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Kalowest  +   2004d ago
The 3DS is looking powerful.
catguykyou  +   2004d ago
That's like saying, does the PS3 really improve over the PS2...
CobraKai  +   2004d ago
It does. I most Wii games seriously don't look as good.
matey  +   2004d ago
look at the screen for metroid other m the 3ds can dream for that in 60fps and galaxy 2 for that matter
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ABizzel1  +   2004d ago
3D gamecube vs. Nintendo 64.
Natsu X FairyTail  +   2004d ago
N3DS will be the best selling next gen(the one coming after psp and ds) portable console.

Yall better start Pre-ordering or stacking money because they gon fly off the shelves early.
Bloodyghost  +   2004d ago
Not only will mom and little bro want one...
...BUT I FUCKING WANT ONE! Sign me up for Paper Mario, Metal Gear Solid Rising and the new Unnanoucned game by XCOM devs.
coolman229  +   2004d ago
Do you mean Metal Gear Solid The Naked Sample? Rising is for PS360. But yes, the 3DS has an incredible lineup
Stealth20k  +   2004d ago
This is going to be the ps2 of portables.

Its going to get shit loads of games in every genre, and every company will support it
Stealth20k  +   2004d ago
Whoever disagrees is just in denial of how big this is going to be.

The graphics of a gamecube in a portable with support from every company. A physical medium.

Nintendo the past,present, and future portable king
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GodHandDee  +   2004d ago
Better gfx than the ds is NOT a hard thing to do :S
Bloodyghost  +   2004d ago
But Honestly
Doing it better in 3D is.

Can not wait to see the gfx of a game thats been rendered without the 3d and optimized for better performance so I can see some near HD graphic caps.
OpenGL  +   2004d ago
It doesn't take that much to render in 3D, especially with the 3DS' low resolution 400x240 display. Also, you won't see "near HD graphics caps" as the GPU in this system is still far behind the G71 based RSX in the PS3 and R500 based Xenos in the 360.
SpaceFox  +   2004d ago
Damn, the differences are huge. I really can't wait for the 3DS.
BornToKill  +   2004d ago
PLEASE!!!!!! be 200 bucks.
Bloodyghost  +   2004d ago
It will
UNLESS! Nintendo is going to bundle it which I highly doubt.

But I hope there will be some kickass Lauch Party Bundles to get my hands on.
kaos_fish II  +   2004d ago
Nah - $249.99 is my bet and it's still gonna fly off the shelves.
MGOelite  +   2004d ago
i may trade my wii in for this. i bought it on a impulse but im genuanly looking forward to the 3ds
BannedForNineYears  +   2004d ago
Fun fact.
Anyone who thought that Resident Evil screenshot on the 3DS was in-game.........IS RETARDED!!!! :D
coolman229  +   2004d ago
You can move the camera around, just like in the MGS3D demo. This is real time
BannedForNineYears  +   2004d ago
Sorry dude, real time != in-game. -_-
corneliuscrust  +   2004d ago
Real time means the graphics are being rendered on the fly. They were controlling the camera, which means it wasn't pre-rendered. That WAS the game. It was a tech demo. They were controlling it. It wasn't pre-rendered. It was IN GAME. The GAME was the DEMO that the people were playing.

Seriously, what's wrong with some of the people who post here? Do people really hate the 3DS/Nintendo so much that they are trying to slag it at any angle they can?
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turok  +   2004d ago
I dont buy ur comment.
especially since I see sackboy as ur avatar.
Biggest  +   2004d ago
What the hell sense does that make? Because a person likes a game they aren't a reliable source of opinion? Or are you thinking that only PS3 fanboys like Little Big Planet? I don't buy UR comment because you can't spell the word YOUR.
turok  +   2002d ago
change of avatar it appears... but other than that.
@ biggest too lazy to type "your" and since we are in the intarwebs "ur" is more appropriate. LBP is a great game from wut i hear so ill definitely go for the 2nd one. just that some fanboys use sony related images for avatars that and the comment itself leaks abit of fanboyism. so now before i waste anymore words on a intarwebs illiterate punk like urself. i dont buy ur comment either as u fail in web grammar.
matey  +   2004d ago
it was real
Gr81  +   2004d ago
Kind of dumbass question is that?
SpaceFox  +   2004d ago
Man, I hope they make a Smash Bros. for 3DS. Holy sweet mother of God that would be great. Or a Super Mario Galaxy 3DS? Or Super Mario 3DS?

