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wwm0nkey  +   1855d ago
I want to see this game so badly lol
King-Leonidas  +   1855d ago
this should be pc and ps3 exclusive
Xfanboy  +   1855d ago
But ps3 will hold back PC!!
wwm0nkey  +   1855d ago
No it SHOULD be PC only, consoles will sadly be holding it back. PC is getting special support though so hopefully it wont be gimped.
AndrewRyan  +   1855d ago
BFBC2 was gimped due to consoles. But this time they said they wouldn't gimp the PC experience which makes me a happy camper. And not a camper like actually camping in game... You know what nevermind, it just makes me happy.
gcolley  +   1855d ago
You are lucky you even got BFBC2.
Pjuice  +   1854d ago
if it wasn't for pc the battlfield series wouldn't even have been made same with cod so whos lucky they got it, consoles i think.
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SpitFireAce85  +   1855d ago
Same here should be a great FPS...cant wait to
see a trailer...
lelo2play  +   1855d ago
I hope they don't fu*k it up... by dumbing down the PC version because of the console version. They should make a different version for the PC.
Genecalypse  +   1855d ago
I think thats exactly whats happening, Dx11 and all
DeathMetal1474  +   1855d ago
The are not
dumbing it down Pc gets special attention and a better newer engine than the consoles
Ducky  +   1855d ago
No need to worry.
PC will be different.
Devs said so themself.

...Does that count as a haiku?
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hoops  +   1855d ago
lelo2pay you nailed it perfectly.
I, like you have gotten tired this generation of PC games being screwed over because of the PS3 and Xbox360.
ll_UNDERSCORE_ll  +   1855d ago
I agree 100%. Even though I spend 99% of gaming these days on the ps3, I would build a new PC just for a new BF3 . The only thing I would keep is my Hard drives and silverstone Temjin case. I been waiting on a reason to buy a EVGA/Intel combo, or ASUS/Intel combo for the past few years, but never found a kick start reason for a new build.
Im still running XP pro , so definitely that would get updraded to Wnd7.
Ares84PS3  +   1855d ago
Yet, I will still buy it for the PS3 and not for the PC.

Honestly my PS3 run Half-Life 2 better than my PC did so.

I guess we could say that "I hope they don't fuck it up by dumbing down the PS3 version because of the Xbox 360."

Look at what happend with FF13 for example.....
hoops  +   1855d ago
The problem is multi-platform games for the most part run and look better on the Xbox360 than the PS3 because game developers do not want to spend the extra time and money to code properly for the PS3.
Sarcasm  +   1855d ago
Is that the PITT? Wow I haven't seen that in years. I still have Issue #1 wrapped up and in pristine condition. Don't know if it's worth anything though.
Pjuice  +   1852d ago
bc2 def wasn't the best port thats for sure, its the first time frostbite has ran on pc also so that might have alil to do with it.
Ultra Gamer  +   1855d ago
I just recently built my first PC. I know the specs aren't out for BF3 but does anyone know if a Palit GTS 450 Sonic Platinum (1024MB GDDR5) will be good enough because that's what I put in my PC.
Ducky  +   1855d ago
It'll be good enough to run the games.
Might not be able to max the game beyond 1080p but will definitely be playable while looking good...

... assuming you have a good quad-core CPU.
Ultra Gamer  +   1855d ago
@FatOldMan I have an Intel Core i3-540.
Ducky  +   1855d ago
That i3 might become an issue since I believe that's a dual-core.
BF3 is being made to take advantage of quad-cores and hyper-threading, so the dual-core might be a bottleneck.

Still wouldn't be that big of an issue. Would still be playable unless if 64 players simulatenously run across your screen blowing up buildings together. :D

You'll be fine. ;)
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Pjuice  +   1854d ago
should be able to run it atleast by no means maxed at 1080 or 1200 though, you might be able to use higher settings at lower resolutions im just going buy the bc2 frostbite engine though, btw i would not recommend that card for 40-50 more you could of gotten a 5850 i like nvidia and ati but that 5850 for 199 is a great deal. if you have gotten this within the 30 day id return if your a straight nvidia fan the 465 is only like 140 right now the galaxy version anyway
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superrey19  +   1853d ago
My 3.0ghz core2duo kind of bottlenecked my gtx260 in Bad Company 2. People on forums with the same card and quad cores had significantly higher fps. I'm assuming the difference will be more noticeable in BF3. Hopefully I can get enough money to get the gtx 570 and a quad core cpu by the time this comes out...
Pjuice  +   1854d ago
ya i hope its two diff versions of the frostbite 2.0 engine cause if its not this vista/7 dx11 only feature is just a gimmick where they updated dx11 support and just dropped 9 that would be horrible.
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JAM_GAM  +   1853d ago
In what possible f*cking way does the console versions "dumb" down your precious and "superior" PC version? This is almost never the case. You guys usually get way more customization, modding capabilities, graphic/performance fidelity, server options, player count, etc etc... if anything we console owners get the inferior and ported versions... I just don't get this animosity towards console owners from PC owners, that have this superiority complex... like they are somehow the "true gamers"... stop acting like you are God's gift to earth. The only recent game that I can even think might make you feel this way (and by that, I mean have misdirected anger) is CoD MW2 (who even gives a f*ck about that game anyway?!) which was gimped because of the developer's/publisher' s choice/arrogant stubbornness, not because of the consoles themselves. So direct your anger towards them. By having BF3 as a multi-platform game, the devs are more willing to make the game great by putting a lot more funding/resources/man-power behind it's development because they are reasonably expecting a greater return profit from their investment... And of course the PC will have greater options and graphic/performance/server capabilities; it's DICE for christ-sakes. We all should start treating each other more equally... and stop with these misdirected animosities.
SKUD  +   1855d ago
Crosses fingers.
Theo1130  +   1855d ago
We better cross wieners just to be safe
theEXPATRIATED  +   1855d ago
SKUD  +   1855d ago
What are wieners?
Convas  +   1855d ago
Errr, no, fingers are good ...
MariaHelFutura  +   1855d ago
Cross Streams.

