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Arnon  +   1849d ago
Lol don't you know? If the mods removed the Playstation fans from every article, their site wouldn't have enough hits to function. It's really the only site that is meant to be multiplatform that supports the Playstation brand more than any other.

Where else can they go? :/
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acere  +   1849d ago
go ahead buy it i will whatch all of you jump around
writersblock  +   1849d ago
Im shocked
I was 99% sure this would be HHG
macalatus  +   1849d ago
My fellow Sony gamers, after reading the article, it seems that Kinect would be definitely be huge. Not huge as in "super succesful", but huge in that the public display of the 360 gamers' stupidity would finally be shown in its full glory! As a matter of fact, epic proportions of the 360 gamers' trademark idiocy is flowing like water from the article and from this very comments section of the same article. I'll show you why is this so: The author of the article only points out "casual games" made for the anorexics, socially awkwards, grandparents, borderline brain-dead folks...the kinds of people that the so-called "hardcore" 360 gamers wouldn't dare associate themselves. Oh, wait...then again the 360 ding-dongs play a Power Rangers rip-off kiddie game franchise! How shocking!!

So yes, my fellow Sony gamers, the 360 gamers have no shame in showing their seemingly little to no intelligence when they say "simple casual/sports games" would be infinitely better than PS Move games simply because...Kinect doesn't have controllers! Seriously, what kind of hardcore, gaming moron would be more excited with "Catch the On-Screen Red Ball" with your hand than playing high-octane, full testosterone games like Killzone 3 and SOCOM 4?!? Oh, bad!! Those "hardcore, gaming morons" are the 360 folks!

Sony Gamers Lead the Way!
DigitalRaptor  +   1849d ago
That's a little harsh to the 360 gamers, but I guess it's kinda true.

The 360 crowd are so impressionable, Sheep almost. They do things because their friends are doing it or because it's popular.

PlayStation gamers make up their own minds. They know what games they like, and won't be afraid to tell you about it. The fact that they didn't go out and buy a 360 proves their patience, their identity and that they don't follow the crowd. They don't go for what's popular, but what they like. They aren't afraid to pave their own way with their own tastes.

That's why you see more unique and defining games on PS3 suited to that audience. Would games like The Last Guardian or Heavy Rain or Demon's Souls sell well on 360? not a fat chance.
Belasco  +   1849d ago
Jumpin jesus look at the disagrees for those that say anything positive about Kinect!
strickers  +   1849d ago
because it looks like a rehashed idea,executed better....but not good enough for 2010(when your rivals kit is better).
Go watch the youtube vids of Kinect doing menus,it's just like Eyetoy without the finger wiggles.Now watch a Move photo manipulation video,it's clear which is superior for control.
The reason some gamers on here are not impressed with Kinect is simple.It's not impressive.
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earbus  +   1849d ago
Who cares if you jump around and act foolish with either moition control are you that uptight to sacrifice some harmiess fun for the sake of someone seeing you what, remove the rake handle and relax you young guys will be embarrassed a hell of alot worse than being seen with move or kinnect im to cool even if its fun .
hot4play  +   1849d ago
"...future of motion control" ?
Lofty claims.

Lag? Lack of substantial games? Steep price? Staged demos?

I don't think so.
prettyboy1  +   1849d ago
umm yea i can personaly say
that i tried kinect in my local macys and it caught my attention for about 2minutes,after that it felt kinda boring,and im not even goin get startedd bout the lag.anyways i realy dont understand why sum people r tryin to hype this up so much,kinda bugles the mind.anyways peace and gaming
Apone  +   1849d ago
Move for me day 1 (or 2). Don't care what Kinect will do. Period.
cygnuszero  +   1849d ago
You already have move, its called a wii. More waggle controllers. Kinect at least looks like its trying to do something different. I like Sony, I use my PS3 nearly everyday, but Sony is th biggest ripoff artists out there. They cant come up with a single idea of their own.
guzman  +   1849d ago
You know what was a great peripheral? That Rez vibrator for Dreamcast. I would stick that thing in my ass for the King Kong of orgasms!
condemmedman  +   1849d ago
Question ? How do you get a load of angry fanbois to spout their angry sh@t .Answer = post a story about Kinect .

