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pedrami91  +   1930d ago
Japan sure love the PS3 there.
Game-ur  +   1930d ago
What's wrong with the Japanese? They only buy Pokémon, monster hunter and dragon quest, and manly handhelds.

Japan is a dying market now, third behind Europe.
RedDead  +   1930d ago
What's wrong with the American's? They only but Cod, Halo and Fable. and manly(?) xbox's.

America is a dying market now, third behind Europe.

See what I did? Don't assume shi*
I don't even get why Europe is second, europe seems to be the most mixed in what genre of games people buy.
Aleusia  +   1930d ago
They play games other than shooters and madden, deal with it.
Matthew94  +   1930d ago
Japan is a dying market now, third behind Europe.

are you an idiot? comparing sales of a country to a continent?
Persistantthug  +   1930d ago
Question....Are there any FPS games that have done well in Japan?
Surely there must be 1......

Are there any FPS games made by Japanese developers?
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SephireX  +   1930d ago
Europe is more cultured than the other two markets. We are big into Western and Eastern styled games. Americans tend to be mechanical minded, not abstract minded so many if not most American gamers don't find jrpgs intriguing. Though this game is a shooter and I would put poor sales down to marketing, the game's short lifespan and the fact its a new IP.
Game-ur  +   1930d ago
Believe it or not guys even RPGs (other than DQ) sell more in the west right now.

Edit: I meant to criticize the buying habits not the games they make, HD games sell very low, very few mange to sell over 500k, and if HD games don’t sell, even less will be made for Japan.
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Matthew94  +   1930d ago
sigh... as i said before games in Japan sell less than in america and europe because GUESS WHAT??

USA 310,548,000
Japan 127,360,000
Europe 731,000,000

USA has 3 times the population and Europe is 7 times bigger so of course there will be more sales in Europe or USA.
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rekonizakilla  +   1930d ago
I think coded arms might have been japanese. not sure though
Game-ur  +   1930d ago
Even after factoring the population difference, consol game sales are falling rapidly in Japan .
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256bit  +   1930d ago
the US only buys COD
gaffyh  +   1930d ago
Pretty low sales tbh, wonder how well it will do for the whole week. I'm guessing around 150k in total.
Gago  +   1930d ago
Its japan, shooters dont do well there

and thats day 1 sales plus japan is a smaller market
TheBlackSmoke  +   1930d ago
@ readeaddestroyer
Well said,people need to think before they comment. Last time I checked Alan wake bombed and all those exclusive 360 rpg's failed to sell also.

Who could fathom that maybe cultural tastes have an influence on what games people buy.
DOMination  +   1930d ago
Good sales for 360
stonecold3  +   1930d ago
ps3 did well congs sony and xbox did ok as well
MaideninBlack  +   1930d ago
Just wait
It won't sell any better in the states either.
Stealth20k  +   1930d ago
The game just wasnt that good and odds are wont sell in america either

enslaved did terrible in america
Neckbear  +   1930d ago
I disagree.
The game IS that good. And eh, about the sales, they ARE rather low, but we also have to see how much more it'll sell after a week.

Then again, it's a Mikami game that isn't Resident Evil, so my guess is than it won't really sell all that much...sadly.
Cloudberry  +   1930d ago
If I'm not mistaken...
Enslaved also did poor in Japan. : /

Debuted at number 42nd for the PS3 version, & the 360 version is not that fall behind.

I don't know what's the actual sales in Japan for Enslaved, though...
Honky Kong  +   1930d ago
if it did that bad in japan...

it seems like a good game for what it is but most people will never want to play it over again, times have changed.
coolbeans  +   1930d ago
Platinum can't seem to get a break
MadWorld, Bayonetta, and now Vanquish. All of those titles are met with critical acclaim (to varying degrees) yet can't quite get the bigger sales you'd expect. Sooner or later they'll get those millions of sales they seem to have deserved about a year ago.

