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MicrocutsX2  +   1842d ago glad this game turned out to be that good.
visualb  +   1842d ago
interested in this title so glad its turning out good =)
liquidxtension  +   1842d ago
Wow...this seems to be so much better than black ops. I'm picking this up instead.
shak  +   1842d ago
agreed, pretty impressive sequel
evildeli  +   1842d ago
still not interested
darkecho  +   1842d ago
You can't beat jumping off a roof and stabbing some dude in the neck. I can't wait!
Kiroe  +   1842d ago
Actually, this is one of my favorite pass times!
jaidek  +   1842d ago
This month is killing my bank account!!! But I will gladly take out a loan for this game. :) I am glad to hop back into the boots of Ezio again.
Simco876  +   1842d ago
Looks like it going to be a great game..

No just finding the time to play all these great games.. sometimes the Fall sucks!
Pillville  +   1842d ago
Damn it. I was really hoping this game would be a crappy cheap cash-in. I wanted to save some time and money. Now I got to play it. There goes another $60 and about 20 hours of my life.
JamestheScruffy  +   1842d ago
Yes! Thank you Ubisoft for not stomping all over my hopes for this game!

Now, time to start up on AC3...Ancient Mayan culture or Feudal China anyone?
Kiroe  +   1842d ago
I would love to see them take this storyline cross culture and into different parts of the world.
ironcreed  +   1842d ago
This game is made of win. Cannot wait to get my copy tomorrow.
hackersdelight  +   1842d ago
what review?
I read your article and the title says review but it seems like it is only a preview of the game. Did you guys do a complete playthrough as well as multiplayer? If this was a first impression i would understand Maybe it was just titled wrong? In my experiences a game should be finished completely before placing an opinion on it. Hopefully like I said it was just a misprint in the title. Wouldn't want to mislead people or would they?
evildeli  +   1842d ago
get a job?
If you don't like that site then don't go there. Sounds like someone's got a secret crush. I think gameblurb is always looking for writers. Why don't you just go ask them for work instead of pulling on their pig tails.
darkecho  +   1842d ago
don't you get tired of trolling content from this site? don't you have anything better to do with your life?
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hackersdelight  +   1842d ago
Not trolling
If you consider checking out reviews trolling, than yes I'm guilty. I Just wanted to pick up the game tomorrow and was checking out an honest review before I purchase this. But obvious this is not a complete review unlike what the title of this article states. Just trying keep things PROFESSIONAL.

Anyway, See ya I have no time for bickering.
darkecho  +   1842d ago
I can see that your juvenile replies and constant trolling of content from this site are VERY professional.

Stay classy, buddy.
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Hayakuzima  +   1842d ago
Cool! I'd better quickly brush up on my AC skills, so many games have happened since AC2! I get my copy Friday.
Can't Wait!!!

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