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FAGOL  +   1746d ago
Yes KH I agree with. But San Andreas should'nt be re mastered but instead remade completly.
deadreckoning666  +   1746d ago
I agree. The combat mechanics for the PS2 GTA games are extremely archaic by today's standards.
Nitrowolf2  +   1746d ago
remake of SA would be amazing, as long as they keep everything the same with game content and only upgrade the graphics to GTA4 or better and give it better controls, then they have a game that will be actually fun after you beat it.
TheLastGuardian  +   1746d ago
@FAGOL Hell no! San Andreas is my favorite game of all time. It's perfect the way it is. I say remaster GTA III, Vice City and San Andreas and add trophies and I'll that will be day 1.
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BornToKill  +   1746d ago
we dont need a Kingdom Hearts Re-Master... we need KH3
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FAGOL  +   1746d ago
How about both. When GoW3 came out the hd collection came out with it aswell.
BornToKill  +   1746d ago
Bobbykotickrulesz  +   1746d ago
I would break FAGOL's neck to get my hands on Kingdom Hearts 3...

Hell, I'd probably do it regardless.
mrmcygan  +   1746d ago
Star Wars Battlefront 1 and 2 re-mastered in HD for PS3.
metsgaming  +   1746d ago
with online multiplayer added
scar20  +   1746d ago
Number 2 had online play not sure about number one.
guitarded77  +   1746d ago
They both had online multiplayer. But what we really need is this... SWBF3.
greenisgood  +   1746d ago
yes make kingdomheart re mske for the ps3 and kingdom heart 3 for the 360.
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remanutd55  +   1746d ago
i think they should remastered Jack and Daxter collection , Ratchet and Clank collection
Orionsangel  +   1746d ago
SSX series!
kraze07  +   1746d ago
Remaster Zone of the Enders 2. Wait that game still looks amazing even by today's standards, nevermind.
TheLastGuardian  +   1746d ago
I'd love to see more PS3 collections. 1 per year is not enough. here's a great article listing some series that would make great HD collections. I'd buy most of these. I still have my PS2 hooked up to my TV but they don't look as good on HDTV's.

I was asking for a Sly Collection way before it was anounced so I'm very happy I get to replay them in HD with trophies. I'd love to see a GTA collection and some series I missed out on like Ratchet & Clank.
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Neckbear  +   1746d ago
I think Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 Re-mastered would be great while using AT3's Engine, since AT3/Qoga is released (in Japan)/is going to be released (Here in the US) on the PS3.

Then again, the probabilities of it getting localized would be somewhat small, if you think about it, so...yeah, sadly, it's a no-go.

Either that or a .hack//Collection, but then again, it's Namco Bandai the ones who would get the work to localize it, so...

...Ugh. ;_;
VandimionX  +   1746d ago
100x yes, I seriously can't wait until next spring for AT3.

I keep seeing .hack in a few "PS2/PS3 HD Collections" and as sad as it is, a .hack//collection is seriously probably never going to happen...

TT_TT indeed.
stonecold3  +   1746d ago
kindgom hearts
should come to the ps3 since the first 2 were on ps2 and the 3rd one should be on ps3 exclusive
ElementX  +   1746d ago
This is like the 20th article about which games should be remade. What happened to original ideas?
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CimmerianDrake  +   1746d ago
Are we seriously getting to the point where there is going to be an article that's titled "All PS2 games need to be remastered"? And in that article there will be a long diatribe about how removing BC was a bad move (despite no one caring about it until AFTER it was removed, the ol' we all want what we can't have bit) and how now Sony should just remaster every damn PS2 game that came out. Is that what it's coming to? I swear it is because there is always a "____ PS2 games that need to be re-mastered" article every 3 seconds.

No, no PS2 games "NEED" to be re-mastered. The PS2 is still out. Buy one. Then buy the game you want re-mastered. Having it in HD and adding trophies is not going to change the core aspects of the game and you're just giving Sony an idea on how to milk people for money for old games they already paid for. Geez.
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King-Leonidas  +   1746d ago
you sir fail.
CimmerianDrake  +   1745d ago
Kind of like you did against Persia?
bananlol  +   1745d ago
That was one of the worst comebacks ive ever seen on this site, ever. However you do have a solid point, sony shouldnt have removed bc. But its a market eonomy driven by supply and demand. There is a demand for these games so developers are obviously going to supply it. Hell i own ico and sotc, and im still getting the collection day one. Because lets face it, compared to ps3 games ps2 games look like shit.
Nathaniel_Drake  +   1746d ago
They need to do an HD remake of all the Ratchets just Sly Cooper
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Anderson8  +   1746d ago
none of these games need to be re-mastered, the next addition in each series would be greatly proffered...some games are better left in the past
VandimionX  +   1746d ago
I read that title as "3 PS2 Games to be Re-Mastered for Playstation 3" ...which along with that kingdom hearts pic got me WELL over-excited for the actual article.

Also, what is the appeal of GTA? I never understood the reason why someone would WANT to be in a gang doing drive-by's and other barbaric antics and such.
animelover10487  +   1746d ago
Cause its fun :3
I like run a huge debt at my casino, and watch my own people come trying to keel me.
bananlol  +   1745d ago
Im far from a violent person, yet i love blowing stuff up in games, because violence is part of the human nature.
KidMakeshift  +   1746d ago
It would be nice to see a Silent Hill trilogy re-mastered for the PS3

But what I really want is FF12 and Valkyrie Profile 2 . Those games would look fantastic with a little HD polish.
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KonigXero  +   1743d ago
They should remaster Shadow of Colossus. That game would be my second life. "You thought the PS2 SoC world was big?"

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