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rivithed  +   1991d ago
Sounds like another G4TV review slip up. Remember The Elder Scrolls IV Obilivon review? 'Nuff said (and why I no longer give any weight to a G4TV game review).
ChickeyCantor  +   1991d ago
God that woman is annoying, this wans't a review.
Little to no depth whatsoever.
Just whining and repeating over and over the relation between Adam and Samus.
setsuken  +   1991d ago
I kinda have to agree with the sentements in most of the comments here and on G4. It seems like the characterization of Samus is what pissed the reviewer off and brought in a huge amount of bias.

I'm not debating as to whether her claims are true or not, but it largely SEEMS that way from her words. Its not a professionally written review.
lizard81288  +   1991d ago
here's g4 telling why they gave this game a low score
pork_chop_express  +   1991d ago
yeah she be pissed :)

"if you like this game i dont even want to talk to u or know you"
MrRockman64  +   1991d ago
Maybe Morgan has some serious issues, i wonder why.........
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