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Maorish  +   1847d ago
This sucks
Being a kiwi, i pretty much rely on this feature for any chance of a decent connection so activision just lost a sale.
Not that it'll make a difference seeing as microsoft wouldve payed a bucket load for exclusive rights to regional matchmaking so i hope all those money grubbing scum at activision have fun wasting their newfound income on cocaine and $20 hookers
horndog  +   1847d ago
even more reason to get the 360 version but than again who in their right mind would get this for the ps3? xbox or pc are the way to go for black ops.
realplayer82  +   1847d ago
The article is false!!!! why this is up here i have no idea!
Mark24  +   1847d ago
this is not true. It was confirmed by Josh Olen (JD2020)that the ps3 will have matchmaking just like the xbox 360. Up urs person who wrote this crappy article with a crappy source.
SephireX  +   1847d ago
This game will likely not be great anyway. It is Treyarch after all. I'm not buying it. Halo Reach and Killzone 3 are more appealing.
Scottyabanks  +   1847d ago
Regardless whether its false or not...

I don't see a reason to be upset by this, you have to figure, the 360 is hindered by LAG on far greater levels than that of the PS3. So in order to combat that, Activision gave the 360 version the ability to narrow down how far away the people are you are playing with. So if anything, PS3 fans, take this as a mild compliment. I don't think this is a 'MS paid for' case, but an attempt for the developers, to ensure an equal playing experience across all platforms. I do agree however, it is funny that they wouldn't include the feature on both systems, but as previously stated, there must be a need for it on the 360 console.
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Zancruz  +   1847d ago
Doesn't matter... Players in the same town, city or regional doesn't all even have the best internet so you're still going to have games with lag. Plus I love getting curse out in another language for doing what I do best...
GoldPS3  +   1847d ago
Just Microsoft way of getting PS3 owners to buy a 360 for Black Ops. Don't fall for the lies guys. Anyway the next FPS I'm buying is KZ3 so this don't bother me one bit.
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