Actually NO. You NEVER cross streams.
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Rage_S90  +   1854d ago
wieners are a kind of dog right? ;)
Dlacy13g  +   1855d ago
I cant wait to see this. Seeing what they did with BFBC2 and knowing what BF series has been in the past...this game could be one to topple the Call of Duty hysteria.
Ducky  +   1855d ago
Doubt it. The too games are to different two be compared.
It might snatch a few people who've grown tired of CoD, but the casual CoD players will probably not make the jump.
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bananasNmonkeys  +   1855d ago
As a console gamer I realise the PC version of this pc born game will be better (graphics, server options, etc.) But I hope the fundamental game will be the same across all platforms.
arjman  +   1855d ago
I hope they give us console gamers the full-on maps, jets, heli's, tanks, boats, etc
I don't care if I have to play the game with COD graphics and limited destructo environments, as long as I get the CORE game the same as the PC, I'll be happy
jdktech2010  +   1855d ago
They've said they are doing something special for the PC and there will be a definite difference between the two but not whether it's a core difference or what
arjman  +   1855d ago
If it's stuff like DX11, tessellation and dedicated servers then that's fine
jdktech2010  +   1855d ago
I want to see some of it now....forget March

At least give us an estimate for the month of the beta
StarScream4Ever  +   1855d ago
Bring back the good ol' Battlefield theme!
Ethereal  +   1855d ago
Ahh man not another game to buy in 2011 =( can't wait though.
Hazmat13  +   1855d ago
WOOO i cant wait to play this on my PS3!!!
Pandamobile  +   1855d ago
You poor soul :(
Hazmat13  +   1855d ago
lol dont be a fanboy were all gamers here.
Pandamobile  +   1854d ago
I'm not being a fanboy, I'm providing sympathy :)
Rage_S90  +   1854d ago
yh sure you are
daghost1125  +   1855d ago
Day 1 buy for sure. I cant freaking wait.....
Son_Lee  +   1855d ago
Hopefully this means we'll see Mirror's Edge 2 soon.
SpitFireAce85  +   1855d ago
Finally a game that will take CoD down sales wise...
many games have done it quality wise this one will
do it in the sales department...BF3 FTW....
ATi_Elite  +   1855d ago
Anyone who thinks the consoles will gimp BF3 is not a PC gamer
You mean I gotta buy that garbage Medal of Honor just to get into the Battlefield 3 beta?......To the Cloud.

Don't worry about the PC version, it wont be gimped, hell it wont even support Windows Xp or DX9. DICE has said this so many times that the PC build will be done first and ported to consoles in a way to use each consoles strength. While the PC build is gonna push PC gaming and take full advantage of DX10 and DX11 with NO DX9 support and DICE recommends a 64 bit OS but a 32 bit OS will work.

So NO Windows Xp NO DX9 NO 8800gtx NO X1900 Pro but you got time to upgrade to at least DX10.1

hip hip Hooray hip hip Hooray hip hip Hooray 3 cheers for DX11 and the death of DX9.
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Senden  +   1855d ago
HELLL YEAHHH!! Just in time for my PC upgrade too :D
MUHAHAHAHAAHAHA  +   1855d ago
YESSSSSSS!!! i just remembered i get into the beta.

I also think they should start on the pc then port it to consoles
hassi94  +   1854d ago
How'd you get into beta?

EDIT: My bad should've read the article :)
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MUHAHAHAHAAHAHA  +   1854d ago
TABSF  +   1855d ago
Battlefield 3 will be using latest Frostbite build

Only compatible with DX10 and DX11, Windows Vista or 7 are minimum requirements, I'm expecting PC exclusive.
Ascalon94  +   1854d ago
well they have a beta already for the PS3 coming sometime by October so....
hassi94  +   1854d ago
Uhh for some reason I thought 2011 was next year but I thought BF3 was being released this year and I thought it may have been delayed and I got so confused and...

uhh forget it I don't like new years :P

It better be good Dice :D
Ascalon94  +   1854d ago
march needs to hurry the fuck up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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