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jaidek  +   1767d ago
I have yet to play any of the entries on the PSP...I really need to pick them up.
Istanbull  +   1767d ago
5: MGS Portable Ops
4: MGS1
3: MGS4
2: MGS3
1: MGS Peace Walker

Great list, I hope a remake of Peace Walker for the PS3, this game really blew me away!
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crxss  +   1767d ago
List fail, MGS 3: Subsistence is definitely number one. Hope MGS 3D improves Snake Eater even more.
showtimefolks  +   1767d ago
there was a rumor article that
mgs 1-3 will be in hd soon can not waite to get it the second it comes out

i am a huge MGS fan 3rd was the best and 4th to me was the 2nd best
MicrocutsX2  +   1767d ago
Wow a surprising pick for number one, but I can agree with the author's choice. It's definitely one of the best out there.
Rashid Sayed  +   1767d ago
MGS3 is and always be the best in the entire series.
BlackTar187  +   1767d ago
its a toss up for me as i enjoyed part 1 and part 4 as much as part 3 something about part 4 made the hairs ont he back of my next stand up like every 5 minutes with hapiness. and the end fight with ocelot and the music switching was probabbly one of my greatest Vide game moments off all time

Part 2 was almost awful imho
Nate-Dog  +   1767d ago
I'm sorry but I just cannot agree with the number one. While it's a decent game (and great for PSP) it's nowhere near the quality of any of the console games apart from certain gameplay elements (and even then those are almost ruined by the barrage at the end of the game with the Extra Ops missions which are almost all vehicle-battle missions).

I ain't ripping on you (this is your article and list after all lol) but personally I don't rate Peace Walker that high.
ksense  +   1767d ago
straight from hideo kojima himself ^. well... maybe not... but yea snake eater is the best of them all lol
RahatR  +   1767d ago
Hey Nate! Thanks for the response. I can understand where you're coming from and you do make a valid arguments but I personally did have an experience that I felt made Peacewalker the best Metal Gear experience. I knew from the moment I put it on the number 1 slot I would have people debating my choice.

Just imagine if they ported this game with the MGS4 that would make it unquestionable. I like your input!
Nate-Dog  +   1767d ago
Yeah a port has been on a lot of people's minds it seems. Looks like Kojima is going down the road of making a sequel to this too (which is unfortunate IMO, just because he said PW would cover from where it did actually start to the completion of Outer Heaven which it didn't, and if we actually got that I'd certainly be inclined to think higher of it), and who knows, that could be a console game.
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coldburn  +   1767d ago
I think MSG3 was the best, but I haven't played peacemaker or finish MSG4 yet, so for now MSG3
dorron  +   1767d ago
I haven't still finished Peace Walker. It's a great game, but the PSP controls make the experience fall quite short. I hope they bring it to the PS3!!! They should remake MSX Metal Gears too...

Personally, I think 3>4&1>2>PW(due to controls)>PO
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ksense  +   1767d ago
i concur. that is my order of listing too. had a tough time choosing between mgs4 and mgs 1 but I guess 1 had a better story and 4 had better visuals and gameplay so a tie is fair.
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shak  +   1767d ago
MSG1 is still my fav - remote control missile + some guy pissing in the bathroom never got old when I was 13
Ares84PS3  +   1767d ago
MGS1 is the best in my opinion as well. The others are good too but MGS1 was unique because it introduced me to this world and this type of gameplay and back tham there was nothing like it.

That game was magic.
DaReapa  +   1767d ago
Ageed. I haven't had such a reaction to something revolutionary in videogaming since the one I had upon experiencing MGS for the first time. If there's anything I would question about the author's piece is that he mentions "Some may feel I put this too low on the list and I can agree with you; it’s a game that probably deserves more praise than any other on this list. But look at it this way, this gripping action thriller paved the way for even greater games.", but never gives a solid explanation as to why he "put this too low". Not that it matters much, nor is anyone getting all up in arms over the author's opinion. But since he pointed that out, I was just curious.
Shane Kim  +   1767d ago
MGS1 for me as well. But mainly because of liquid snake. I just think this character is so bad ass. Shame he died in the first one.

