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Pozzle  +   1651d ago
Well, here's undeniable proof that he hasn't played the Uncharted games. If he had, he wouldn't make such shitty statements.
VenomProject  +   1651d ago
I've got two words for that director...


Jamaicangmr  +   1651d ago
Sony Uncharted is one of my favourate games franchise. I am truly excited about an Uncharted Movie however Sony please don't let this idiot direct it.

Please fire him before he goes ahead and makes a mess of one of the most cinimatic video game franchises in history.

Inception  +   1651d ago
Wow, what a nice blunder O'Russell. You made a movie from a video game, but you're bashing that video game not emotional. What a way to cut your potential viewer (fans of Uncharted) and what a way to make your movie flop...hard!
LoneWanderer09  +   1651d ago
He just needs an excuse to protect him self for F'n up a great game with a future horrible movie
rocky047586  +   1651d ago
You guys are all cool for voicing your opinion, just as he had the right to do so for himself. But with that being said, I trust the guy to make a great film out of the franchise. Also, I have to say that you guys keep on saying "yeah video games have meaning, they have emotion." yet not ONE of you have named moments IN GAME that has made you feel emotion for the character, only cutscenes, which are...MOVIES right?

Just let the guy make his movie and we'll see how it turns out? You guys really wanna just see a rehash of the video games' story? Really? There's so much more you can do with this franchise because it's so broad and diverse enough to be able to take it in any direction to be honest. Just like the novel and the comic book that is coming soon, they have NOTHING to do with the games, so you're going to be mad at those as well?
P_Bomb  +   1651d ago
Then you're not paying attention. I'll say it again for the people that already said it. MGS4 microwave scene. That's gameplay, he doesn't move if you don't.

Same with the brutal melee end of GOW3 where you can pound on Zeus forever until the screen is pure red with his blood and you feel catharsis. Or how you feel like a predator slowly stalking a legless Hermes. Or in GOW Chains of Olympus where you have to push Calliope away forever as she clings to Kratos and keeps coming back, you really feel the heartbreak there.

Or the desperation/responsibility/sad ness you feel in countless games where you do wounded escorts from Prince of Persia '08, Uncharted 2 and various Silent Hills to having to steal back the corpses of Ezio's dead family in Assassin's Creed Brotherhood. Carrying your dead father and brothers was a pretty heavy flashback.

Trying to cut off a limb in Heavy Rain and flubbing it with certain tools only to have to keep hacking at the bone, that was cringe inducing. O'Russell is preaching about fixing something that isn't broken. He mentions failed game movies but fails to see how far most of those deviated from the source material themselves, like Max Payne. He's repeating the same mistakes and with the same actor(s) no less.
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rocky047586  +   1651d ago
I actually agree with you and I never said that no games can be emotional within the gameplay. But a LOT of people do NOT feel the same things for the games that you mentioned though, some people just play games to escape their own world or to pass up time. I certainly can see where Mr Russell is coming from when he says it in generalities that's for sure.

Again, I think in this case the characters of Uncharted are its' greatest assets, not the story. It is an entire universe and within that, you can have multiple mediums tell a whole other story from what we've seen already and that'd be okay because we don't know much about Nathan Drake anyway.

With that, there's so many adventures that this guy and his friends(and now family)can go on because of how the universe is set up, there should be plenty of leeway for David Russell to do what he wants with the story, it's the CHARACTERs he needs to get right!
Inception  +   1651d ago
You want us to list emotional moment IN GAME? ok here's one of my emotional moment (sorry, can't list them all cause it's tooooo much):

- When i killed one collossus after collossus in Shadow of the Collossus, i felt pity and sad in the same time
- When i drag Yorda hands all the way in that big castle. I felt that i must protect her no matter what happens
- Every boss battle in MGS series, specially with The Boss and LiquidOcelot
- When i explored The Mansion in Resident Evil 1, I felt creepy and always alert for something that i don't know and might kill me

Yeah, that's four of my emotional moment, IN GAME, when i played video game. So what's yours rocky? do you have any??????

definitely agree with you bro. well said and bubbles up ^^
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rocky047586  +   1651d ago
Of course I have some, I'm not going to list them because I'm tired. Again, I never said that there aren't ANY emotional moments in gameplay, it's just that it's not a natural thing to have in games, there's not A LOT of games that actually have these cinematic approaches like the ones you named and that other guy as well. Also again, A LOT of other people don't get emotionally invested in their games, even the ones that you mentioned. I know a person that LOVED MGS4, but he didn't give a damn about Snake or anything of the sort.

