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PS3BURN  +   1727d ago
Looks good. No worries here!
Nizzy79  +   1727d ago
looks clean, nice job.
humbleopinion  +   1727d ago
These pics are not really HD. Not even SD.
Perhaps they're downscaled to this microsize, but how about linking to the original size so we can actually see what it looks like in reality?
Darkfiber  +   1727d ago
Going a little overkill with these HD remakes...shameful cash grab.
lucifon  +   1727d ago
All these games are already out in HD on the 360 and PC...
ColossiSlayer  +   1727d ago
1 Question.
When can I get THE ENTIRE Legacy of Kain series in HD on 1 Blu Ray?
pcz  +   1727d ago
they should make her tits bigger

and ass too
tigertron  +   1727d ago
Well I'm a big fan of those three games, especially Legends so I'm definatly considering rebuying these just so I can play them in HD.
Bounkass  +   1727d ago
Wow, it actually looks reeeal good! But is it also in HD resolution? I doubt it.
Kahvipannu  +   1727d ago
Looks good, tought I see no reason personally to get this collection. Good games, but one run for each is enough for me, but if someone have missed these good games, I recommend to check them out.
smashman98  +   1727d ago
I love how here on n4g were all arguing over silly things like this when in fact these most likely aren't even ports of the ps2 version and probably ports of the 360 versions
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