But to be honest, every game in the series are unique. I really can't pick one over the other other than Liquid being in the first one.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention. I think the characters are the most interesting in MGS1. From Liquid, to Vulcan to the hands down most epic boss fight in any video game, Psycho Mantis.

Gotta go and play this for the 1000th time.
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Orange  +   1767d ago
What about Metal Gear? Any love for the old school? I remember thinking it was the coolest game for the NES at the time it came out.
offdawall  +   1767d ago
MGS2 sons of liberty my fave .....PLEASE GIVE A METAL GEAR COLLECTION
Der_Kommandant  +   1767d ago
sam2236  +   1767d ago

Der_Kommandant  +   1767d ago

andfed  +   1767d ago
For me the best was MGS 1 because of the wow factor.

antz1104  +   1767d ago
I still awlways thought MGS 1 was the best. To me it was the most innovative and such an AWESOME leap from one of the hardest games I ever played in my NES. All the others were based off this model.

I thought that Snake Eater was a close second because it felt so much more in tune with the first than the others did to me. That, and the camo system and CQC was pretty badass.
NateCole  +   1767d ago
Its though between MGS1,MGS3 and MGS4 for me.

MGS1 is the one that really started the Metal Gear Solid saga for me and was ahead of its time. If you play it now it still holds up even to current gen games in terms of presentation, gameplay, story telling, music etc. Between MGS3 and MGS1 they have the most iconic boss battles i have ever experience in any game.

MGS3 is the one that made sense of everything from MG on the NES to the MGS1, MGS2 and MGS4 and makes you apperciate the saga even more. The tragic story of the boss and Big Boss really to me is the best in the series. To me the ending in MGS3 is the best game ending ever.

MGS4 is the culmination of everything in the saga and Solid Snakes last hurrah. MGS4 is like a trip down to memory lane for any MGS fan and more. Because of this fact. MGS4 to me slightly edges the other two out because it really is the summary and the end of the best game hero/anti hero in gaming for me.
ksense  +   1767d ago
I'm no hero... Never was. I'm just an old killer... Hired to do some wet work.
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kingboy  +   1767d ago
ah memories
Shane Kim  +   1767d ago
Great post, I feel something like that too when I play the games.

I just have such a hard time ranking them.
IPUMPMYGUN  +   1767d ago
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater was simple and challenging. It was Metal Gear should be. Action packed and stealthy. It wasn't too over the top like mgs4.
IPUMPMYGUN  +   1767d ago
Metal Gear Solid 4 was graphically stunning, it was just a little confusing. Gameplay was amazing, but the same old reoccurring characters. Online was a bonus, but plot was confusing as hell.
telekineticmantis  +   1767d ago
Very difficult list for me... I'd have to say
1.=MGS1 or 3(probably 1.)
2.=MGS1 or 3

The top 4 are very close for me though. Could change with more reflection.
Greysturm  +   1767d ago
I disagree, the only consideration for best of the series is MGS3.

1) Storyline: The characters, plot twists, presentation and setting are unmatched in the rest of the series. The rest of the big boss saga (psp games) tries to imitate what was acomplished but its more a tribute than anything else and the solid snake saga pales in comparison. You cant argue that in terms of character development there is no competition for what was done for The boss and big boss in this title. Although MGS4 pulled more heartstrings with the nostalgia factor and setpieces in its totality it cant be denied that snake eater ending is the most emotional moment in the series.

2) Gameplay: although the coop of peace walker is a feature that could turn the tables when you remember the amount of interactivity that snake eater allowed (From destroying the enemies food and weapon supllies to calling mortar strikes and calling of alarms with the codec). there can be no doubt that snake eater comes out on top. The setpieces set here are undoubtedly the best in the series, snake eater gave us the best sniperfight, the best chase scene and the best final boss battle of the series. All of which were tributed in the opus that was MGS4.

Soundtrack: Snake eater, need i say more?

