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Dlacy13g  +   1830d ago
It's kinda amazing just how different so many of the reviews are for this game.

I personally am enjoying it....but in no way do I think it is perfect or even great. Its a niche RPG game that definitely is not for everyone who are fans of the genre.

It gets so many things wrong and yet it does a number of things brilliantly. I suppose you could say it lives up to the name sake... Two Worlds 2 has Two different reviews...Great and God Awful
Tex117  +   1830d ago
Its good, and I enjoyed playing it. (beat it last night)

There is some brilliant stuff in there, but by the end, I was eager to put it down.

I then fired up Demon's Souls for my 3rd playthrough in honor of the Dark Souls annoucnement.
Bigpappy  +   1830d ago
It has some small technical flaws. Nothing that breaks the game. But, if you like to work and grind your way through an RPG that rewards that effort, you will find plenty to do here that is enjoyable and well worth your time. There is plenty of loot and surprised in the side quest, which make most of them worth your time (Exploration is encurraged). There is a deep magic and weapon leveling system that is one of the best I have seen in an RPG. Morality and relationships are handled well also.

I am playing this game slowly (Some nay be tempted to play it as and action adventure and just fight their way to the end with minimal exploration) and having a great time. It actually calls me back for more, unlike RDR which I thought was a great game. WRPG is my favorite genre though, so I am by no means trying to speak for anyone else.
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