Who knows, maybe Vanquish will do really well in US and EU
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Malice-Flare  +   1930d ago
imo, Bayonetta was their fault...
letting Sega do the PS3 version rather than they themselves...

but, i can see Vanquish do well in the West, TPS and all that...
Neckbear  +   1930d ago
Ah, it is sad, indeed.
Gaming is known for having alot of critically acclaimed games and developers, yet their games hardly sell well.

It's quite sad, really. Double Fine, Clover before (On anything that wasn't Resident Evil or Devil May Cry...), who are now Platinum Games, they seem to be doomed on great games but low sales, alright. But I at least do my part and buy these games.


Well, Bayonetta sold around a million, so it isn't BAD at all. 'Sides, the PS3 Port wasn't THAT BAD unless you compared it to the 360 one (Well, at least after the patch.)

I wonder how much of a budget Vanquish had and how many sales SEGA is expecting. I hope at least they manage to make a little profit- and the game sells well. Why, you ask? Because it's a fantastic game.

Oh! By the way, as a side note...This game shows alot of love for American games, movies and shows.

Perhaps that's why some Japanese people won't like it- it's mainly a "westaboo" game.

It pokes fun and references to Splinter Cell, Army of Two, hell, even Halo, as well as older Mikami games.
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madao  +   1930d ago
Viewtiful Joe, Okami, God Hand ...
History always repeat itself. This is a known problem with the people who currently make up PG, which is why CRAPCOM told them to leave.
The producer(s) seems to think a beautiful game will sell itself. What they need is working closer with the publishers and put more money into the marketing, hype it up, it works!
guzman  +   1930d ago
Bayonetta sold 1.5 million across both hd platforms. For a new IP with nearly nonexistant advertising, that's great. It also did good enough to warrant a sequel which Platinum is working on now along with some mystery multiplayer game.
BkaY  +   1930d ago
i love madworld ....
bought a freaking wii to play that game..... they should port it to ps3 with move support... tht would be so freaking kool.

Gears_of_War_3  +   1930d ago
is a handheld and RPG country... We all know that , Ps3 stills doing good there and thats good because we all know how much they love Psp and DS there.
Genecalypse  +   1930d ago
Thats hardly bad. Japan isnt really shooter land, this was to be expected
Lightel0s  +   1930d ago
another very good game that bombed, castlevania , enslaved and now vanquish, what the hell is happening to the market? no money from players?
Knushwood Butt  +   1930d ago
Castlevania isn't even out in Japan yet.

As for Enslaved, well, calling it a very good game is pushing it a bit... Furthermore, Japanese players don't want a game based on a story they know like the back of their hand, developed by western devs who think that having the word, 'Ninja', in their name is cool. It's not...

As for Vanquish, this is day 1 sales for a new IP. Not bad at all.
Optical_Matrix  +   1930d ago
People who are complaining about the sales of the game need to remember something that i think a lot of people forget....Japan has A LOT more game releases than any other territory. Every thursday about 10-15 new games come out. Hence why their game stores are far bigger than ours in Europe or America. So the market is spread thin. Also its down to taste, but if there were 15 or so new games coming out a week in western territories, sales of bigger games would be smaller, I can gaurentee you
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patterson  +   1930d ago
Wow that's just crazy. All 9,000 Japanese 360 owners bought it on day one.
BkaY  +   1930d ago
all 9000 japanese 360 owners...
LMFAO.. tht was funny..


+bub for first laugh of the day..
AKissFromDaddy  +   1930d ago
It'll pick up eventually. PG, start marketing your ass :-)
guzman  +   1930d ago
Not bad really, considering this is first day sales and Japan isn't shooterville.
Highatus  +   1930d ago
This game is pure awesome. Hope it does well across the board, would gladly play the follow up.
AKissFromDaddy  +   1930d ago
Me too buddy.
Darkspade  +   1930d ago
All I can say is DAM!!!!!!!!!, that's alot of mad people after 5-6 hours lol

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