In conclusion the reveal of the story of big boss and the introducion of the boss to the series outweight the nostalgia and formation of outer heaven in which peacewalker was conceived. The lack of multiplayer may swerve some ofthe opinion but the singleplayer is still unmatched and something that some consider the weakpoint of peacewalker.
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AHall88  +   1767d ago
1. MGS2
2. MGS3
3. MGS:Peacwalker
4. MGS4
5. MGS1
6. MG Acid 2
7. MG Acid
8. MGS Portable Ops
crxss  +   1767d ago
MGS2 #1? Lololol is that a joke?
Kos-Mos  +   1767d ago
No it`s not. Some people actually love a story perfectly told.
Especially if they understands it.
I can expand yer mind if you like.
BlackTar187  +   1767d ago
kos mos u think people didnt like 2 because it was a terrible story or that we couldn't understand it?

i respect everyone's opinion but i run into #2 being there favorite most often when it was there first 1.
crxss  +   1764d ago

especially if they understands it huh?... no mind expansion needed.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1767d ago
MGS3 for me is the best!!!! Kojima please give us Peace Walker on PS3 please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sickbird  +   1767d ago
Peace walker is definetly not the best metal gear. Snake Eater would get my vote for #1.
Kos-Mos  +   1767d ago
For those who understand the post-modern story, (which the games evolve around much) MGS 2 is by far the best.
For those who love Sony MGS 4 is the best because it`s so much hate this generation from teenagers
For those who love the MGS series like me have had plenty of fun with all and need no ranking.
mayberry  +   1767d ago
The MGS universe is adult electronic entertainment at it's finest! imo! I like them all also!
Z501  +   1767d ago
You can't even crawl in Peace Walker.

1. MGS3S
2. MGS4
4. MGS2
5. MGS
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kane_1371  +   1767d ago
i myself love MGS 3 the most.
but i couldn't agree with the list anymore than this.
the fact of making PW on PSP.
i repeat, on PSP, is enough for putting it on top.
if it was on ps3 it would definitely be way better.

the list is the best possible list.
C L O U D  +   1767d ago
In terms of soundtrack...

Metal Gear Solid 2
BlackTar187  +   1767d ago
no way the Snake Eater Soundtrack was so sick. I cant agree not even with music. But the scene where the col. tells you to get a life and turn the system off was awesome.
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creamsoda  +   1767d ago
Yep MGS3 is without a doubt the best in the series.

Also why the hell is Metal Gear 1/Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake last? The only way to judge that game fairly is storyline. it was much better than Portable Ops. You can't judge it based on graphics because it they came out in the early 90s.

Portable Ops should be last. That game was all over the place, and I hated dragging enemy soldiers back to the damn truck. So frustrating and took so long. Convinces me that only Hideo Kojima knows how to make MGS work.
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RGB  +   1767d ago
My List, based on playthroughs and experiences.

7th. Both Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2. Reason: To retro for my liking. 0 completions.

6th. MGS: Portable Ops. Reason: Average, nothing special about it. 1 completion.

5th. MGS2: Sons of Liberty. Reason: After Portable Ops this is the worst by far, absolutely lame and only Patrick Zimmerman (Voice of Ocelot) saved it. 1 completion and utter garbage.

4th. MGS: The Twin Snakes. Reason: Would be first if not for the others. 4 completions over the PlayStation and Gamecube versions.

3rd. MGS3: Snake Eater. Reason: The story was amazing, emotional experience but the latest 2 have raised the bar pretty high. I purchased 2 copies of this game, one signed. 3 completions.

2nd. MGS4: Guns of the Patriots. Reason: Probably the greatest ending to a saga in the history of interactive media. Complete passion put in to this game. 7 completions.

1st. MGS: Peace Walker. Reason: It brought MGS back to it's roots with gameplay, narrative and best of all it felt more than an game, more than an experience. Emotional ending with new additions to this amazing franchise spawned from one of the greatest game designers ever and guess what... only 1 completion and Peace Walker gets my vote, no words can describe how EPIC this game is.

Oh well sorry for the essay. Bye now. :)
Kos-Mos  +   1767d ago
No you`re a towel. So clean up the garbage.

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