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plb  +   1807d ago
Not sure about sp but 6 on 6 MP seems boring. I will try PC demo and see if I will purchase it. Is 6vs6 console only or PC too? So many other games coming out so not too concerned.
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trunglefever  +   1805d ago
6v6 MP is pretty functional. In a first person shooter, the number seem small, but how can anyone forget how fun Halo 2 multiplayer was when it was just 4v4. Playing CoD games on modes like Ground War seem far too hectic. Additionally, Gears 3 will feature 5v5 only (Wingman exception), so the player count isn't going to be a huge loss.

Eventually, if Crysis 2 can get enough support in the multiplayer department, patches could be made available to bump the numbers up to be 8v8 or higher.
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Tyre  +   1807d ago
Great preview...makes me want to play it even can somebody say Crysis is boring? dude u are so
johnpolson  +   1806d ago
another awesome Game Rant article!

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