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donniebaseball  +   1873d ago
Will Sony ever learn? They're late to the party with their motion wand, and now they're going to add touch controls to a handheld. Yippee!
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Organization XII  +   1873d ago
Yeah I think I'll wait for the PSP3
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morganfell  +   1873d ago
" they're going to add touch controls to a handheld. Yippee!"

So adding a feature that is common to every modern phone, numerous mp3 players and handheld electronics is wrong?

Then when it doesn't have things like the ability to swipe through songs or photos they will be called outdated and accused of having failed to have put in a feature that is common to a lot more than just Nintendo. Do you even own a smartphone?

You can't have it both ways if you are looking for something to dig on Sony and/or the PSP2.
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Lyr1c  +   1873d ago
That's like bashing a new console because it's controller has joysticks.........Or even the fact that it uses a controller at all.
khamvongsa09  +   1873d ago
Well said..
fatstarr  +   1873d ago
check the comments
even way back i said it.

Sony laughed at Nintendo called them fools.
look who the fool is now.
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RememberThe357  +   1873d ago
I'm bubbling you up because some butt hurt fanboy seems to have bubbled to down for a "personal attack" twice.
Parapraxis  +   1873d ago
How about " they're going to add built in Wi-Fi to a console. Yippee!"
Lykon  +   1873d ago
ffs all we need is a more powerful psp with two sticks. i DON'T want to rub the screen or rub the back of it or have little plastic pens or 3d or a phone or any of that crap thats just waiting to go wrong and will take developers years to master. JUST give me a psp with two sticks , a bigger processor , some extra ram , an upgraded screen and a larger capacity disk format ....jesus are these guys sniffing too much coke or something?
Shadow0  +   1873d ago
Lol, I kind of agree. The disagreements are mostly from the hard psp/sony fans, and its kinda hard to admit for some people but Sony is kind of behind on tends and more classical gaming which i love the most
scar20  +   1873d ago
*Will Sony ever learn? They're late to the party with their motion wand, and now they're going to add touch controls to a handheld.*

But no other handheld will have as good as graphics as the psp2 although the 3ds has pretty good graphics.
karl  +   1873d ago
or games...
ZeldaForever  +   1873d ago
bullshit stop thinking sony will alwas win in the graphic department 3DS isn't even out yet either but it will be here way sooner then the psp2 if there is one and it will be far to late for it to stop the unbeatable 3DS psp=fail..
RememberThe357  +   1873d ago
Yeah, the first handheld to legitimately compete with a Nintendo handheld is complete fail...

arjman  +   1873d ago
It's as powerful (relatively) as a 360! Sony know how to create godly devices!
ZeldaForever  +   1873d ago
no its not
Shadow0  +   1873d ago
Thats just a rumor
I guarentee that it is not even close to the power of a true console (maybe wii lol). It would simply be to small to contain a screen, controls, and the motherboard and still remain portable.
liveActionLeveler  +   1870d ago
But the PSP was pretty much performed on par with ps2, so why shouldn't the same thing happen. PSP came out 5 years after ps2, and it will be the same amount of time for PSP2. Also tech progresses REALLY FAST, so I don't see why not. Plus, PS3 and 360 are in true HD, while the psp is just a small screened lower resolution version of that. I am sure that the PSP2 will have graphics on par with early ps3 titles, like Resistance, which would be more than enough of what I asked for!
Hozi89  +   1873d ago
You might say the are only copying Nintendo, but I believe SONY Does what Nitendo did 10x better.
eagle21  +   1873d ago
I own both DS and PSP...I don't even believe that lie!
Stealth20k  +   1873d ago
It doesnt matter how much power the psp 2 has.

If it doesnt have a good physical medium (memory sticks) and in turn a store precense, it will fail immediately to the 3ds.

Thankfully sony hasnt lost its mind entirely and memory sticks should be as good as nintendos carts.

This gen should of taught sony, on handhelds graphics are irrelevant. Pretty much same with consoles in terms of sales.

@ disagrees, dont be childish. You know graphics have no relevance on handhelds or consoles. The wii outsold everything, and last gen the ps2 did, and the snes before that which were all less impressive graphically.
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jwk94  +   1873d ago
Graphics matter for some people, for me they matter, it helps with the immersion. I'd rather have good graphics instead of godly sales with some garbage graphics.
trevonn95  +   1873d ago
ps1 took the gen before ps2 btw
silkrevolver  +   1873d ago
Holy Jesus...
... just announce it already! I hope they don’t wait until E3 to unveil it...
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Greek God  +   1873d ago
imagines psp 2 with tekken tag 2
scar20  +   1873d ago
You would be more like this.

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Greek God  +   1873d ago
Optical_Matrix  +   1873d ago
I wish Sony would stop talking about it and just announce the damn thing. If they don't at least announce something soon, and get it out by fall 2011, between Nintendo 3DS and Applie iPhone they'll get eaten alive. And if that doesn't merk them, Windows Mobile will do the honors of finishing them off. They're gonna miss the boat. PSP2 better be something amazing I swear.
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nefertis  +   1873d ago
We probably have too wait for more info at TGS sense Sony a japanese company.
GeneGodHand  +   1873d ago
Copy and do it better that is why i love you.
Gamer112  +   1873d ago
Psp3 will have a built in rocket launcher and a built in army knife with a stunning cell processor that can build a house right before your eyes!!!

Oh and i almost for got it will have a 2.0 touch screen.
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remanutd55  +   1873d ago
LMAO bubbles to you , that was hilarious but i think the PS4 will have that first lol
Dark-Cloud4  +   1873d ago
i love that picture !! i wish if it's the psp2 !! it looks and design is very good !! and the screen look like an HD screen with touch screen and even 3D !! it looks amazing !! >.< ..
remanutd55  +   1873d ago
"It would have to be a product that keeps the playstation's strengths intact" thats the most important sentence in all the interview to me , thats what really matters TO ME , and while at it Kaz you guys need to add that second analog stick and full , i mean FULL PSN functionality and im good to go
liveActionLeveler  +   1870d ago
omg, I would loooooove to have full psn compatibility! Just think about messaging your friends while you're in your bed under the blanket playing GTA IV theoretical port while in-game xmb. It would be awesome, especially if you got a trophy.
remanutd55  +   1870d ago
yes i have a lot of friends , real life friends that live in other cities , very good active psn friends so that functionality is a MUST to me
CobraKai  +   1873d ago
I liked the idea of having the touch pad on the back of the psp so your finger or stylus doesn't get in the way of the action
Enigma_2099  +   1872d ago
.. so they're STILL not gonna bring back the UMD slot?

My opinion: FAIL.

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