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Dance  +   1804d ago
greenberg may be arrogant
but there is no denying move software being nothing more than shovelware
btk  +   1804d ago
If this is the quality of the shovelware that is for Move - then more shovelware please.
Dellis  +   1804d ago
Tumble is shovelware, all of these early games are shovelware
just wait into 2012 and PS4 that's when Move will shine.
gfunkera10  +   1804d ago
I love the prospect of having the freedom to choose which method would be more comfortable for me.

That was the point of the Move. Allow players to get those hardcore games, and allow them to have a choice in preference on how they play them.
BubbaLsL  +   1804d ago
I wonder if Greenberg is going to get the "Skittles" game and say look at our launch line-up.
tiamat5  +   1804d ago
Okay I will use my last of my unfairly taken away bubbles to say it again. First, Sony is getting in good relations with third party developers by making it easy to intergrate Move into their games. These relationships will translate into more Move based games later from them and them being more knowledgeable of Move's functions. Secondly we have already seen what games we get from making games for the Kinect from ground up. Tons of barely functional, simplistic, on rails, no variety games. Move may have some shovelware in their line up but Kinect is all shovelware. Just look at the line up and try to deny it. And finally we already have several Move only games of all shapes and genres and by the time Microsoft gets their 'hardcore' games out sometime in 2011, if they work properly,aren't delayed or are even engaging enough at all, Sony will have dozens more starting with Sorcery at the beginning of the year. And now Greenberg and ye scaliwags ye must walk da plank. Yarg!!!!!
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Wolf873  +   1804d ago
By the way is there a horror Move title coming out?
Besides Dead Space. It's an intriguing concept to play a horror game based mostly on exploration with motion controller.
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LOOK_AT_THIS_I  +   1804d ago
No doubt it will be made, a flashlight in one hand, and the gun in the other. A zombie survival game has to be on someones desk.

A game a few years back would fit this type for sure, I think Siren blood curse could work well with move. Im sure Silent Hill, and the next Res Evil will take full advantage of this, an hd remix of the resident evil games from the past would be great.

I would love to see Doom return to the ps3, the pc version was awesome at the time with the use of the flashlight. It would be a natural fit to the game. I cant wait until the devs get time to monkey around with the uses they could make with this new tech.
Ace_Man_6  +   1804d ago
Why hasn't Greenturd been murdered yet?
darkdoom3000  +   1804d ago
the more games that have move support the better, I don;t care if it's an old game or a game usually played with the dualshock. Mag is pretty cool with the move (kinda hard at first, basically re-learning the game)
DJMarty  +   1804d ago
Greenberg An Idiot
Kinect is a Jole.

Pew, Pew, Pew. Need I say more. lol

BUTTONS are required
CJJA  +   1804d ago
olos  +   1804d ago
from king douche xbots mouth
why does this guy get any press time
hes liek the guy in high school whow as total dork and a totally arrogant dick

apparently he forgot how horrible the kinect games look and play....
omi25p  +   1804d ago
coming from the guy who has said that he thinks the xbox 360s is the only console to have wi-fi i wouldnt take this to seriously
sarshelyam  +   1804d ago
He's just backpedaling to depreciate the value of a controller for a motion control platform. Like every other Microsoft denouncement, we'll see some controller add-on for Xbox 2 years down the road and Greenberg will come out to inform us that:

"...this was always part of the development plan but consumers simply weren't trending towards an interest in using a hand-held device at the time we launched Kinect."

Microsoft is always first to denounce tech they don't adopt, only to return years down the road stating they planned it all along and only launched at the right time, and when "core" consumers were ready.

Whatever Greenberg, George Andreas (RARE) and Peter Molyneux (Lionhead) saw the need and I'm certain Microsoft will too when they realize controller free gaming didn't work for Sony on the PS2, and it certainly has those same limitations today, no matter how "fresh" the tech.
gypsygib  +   1804d ago
At least Move has games, Greenberg probably should bring attention to Kinect's weakest selling point.
Slient Knight 9  +   1804d ago
Fair enough if thats Aaron Greenberg opinion, but he's my opinion on ps moves software lineup and i can sum it up in just one word and that word is "variety".

You got family games like sports champions and eye pet, on rail shooters games like time crisis and the shoot, platformer games like lbp2 and sly collection, Real-time strategy games like ruse and Under Siege, action games like the Resident EviL 5 Gold Edition, interactive drama in the form of heavy rain and theres load of psn games as well.
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Karum  +   1804d ago
This part made me laugh.
"Our approach has been different, because we feel that a controller is the best way to play games like Halo or Call of Duty. So we'd rather not have you have to choose between using a controller or motion controller; we'd rather design experiences that are uniquely made for Kinect."

You wouldn't be able to give people the option of a controller or Kinect for those games. Kinect simply isn't capable of providing a comprehensive enough control scheme for those kinds of games. At least not right now it isn't.

Move on the other hand, have you seen how well it works with Killzone 3 or Socom 4?

Here's Killzone 3 and how it controls

The nav controller is basically one side of the dualshock 3, the Move controller acts as the other side and you use the face buttons as normal but instead of using the right analog to look around you point the controller.