I thank you
strickers  +   1849d ago
I don't think it's anger for many PS3 fans.I think it's disbelief.
With any logical analysis Kinect looks like "the lame donkey at the races"IGN UK and to me the only way it looks good is if you REALLY want it to.
As a game controller it looks flawed,as a menu controller it looks flawed.Only full body fitness stuff looks like a good fit.Whatever anyone says,at the moment it behaves like PS2 Eyetoy.Even the menus work like it.
tamarkovia  +   1849d ago
kinect give it a chance
as an owner of my 3rd xbox (now with the jasper chipset) i am very pleased to see some positive press finally, lets get that article out there, i'm sure will be worth it maybe with a few bumps along the way.
tamarkovia  +   1849d ago
all true xbox gamers should go out and pre order this and make it work.
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IneedWeed  +   1849d ago
This guy was obviously paid by M$ to write an article about this.

Kinect could have a lot of success, but also may have a lot of returns.
Belasco  +   1849d ago
I disagree with all of your disagrees, to infinity
Belasco  +   1849d ago
Oh, and to me its the launch software thats weak, I pray they will have more hardcore stuff, which is why I will purchase move.
cygnuszero  +   1849d ago
This thing looks interesting to me. Im glad its not another waggle device like the wii or move. Some possibilities with this, just needs time to get some killer apps made for it. The minigame stuff is just for the casual people.
mcnablejr  +   1849d ago
'look like an idiot'
that all the fanboys can come up with.?
matey  +   1849d ago
yes but go on GAME website and the devic can only run games at 30 fps and it has too many restrictions ect only track 1 or 2 players at once a load of super casual rubbish wii was casual but this is super casual the wii has controls that still can resemble a control pad this is weird with nothing phisical to hold i mean when u play gold u hold a club in real life same with tennis,baseball,table tennis ect so its not more realistic when playing with thin air fact not opinion move is the better option ect all day because they looked more at nintendo and nintendo do years of extensive research for these things thats why they are so successful fact
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GeoramA  +   1849d ago
"Move over"

DaCandyman  +   1849d ago
Kinect's Draw back when it comes to playing...
I Can almost predict that onw of the biggest drawbacks for playing with Kinect is the time of day that you are playing it... Much like the Last Gen's EyeToy one of its drawbacks was lighting and background. For the best gameplay it required a well lit room and you really couldn't play in a room with dark colored walls.

During the work week you will come home for work after an 8 to 5 shift... You are using sunlight. That well lit room is no longer as bright as it was 4 hours ago. And you are tired from work. You sit on the couch, pick up your controller, turn on your 360 and Kinect using voice command. You wave your hand but nothing happens, you try again several times but the motion only moves your on screen icon a little but not far enough. So much for gaming in the dark. Kinect will sell like hotcakes initially, but just like EyeToy, and the current PS3Eye (minus Move) it will collect dust, or be traded in for instore credit. If you have your Systems set up in the basement/downstairs theater rooms (its already dark in there) If you buy Kinect be prepared to light that room up...
cult_of_N  +   1848d ago
i think kinect is gonna suck big time...
i heard it won't even work right unless you're wearing certain clothing i.e. no long dresses, or really baggy clothes.

The whole thing is so funny to me though... sony and microsoft should've never ventured into this whole motion control mess. I have been a diehard nintendo fanboy since the late 80's (all i buy is nintendo products), and i can honestly admit that both the PS3 and Xbox360 are amazing systems. The graphics are absolutely beautiful.

When the wii was first announced, both sony and microsoft pitched that they would not be competing against the wii. And why would they, it is a completely different product. Nintendo has already taken the "motion crazy" audience. Sony and Microsoft will lose money, motion control gaming will be their downfall.
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