I can almost guarantee that all of the naysayers of this film will be eating crow when they finally see even the preview of the movie, let alone the actual movie itself. David Russell isn't some hack job that is just trying to cash in on the success of the game, he cares about writing powerful stories and great characters and that's what he'll do with this.

Uncharted has a great character set already, and if someone is consulting him on how the characters are supposed to be then he'll nail it for sure no matter what story he has them in.
Mr Tretton  +   1651d ago
I guarentee you this guy hasn't played anything but Wii Fit. Doesn't seem like someone that knows anything about games. Doubt he knew shit about Uncharted before he was given the offer.
rocky047586  +   1651d ago
I'm almost sure that he has at least seen the games and the characters, read about the story, etc., he doesn't have to play the game in order to make the film to be honest. All he has to do is stay true to the CHARACTERS and he'll do just fine.

That's the only thing I'm really worried about, I'm not worried about what kind of story he has them set up in, I'm just worried about if he captures Nathan Drake and company the way that they are in the game series. The story doesn't have to go with the games at all to be great, as long as it's a great story I wouldn't mind if that's all he changed.
Tyre  +   1651d ago
Russel needs to see Gore Verbinski's speech during DICE 2 years ago...he explains the potential of games and knows exactly what the problems is with Hollywood...too bad he couldn't make Bioshock the movie : ( the speech is still on XBL i think...gamers need to check it out it's a brillant speech......Russel is using Uncharted for the wrong purpasses...Uncharted isn't like that..and do not force it into the movie based on Uncharted...plz let someone else make the Uncharted movie or don't do it at all.
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gypsygib  +   1651d ago
He's right if you equate "emotional" with sadness but I've been made very happy by games and have developed emotional attachments to many game characters. Master Chief and Solid snake are like old friends, even Sam Fisher is a f'ing cool bad ass. Don't get me started on Kratos, he's one of the best characters ever.

I used to really like Marcus Phoenix and the Gears gang until Cliffy B's maturity level mysteriously dropped from a guy in his 20s to that of a 10 year old and ruined them in Gears 2.
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nskrishna2  +   1651d ago
Games can't be emotional?
He obviously hasn't played MGS, Dragon Age: Origins in the part where the attack of the dark spwan starts (that sence reminds me of the President's speech from Independence Day) and then of the most shocking moments in gaming history..
My adivce to the director would be to play a few games
Psycho_Mantis  +   1651d ago
Clearly this guy talks out of his ass. Metal gear solid games? Hello?! They made me laugh, cry, and by the end of MGS4 my heart felt nouthing but sadness. A game has never done anything to me like that befor. Hell look at RDR ending, i wont spoil anything here but was one of the greatest endings i ever saw.
Sugreev2001  +   1651d ago
Play Shadow Of the Colossus,Ico,Lost Odyssey,God Of War 1,Max Payne etc. you dumb fuck !
Dragonfodder  +   1651d ago
And this is why people like him should completely stay away from video-game-to-movie adaptations. This is going to fail so miserably... *sigh*
ANIALATOR136  +   1651d ago
he obviously hasnt played MGS
CanadianTurtle  +   1651d ago
Wow, he actually said that?

That is enough to tell me that he shouldn't make ignorant assed comments like that because he is not a gamer.
Nac  +   1651d ago
I think they can be. I think they can be even without going to a cutscene. Hell, look at Half-Life 2.
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1651d ago
"I started to brew together what I thought could be a really cool idea that I’d never seen in a film before…Really intense action and really intense family dynamics on a global stage."

WTF Drakes family aren't featured in the games!!

change the name, it's not like the majority of non-gamers care if it's called Uncharted, and from the looks of it none of the fans of the franchise are going to like the film.
rocky047586  +   1651d ago
So what if his family isn't featured in the games? How does that HURT the film in anyway? How does that tarnish Uncharted because he wants to feature Nathan Drake's family?

I guess you're pissed about the story not being the same in the novels that are coming out as well, right? And the comic book too because it's a totally different story than the first two games.
Da_Evil_Monkey  +   1650d ago
It hurts the film because the film is UNCHARTED!!!! If your going to change the story and generally not follow the source material, then why even link it to the game. Do you think the average person cares that this is based off Uncharted. No they don't. Linking it to Uncharted is a way to get fans of the franchise to be interested in it. As it stands now, I don't think any Uncharted fan will enjoy this film, as Uncharted anyway. Thats not to say that it will definitely be a bad film, it will just be a bad film adaptation of Uncharted.
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