It's basically the same but aiming is going to be oh so much easier and more accurate than with the right analog stick on either the dualshock, the 360 controller or anything that is not a proper PC keyboard & mouse setup.

Seriously Greenberg, by all means have an honest and genuine opinion but for the love of god don't make such retarded remarks.
Malice-Flare  +   1804d ago
heh, thats just it...
Move is a controller and an option to hardcore games. and this is something Kinect cant be...
Heartnet  +   1804d ago
Although technically it is but u cud say that about kinect.. u can play any game with a normal controller its just that certain types of game are more fun with motion involed
gano  +   1804d ago
This bs in gaming with these stupid ass statements need to stop.
Let me rephrase that; that box needs to go.
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stonedgamer  +   1804d ago
hes just upset over the plagiarized fail that kinect is.

M$ can't even come up with their own technology let alone build it, they just buy everything.
Raoh  +   1804d ago
greenberg and most of ms staff are assholes...

they can never just perfect a product and rely on its value. instead they rely on marketing and trash talking..

damn i miss bill gates.. ballmer and co are just the worst

something about working for ms makes you an asshole, peter moore no longer talks trash, gabe newell has calmed down since separating himself from microsoft, even epic is more tollerable after they started working with apple products more..
Hades1337  +   1804d ago
Understanding the term "most" means that he doesn't think ALL Move launch games are modified controller-based games, but "most" of them are. There's nothing in his comments to disagree with, it's just because any negative statements surrounding the PS3 are attacked to the max.

Anyway, no matter what Sony and Microsoft say, Move and Kinect are not for us, they're for the casuals. Just look at how they are both marketed, yet many of you all talk as if you have to be catered for.
Kishin  +   1803d ago
Resident Evil 5 and MAG and Vanquish and Heavy Rain are casual move games now? I think they all want to have a word with you ;)
NotSoSilentBob  +   1804d ago
Dear me....Someone from Microsoft trying to downplay a competitors release....What has the world come to?

wat634  +   1804d ago
Greenburg is...
My hero.
lonix  +   1804d ago
I guess it's better
Than games that nobody wants
Blaine  +   1804d ago
I call Kinect software lineup into question
- claiming that most games for the device are merely modified PS2 Eyetoy titles
gamer8179  +   1804d ago
I claim that most games for the move are merely modified wii titles. There is even a wii port coming for the move call dead space extraction. The ps3 fanboys are so blind. If you like your move so much, why aren't you playing it? Sony can make fun of the wii, and also claim the xbox is too reliant on shooters. But if someone says something negative about sony, then you get all offended. At least kinect is coming out with its own games, not patching existing games. But, thats just sony' style. They half ass do everything. Just like playstation plus
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AceofStaves  +   1804d ago
'They half ass do everything'?

Releasing high quality first-party exclusives, creating a reliable, multipurpose piece of home electronics, and having a usable, free, online service isn't half-assed.

But I suppose you'd have to look at the company in an unbiased manner to see that, not through lenses of nerdbitterness.

Carry on.
btk  +   1804d ago
You seem a bit tense there kid
Wii is good for casual gamers. It will rule for a long time simply because it is cheap and "good enough" for a quick 20 minute game.

Kinect however is not even at Wii quality - and XB360 + Kinect costs more than PS3 + Move. At that price it should be better.

Funny that the only thing that Kinect trolls now keep repeating is that Kinect games are in some way build from the ground up and that somehow makes it better. Newsflash - Kinect games is mostly ripoffs of EyeToy games. And it pales in comparison to Move. Buttons are good for most games. EyeToy games are fun - but asking $150 for a peripheral to play those games and calling it a "new platform"...

Half ass? Just look at Kinect.
AceofStaves  +   1804d ago
At least I can actually use the Move, unlike Kinect. Thanks, Microsoft, for creating a motion control peripheral that is useless for people with mobility and balance impairments. It's made my choice much easier.

And considering the launch lineup of Kinect software, Mr. Greenberg has no room to question Move's launch lineup.

EDIT @Disagrees: So the physical disabilities I've had since birth aren't real, and I can actually use Kinect? Wow! I didn't know N4G had members who were neurosurgeons and orthopedic surgeons! /s

Idiot fanboys. Just accept that Microsoft made a controller that's useless for some people and get over it.
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KillerPwned  +   1804d ago
This sadly shows little boy fanboy`s care more about video games then someone that has a physical disabilities and not even to rule out move some people cant use move but i but the people that cant use the move cant use any other controller. Bubbles to you
btk  +   1804d ago
Smell the fear...
Greenberg is running scared. Sony does not need to take a swipe at Kinect - Just have Move and Kinect side-by-side - or to be really funny - just have PS Eye side-by-side with Kinect and see if you can spot the difference in the games.
btk  +   1804d ago
Hi Greenberg
Kinect's lineup is just a list of ripoff EyeToy games.
KillerPwned  +   1804d ago
What a piece of shit...cry about it little boy Greenburg.
TheLastGuardian  +   1804d ago
He works for M$. Anything he says about their competitors Sony, doesn't matter.
What did people expect him to say, something good about move? So what if most of the launch games besides Sports Champions are shovelware? Sony has plenty of hardcore games confirmed and that's something Microsoft can't say. I'm sure the launch games for Kinect will be much worse.
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