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tsn  +   1843d ago
Hopefully this is true I just bought a PS3 and was interested in the franchise but I wont play mgs4 until I play the rest so if this goes ahead ill be picking it up.
stragomccloud  +   1843d ago
Hopefully MGS1 would be the MGSTS Gamecube version with all of it's wonderful added coolness. Minus the Nintendo shoutouts of course since that would just seem weird on a Sony console. lol
mricecreamman  +   1843d ago
this will happen!
jhani  +   1843d ago
makes sense. This hd trilogy will sell at least above 1 million units. Money to be made from this so it makes sense. I will purchaese it from day 1 as i have missed mtg 1 and 3.
Pozzle  +   1843d ago
This would make me happy beyond words <3
sdplisken  +   1843d ago
also bring Peace Walker n Portable ops
and the NES games!
ALL w/trophy support plus MGS4!
solsub  +   1843d ago

Just one thing, bring back the MSX2 games, not NES :P
solsub  +   1843d ago
xlr  +   1843d ago
i will be the most happiest person if this actually happens. so that i can play my favorite game MGS3 in HD. not to mention MGS and MGS2 both.
jalen247  +   1843d ago
I already own Metal Gear Solid: The Essential Collection. But I will rebuy because of the HD upgrade...
bananlol  +   1843d ago
10/10 if i ever saw one.
MrBubble  +   1843d ago
This is awsome

im going to be spolied
please in mgs4 graphics
Bigboss19  +   1841d ago
I will buy this as MGS is my favorite game series heres hoping we also get a demo of Rising or if rumors are true MGS5 ps3 exclusive
lilmetal  +   1841d ago
They shouldn't remake MGS1-3...
They should remake Metal Gear 1 and 2.
Keep it 2D, up the graphics, voiceovers, the works.
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