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dkblackhawk50  +   1853d ago
More DLC the better.
jaredhart  +   1853d ago
not always.
Hitman0769  +   1853d ago
R.U.S.E. was pretty awesome.
Ju  +   1853d ago
Well, well. Maybe I am using association here...but that soo makes me think of Resistance. Would match the timeline - somewhat. Now do a Resistance campaign in RUSE. Can only dream...guess that would be a new game, though.
AccountClosed57029  +   1853d ago
It has nothing to do with Resistance.
Ju  +   1853d ago
Truth to be told, I didn't expect it to. But one can dream...or maybe I just had a great idea... ;)
AccountClosed57029  +   1853d ago
Maybe you'll get lucky and someone will release a mod for it on moddb.

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