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Nightfallen  +   1805d ago
Best part
The animations, I hate how the characters run in Final Fantasy XIII. So stiff, this one is more fluid. Looks awesome, cannot wait!
Alvadr  +   1805d ago
Sooo does this have anything to do with FFXIII, it doesnt look like Cocoon or Pulse?

Say what you want about FFXIII but SE set up an awesome over arching mythology of Fal'Cie and L'Cie in the story, I totally got caught up in it and loved it.. Thank god for that codex though.
IneedWeed  +   1805d ago
Yeah this is still in the same universe. This shows a different side to Cocoon City. The main Character, Noctis, falls in love with a girl, Stella, who I think is from the royal family or the enemy of Noctis. The cut scenes show Noctis thinking back about him and Stella, and he apparently regrets what he did(There's a cutscene where they both meet up on the streets and seems like they summon something to battle each other). He travels with his friends to go to the forgotten Kingdom. Noctis has a gift of light and possess a powerful sword. Not sure if these are accurate but saw some translation of the cut scenes. This game is going to be epic in story/gameplay/presentation/ and overall awesome.
SuperSaiyan4  +   1805d ago
Just looked at the video and it does look incredible huge leap from the regular FF13. Would be nice if it did come to the 360 as multi plat would generate more sales. Also didn't SE say they wouldn't be doing exclusives anymore a while back? Or that could have been Capcom. But either way consoles do need exclusives to seperate them and to show capabilities of each machine. The advantage Sony has is blu-ray so all in all it was a good investment for Sony to have gone that route.
IneedWeed  +   1805d ago
Hopefully they learned their mistakes from FF XIII, and keep this a exclusive. As of now it's an exclusive, but making it multi-plat would just delay this game and the 360 version would most likely be inferior due to not having 40+ GB worth of available data space. How did M$ do FF XIII anyways, that game is about 40 GB and Dual Layer DVD's are only 9 GB, was there like 2 discs for that game?
xXSilentXx  +   1805d ago
awesome isn't it?
jlemdon  +   1805d ago
looks like SO4 to me!!!
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1805d ago
This game looks amazing. Officially number one on my list.
Clarence  +   1805d ago
Looks excellent.
Sasuke159  +   1805d ago
Wow I know the video have bad quality but the games look like its going to be one of the great graphics game just like Killzone 3, and Crysis 2 and more that i didnt mention :D.
Voiceofsoi  +   1805d ago
TAKE THAT Squenix's counter-productive 6-year long tease campaign! You heard me! We defeated you!!!!
dan_chan89  +   1805d ago
wow looks pretty sweet
bviperz  +   1805d ago
Gonna lose a lot of sleep time playing this game.
AriesFury  +   1805d ago
It's not coming out any time soon. and probably by the time it does, would you really care anymore?
ProgidalSon  +   1805d ago
Just so you guys know
The fight with the monster is footage of the combat with the combat menu screen interface removed. It's footage of the screens that came out with the game's announcement back in the day.

The gameplay isn't KH like. Music is sweet though and if its gameplay is similar to X, then it's day one for me.
The Rock Bottom  +   1805d ago
I think I know why SE didn't want us to see this trailer. They plan on down grading it like they did 13. They didn't want anyone to see what a drastic change it would go through if it was downgraded to fit on the 360. I miss Square Soft...
nirvana_sky  +   1805d ago
just awesome!
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bigjclassic  +   1804d ago
I hope its better
than KH, that's my main fear. KH is so lame, and even though this is NOT a main FF game in the lineage; i hope it fills the gap that us PS3 gamers need for a decent HD JRPG.

FFXIII was okay for a straight dungeon crawler, but I need a really good HD traditional JRPG and that does not seem to be the case still.

But i can live with a mix of KH and FF, as long as its not lame like KH
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