The possibilities are endless.
Subzero100x  +   2004d ago
DS vs. 3DS Graphical Comparison: Does the 3DS really improve upon its predecessor?
ummm hmmmmmm....well that's a a hard one hmmmmmmmmm

"Kind of dumbass question is that?"

i loled

"Fun fact.
Anyone who thought that Resident Evil screenshot on the 3DS was in-game.........IS RETARDED!!!! :D"

lol jealous
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etownone  +   2004d ago
I saw the teaser video clip ... they said it was in game.

Maybe .... you sure as he'll don't know for sure it isn't.
corneliuscrust  +   2004d ago
Why would we believe the word
of the people who MADE THE GAME when we have the expert opinion of harrykid?
wissam  +   2004d ago
Its not ingame face it.
etownone  +   2004d ago
Kinda makes you wonder ....

The next psp .... how advanced will those graphics be?

I'm assuming much better than PS2 and looking almost as good as the current gen ....
One thing is for sure it's going to stomp the 3DS graphics.

Needless to say ... I'll most likely be getting both
Yue9  +   2004d ago
dude i own a ps3
but don't except sony to beat nintendo at everything the 3DS is very powerful and will be hard to beat its graphic's power and on top of that you don't even know if a new psp is coming or not or don't even know what games are for it the 3DS on the other hand has soild 3rd party lineup sony is in danger at least in the portable department if there isn't no word of a new psp by this holiday season its over for sony's portable system and it will be a very bad idea to announce a new psp at the end of the year because most people will have started pre-ordering the 3DS and they will just leave the new psp alone...
Fatal Blow  +   2004d ago
I am getting it on day one this is gonna be awesome
Viddharto  +   2004d ago
Well, those graphics are only on the beginning of the 3DS's life. The games coming later are going to look even better :D
jhani  +   2004d ago
i have this strange feeling that psp 2 will also be a 3d capable console. It will differ only from 3ds in terms of graphical horse power. I mean it makes total sense if the developers make 3d games for 2 systems not only one. Just a gut feeling i have.
turok  +   2004d ago
not when...
...Sony themselves declared psp2 will NOT be having 3D on it.something about visual results not to their liking and for them 3d on handheld just doesn't work (for now...).
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Yue9  +   2004d ago
as far as i know
there is no new psp and if there was i wouldn't care nintendo has already showed that the 3DS is coming and alot of people are happy about it even once sony does say something about a new psp it will be far to late because all the hype will be on the 3DS with lots and lots and lots of pre-orders nintendo is just flatout the king of handhelds and no one can stop them..
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jay2  +   2004d ago
Does the 3DS really improve upon its predecessor?
What a stupid question, you could so 99.9% of people on of those pics and they can say DS, or 3DS.
Yue9  +   2004d ago
psp is in some hot water
with the 3DS on the horzion sony's psp is going to be in grave danger the 3DS already has persona 3D harvest moon 3D metal gear soild 3D star fox 3D sony better do something in the portable department and very fast a new psp wouldn't do me any good i would still perfer the 3DS im just not going to miss out on my beloved harvest moon 3D..
matey  +   2004d ago
3DS does 1.6 billion pixels the wii does 2 billion+ but the 3DS is using 800,000 pixels for each render it has to render the game twice so the wii has a huge fill rate 2 billion with no bottle necks ect wii games will start to look way way way better then what we have now
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