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Kain81  +   1943d ago
YES do it
LoVeRSaMa  +   1943d ago

Game looks like DMC but not crap.

(new DMC ofc ;P)
Game-ur  +   1943d ago
I will put my Sony hating cap if they don’t publish Japan PS3 exclusives in the west.
rroded  +   1943d ago
yep looks good
another great psn title lets hope we get it sooner rather than later XD
kratos123  +   1943d ago
I love you so much man i was really waiting fore some footage and you deliverd it . This game looks Soo good I really can't wait Damn why can't more Japanese developers come up with these kind of games Damn it even has the zone of the enderz laser cannons this is a easy first day buy
gaffyh  +   1943d ago
I hope they release it, it actually looks really cool.
Stunt  +   1943d ago
Hopefully the west will get a chance to play this. If not, I'll have to buy myself a JP PSN card.
dragonyght  +   1943d ago
no considering make it happen
Stunt  +   1943d ago
JewelTheif  +   1943d ago
Come on. LOCALIZE IT!!!!
ranmafandude  +   1943d ago
bring it over
with optional japanese voice over and soundtrack.
specialguest  +   1943d ago
Yes Bring It
More uniquely Japanese games like this, and less of that westernized attempt known as Quantum Theory.
clintos59  +   1943d ago
WTF I thought this was already coming to the US...
Come on this game lookz bad azz for a PSN game, bring it to the states.
sashimi  +   1943d ago
Just add subtitles and i will buy the game!
Killzone3Helghast  +   1943d ago
More games the better..

as I always say
theafroman  +   1943d ago
hey if they dont want more money who are we to say do it
Evildoomnerd  +   1943d ago
They would be crazy not to release it in the west.
YoungKingDoran  +   1943d ago
i know they could definitely make a profit on top of what they pay for localisation
d3nworth1  +   1943d ago
Sob :( The Japanese get all the good stuff. It's not fair.
Neckbear  +   1943d ago
Do it, do it, do it!
I saw this game. It looked awesome. Announce it and I'm gonna buy it first day off PSN.
maxcer  +   1943d ago
thats the only downside i see to a eastern developed gaming system. and it has been this way since the early days of gaming from NES onward.

some niche games/concepts will get left behind no matter how great the game turns out. i dunno how many times we wished a game would make the jump to NA shores. hell the FF series leapfrogged some its own games.
blackburn5  +   1943d ago
Forget considering. Just do it!!!!!!!
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Raoh  +   1943d ago
make it happen
Blaine  +   1943d ago
Better yet,
Give these guys a job at Ninja Theory--if Capcom won't change the dev team for DmC, they could AT LEAST send them people who are competent at making a combat system! (None of that Enslaved button mashing combat bs.)
Apotheosize  +   1943d ago
This game does not look like a PSN title, I really hope we get it

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