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George Sears  +   2009d ago
Kotaku is shit. Even shit might get offended by classifying it near Kotaku.
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SuperStrokey1123  +   2009d ago
That is totally doctored, look at how fast the banners on the top of the page move in each video, the legit one is way way faster... sad really.
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wenaldy  +   2009d ago
You can't stop me C*ntaku.. :)
WLPowell  +   2009d ago
now the update says "some gamers noticed people moving seemingly in slow-motion... Take of it what you will." Like they didn't just come out parading "GT5 has ball-bustingly long load times, suck on that, it's almost done and it takes FOREVER to load" now they get caught spreading FUD and they're like "well you still can't be too sure! We still think something's gonna be wrong." Unbiased much?
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Duke Spookem  +   2009d ago
lol, figures.
I remember when Turn 10 tried trolling GT5 and failed just like Kotaku

Then Turn 10 went on to bash the Playstation Move.
mightydog01  +   2009d ago
sony should sue there backside
Thoreau  +   2009d ago
i have posted about crecente before
sony has show nothing but class towards these jackazzez and this is how they repay sony. i have always stated that the videogame subculture is filled with idiots and sensitive nerds, even though i play games. i realize that the video game market could be bigger but it will not grow due to the poor journalism that strangles the market.
insomnium  +   2009d ago
Make Kotaku pay. Sue them. For once let there be justice. I'm so effing tired of all the BS the MEDIA of all spouts. Shouldn't media be truthfull and stuff and not propaganda to downplay a corporation?
Omega Zues  +   2009d ago
Well well well
Kotaku up the same old BS again. That site never stops surprising me on just how bad they fail.
wissam  +   2009d ago
Lol. is this true. god. what is happening.
punisher99  +   2009d ago
Gran Turismo 5 = The most anticipated game of 2010. :)
saint_seya  +   2009d ago
Dunno why... but its so stupid to do something like that, even for shitaku.. but they didnt knew about people using their mind to notice those things.. oh well then people think that theres no biased opinions from some "game sites" (if we can call it a game site)
DJnal05  +   2009d ago
good luck kotaku
keep trying your gona fail!!! no one will stop me from buying GT5...
pippoppow  +   2009d ago
these dumb f#$%s need to get off the internet. It's bad enough we all have to deal with idiotic fanatic posters but the moronic sites that cover the industry need to go. Haven't visited Kotaku in over 2 years and never will. Gamers need to overlook sites like kotaku, gametrailers, IGN, Destructoid, Eurogamer, Edge and the like. The industry is polluted with unprofessional morons and it needs to stop.
whitesoxfalife  +   2009d ago
i agree to the fullest
xg-ei8ht  +   2009d ago
Tokyo takes 27secs to load into full replay graphics, that's pretty good considering.

Shows how fast cell and RSX are at pumping out HD visuals.

Cannot wait for this AAA game. Rain and Snow. Day and Night.

Ahh pure heaven.
fr3d0  +   2009d ago
Retraction won't fix this, Kotaku, you are finished..

Watched the video, 100% doctored.

How do you even release this amateur hour, blatantly obvious doctored video as an article?

There is no way they missed this. It was deliberate.
electricshadow  +   2009d ago
And I'm done visiting that website from now on. Sorry Kotaku, you messed up, BAD. Your fanboy is showing.
DJnal05  +   2009d ago
this is not the first time they have done it!!
Neko_Mega  +   2009d ago
Lames things people try, leaves them open to get suited.

I don't even think Kotaku makes much money to handle that law suit.
whitesoxfalife  +   2009d ago
Ok ima gonna not defend KotAku for what they have done, but i will say this as a vet of the GT series we all should know that it takes a few mins to load up any GT game, the long load goes all the way back to the ps1 days...... now back to Kotaku now they probaly didn't notice that they are using bad video cam or something either way it was bogus of them to post that up on they site like nobody aint gonna notice and then try to blame it on GT5 or they could have just went to wrong ps3 sku who knows....
wenaldy  +   2009d ago
It's obvious.... No lame excuses..
omi25p  +   2009d ago
the video is slowed down but not by much its still one hella long loading screen
omi25p  +   2009d ago
im not trying to defend the site, i dont use the site because it is shit, but the fact people are so upset about a loading screen being doctorer. Plus its not as slowed down as you claim it is the people dont move that slowly
Gohadouken  +   2009d ago
get some clues already then . You act as if it was the first time they were caught spreading bs . They have a rather sad and pathetic history .

Hell even forgetting everything that happened before ... dont you find weird that on a same week , the only two games they wasted time counting down loading times (and failing at that) were ps3 exclusives ?
kws1065  +   2009d ago
It's about 1/3 speed of what it is actually,
and Kotaku did not make a mistake since the video looks so obviously doctored.

Don't even try to shield this shitty site.
na2ru1  +   2009d ago
Cockaku journalist
thinking how dumb it has been to put a video of slow moving people in background and passing off as normal. I mean come on lets be honest. It's common sense to realise people would clock on right?
bjornbear  +   2009d ago
the levels people drop down to to bring down a potentially amazing game just because its on another consoles that isn't their console of preference.

DJnal05  +   2009d ago
kotaku needs to learn a lesson!!
Def Warrant  +   2009d ago
LOL Scumtaku
IHateYouFanboys  +   2009d ago
look, even if this video IS faked, we do know that GT5 has long load times. there have been numerous videos released - where you can clearly see it hasnt been slowed down - that have shown the loading from choosing a car to getting to the pre-race menu to take pretty much spot on 1 minute.

personally it doesnt bother me, having grown up with load times being regularly this long or MORE on the original Playstation, then Dreamcast, PS2, etc etc.

but the fact is that the load times are a bit on the long side.
PLAYWATCH  +   2009d ago
They Always Did have an Agenda against Sony
Not surprising because they have been downplaying Sony positive news and up playing Sony negative News for years now.

What a Pathetic Site.
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syrion  +   2009d ago
sucktaku !!!
theunleashed64  +   2009d ago
pathetic joktaku has always had a hatred for sony thus this is more proof of that
never did like joktaku never even visted their site because i'm not giving them
hits & never will joktaku are 360 fanboys it's so obvious speaking of 360 fanboys
where are they? the article about this incident all of the 360 fanboys like omega
& soda & cez of rage all were taking crap now that the video has been proved to
be fake and joktaku is the ones responsible for it where are all the 360 fangirls
oh! wait thats right they are eating crow for looking like a bunch of dumb ass's yesterday also explains why they are hiding as well. joktaku is shit &
will be always be a shit site nobody better not be defending these clowns because
they have been busted and there is no way to justify what they did.
Captain_Sony  +   2009d ago
First I heard about it. I just do not go to Kotaku. Video is obvious but I just wish people would let it go. Seriously have you people never heard there is no such thing as bad publicity? If it werent for people being so upset over this I and many others here would have never even known about it. I am sure the extra revenue from hits to their site will make them regret this in every way....
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