quite enjoyable. LOL
Apone  +   1751d ago
Yep. Changed mine, just to be sure. Makes me sleep a little better at night. ;) Feels like a clean slate...
jrisner  +   1751d ago
really? I think I read this yesterday about 50 times.
rajman  +   1751d ago
Still early days yet
MrBeatdown  +   1751d ago
Early by what standard? Seems to me that this would be late in the game.

Anyone stealing CC info and passwords had to know that once this news got out there, people would change their passwords and cancel/monitor their credit card statements. Certainly everyone won't do that, but the large portion of people will. That information, if it's out there, becomes less and less valuable as time goes on. Take out the passwords and CC info, and a lot of the info isn't all that useful for anything besides spam and phishing.
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fedexas  +   1751d ago
That's a good thing.
I knew Sony handled this situation well. I just want to go back playing my Blazblue online now. :)
boss_killa  +   1751d ago
Well that's damn good news except maybe for all the Sony haters.
Apone  +   1751d ago
Haters will keep on hating.
Reborn  +   1751d ago
Well, either way, people should still be on alert, just in-case.

But it is at least reassuring to some extent.
frelyler  +   1751d ago
Identity theft happens all the time. Now all the mouth breathers will try to attribute it to Sony. I can't wait for the law suit to come where someone had their info stolen. They then claim it's Sony's fault, yet they have never been part of PSN or anything Sony. Mark my words there are people out there dumb enough to try it and I can't wait to laugh when they do.
Thecraft1989  +   1751d ago
Just remember even if CC has not been stolen or hackers have it but have not been able to unencrypted it. They have passwords and emails I sure theirs many people have the same password for everything.
Aclay  +   1751d ago
I mentioned this in another article a day or so ago, but my bank recently sent me a new Visa Debit card last week because they were notified by Visa that my card number was "compromised by a security breach at a merchant location" and they confirmed fraudulent activity on the Card.

Not sure if it was because of the PSN breach or not, but I'm WAYYY more relieved that I have a new Card now. I checked my account transactions for the entire month of April and didn't see any purchases/transactions that I didn't make (thankfully) and I think I'm sticking with the PSN Cards from here on out just for precaution.
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Christopher  +   1751d ago
If they noted "at a merchant location" it wasn't an online item. That likely means they have identified and verified that a store, ATM, or similar in-person location was showing a large amount of issues with regards to the security of the people who used their debit/credit cards there.
Aclay  +   1751d ago
@ cgoodno,

Thanks for that info.

I haven't purchased anything Online in about a month, so I didn't think it had anything to do with an Online merchant.

Interesting that you mentioned an ATM, because about a week before I got any kind of notification, I used an ATM on campus that I haven't used in a long time (probably a year or more)... there was this note on the ATM saying something like "This location will no longer accept deposits after ______" and it may have been because of some illegal activity going on with that ATM.

Anyways, still glad I have a new card because my old card info was on PSN.
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GrumpyVeteran  +   1751d ago
My friend cancelled his CC anyway, just in case.
blackburn5  +   1751d ago
Sony already said that the information was encrypted. These statements from the banks are just solidify their claim. I don't think people understand the situation very well. The longer this goes on the more useless the information will become even if the hackers do decrypt the info. People would have already cancelled and got new debit and credit cards and be watching their accounts like a hawk.Even if they wait until everything cools down it will probably be too late
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1751d ago
US does not = the world...

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