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ZeroX9876  +   1925d ago
Most of my friends don't have a Pc capable of gaming and I've been playing online console games on my ps3 since all my friends have a ps3 and online is free. I'm very happy for 360 owners that they get a nice feature that will provide some good lag-free multiplayer match, but PS3 owners are losing some nice feature out there.

Firstly, and mostly, the ability to play 2 player splitscreen online WITH 2 DIFFERENT psn accounts and now this??!?!?!?

seriously treyarch, you had 2 years to think about a way to add this feature and don't blame the playstation network again. If Psn is really the problem here, then why not ask sony for help on this matter? Sony always listen to devs opinion and suggestions. One simple way to add those features, but didn't make any effort in it....what a shame....
Paladz  +   1925d ago
Angry guy
Check this out from Josh Olin:
menel4  +   1925d ago
bunfighterii  +   1925d ago
I ain't paying for playstation plus for that though
USEYOURFIST  +   1925d ago
If only people stuck to it when they said they would boycott a game. hit bobby where it hurts.

on a side note all my mates have ps3s but have become causals all they get is fifa and cod and they no nothing about how poorly ps3 gets treated with cod so dont care
kasasensei  +   1925d ago
So it's confirmed, if you want the best CONSOLE version for this game, you have to pick up the 360's.
And that's a real shame for Activision/Treyarch to not respect ps3 gamers in 2010...
Sarobi  +   1925d ago
the only thing i see is bobby kotick swimming in money knowing he can suck the living daylight out of microsoft, lulz i love him and activison, total cancer of the gaming industry
bunfighterii  +   1925d ago
So will this make matchmaking different to MW2? If not I dont give a f*ck
Paladz  +   1925d ago
check link: 08900398 :)
mlemay21  +   1925d ago
Really guys how does this make any kind of difference? Why do you care if the people you are shooting are from your town or a state over? All the fanboys on here are the biggest losers ever. You just cant help but find something to bitch about everyday. Its gonna be a great game and people will enjoy it no matter what. Stop crying about stupid shit. You all need to clean out your vaginas.
menel4  +   1925d ago
I payed for three months and it was worth it
Super Street Fighter
Fallout DLC
Syphon Filter
kasasensei  +   1925d ago
It's getting worse when you start to yell it everywhere.

FAGOL  +   1925d ago
What! Does Microsoft pay them to do this or Activision/Treyarch just being douchebags.
Apone  +   1925d ago
Couldn't care less
rongyi64   1925d ago | Spam
Paladz  +   1925d ago
Why does people have to rely on freaking german news sites?

Get it straigth from the community manager:
matey  +   1925d ago
Im getting it 4 wii and p3 because there the best systems on the market sorry 360 fanboys but microsoft just came into the industry and used hard money to steal franchises of mainly sony and the odd 1 off ninitendo but guess what that still doesnt get millions of sales ps3 has sold better than 360 considering 360 had a year to a year and a half headstart and well the wii is the leader of all home consoles in history but yeah i hate microsoft there not original they just use money 4 exclusive deals and what not at least sony/nintendo have more respect 4 themselves the 360 needs to die i hate it regional matches exclusive what a joke even Activision should have stepped up and said no way its not fair on other versions this 360 exclusive crap is not good 4 the industry end of because people wont jump ship because of this so whats the point
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Canidae  +   1925d ago
Reading is fundamental
It's sad that almost no one actually read the so called article, cause if one did it's easy to see that the claim by the author is pure BS. No where in the broken English translation does it state the PS3 version lacks said feature. In fact hid twitter contradicts the lies being told.
Paradise Lost  +   1925d ago
Guys Regional Matchmaking is in the ps3 version:
transamdude95  +   1925d ago
BS - It's been confirmed
It's been confirmed multiple times by JD_2020 ( and others.

Got the game last night, by the way. The campaign is pretty good so far and zombies rocks. Lots of customization in multiplayer... I even added a scope to my pistol! The Jester facepaint looks like Joker from Batman... WB should sue! WB/DC might sue!
csreynolds  +   1925d ago
Let the lag ensue.
Thanks Treyarch... I have nothing against Americans, but playing them online makes for one giant lag-fest.

Oh well. Viva la broadband.
NarooN  +   1925d ago
Next up for PS3: No support for guns. "We're sorry but there will be no guns in the PS3 version. Nothing to do with money."
murcielago4  +   1925d ago
it won't change anything cause ones the hackers & cheaters come in it's over for everyone 360, PC, & PS3. lag here lag there lag everywhere. and trust me ones them hackers come BO will get boring just like MW2 did.
BrianC6234  +   1925d ago
I don't trust anything that's posted on a foreign site. When I see that translation message pop up it's closed. Those translations are rarely right. Is this story posted anywhere in real English? If not it's just a rumor.
Simco876  +   1925d ago
If this was true, think of the money it would take from Microsoft to take out features of a game on the other console?

No one can disagree that is bad for gamers everywhere
Checkmate  +   1925d ago
well if you're playing with friends everyday then it shouldnt really bother you. but if you dont this is pretty stupid.
xiangfei27   1925d ago | Spam
Jac5al  +   1925d ago
This has been proven false ladies
Move along....
dkgshiz  +   1924d ago
This is a bad thing?
Meeting other people from around the world is some what entertaining. Oh well, it was fake. Thanks N4G for that little treat.
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SCARE-KRO  +   1924d ago
I told you so.
Xbots are getting really really desperate to make shit like this up.
BlackSharinganX  +   1924d ago
um activision
activision did MS gave you 1 million dollars to have this "exclusve features" on the xbox 360 alone , you know activision that your going to loose way more money by screwing with ps3 gamers right? it is not only on how much the gamecompany is going to pay you, is the consumers sure you have the xbox 360 gamers happy but why screw the ps3 gamers, why not just make it exclusive to xbox in the first place? if you continue this up you guys are going to loose fans why cause then less are going to buy the xbox version, and those on xbox who camp cause they pass from halo games are going to annoy the run and gun guys, trying to buy the ps3 game but dont have the same features ending up not playing at all, loosing all trust on the consumer, who the hell is your consultant for this crap yo?
BlueEye  +   1924d ago
Doesn't matter to me, if anything its better cause then I can more easily play with my friends from America and Asia.
Grimhammer00  +   1924d ago
I'm confused
It seems like everyone has suddenly become retarded.
Doesn't anyone verify what they read anymore? Are we all naive morons?

Josh Olin confirms that this article and 90% of those responding are 2 cells short of being an amoeba.
RustInPeace  +   1924d ago
Wow. People are still posting on this FALSE ARTICLE! Take time to read & quit bitching.
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