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despair  +   2035d ago
looks interesting but seems a bit weird, will probably pick it up for PC if it turns out good.
HISHAM_PWNS  +   2035d ago
well this sucks
this game looked awesome but hopefully there is something else coming out on PSN that will satisfy me
xAlmostPro  +   2035d ago
i'd say its because..
he has similar looks to sackboy
N4BmpS  +   2035d ago
Someone is sleeping at Sony I wanted to play that game. I don't think it's because he looks to much like Sackboy. But who knows, someone should ask.
Anon7349  +   2035d ago
If you sony didn't want it, then it must have been bad. There are some really crappy games on PSN, although most are decent or good.

The reason why MS was so fast to pick it up was because it involved lots of blood which will sell lots of the 360 because its main market is 12 year olds and 12 year olds love anything to do with gore and violence(See Gears of War). Since it would sell regardless of it's quality MS would pick it up while sony has a qaulity control team.

And of course it could get on wii/PC, PC has no filters on what can get online and wii already has tonnes of shovelware on it so it's just more crap piled on crap(Not to say the wii doesn't have fantastic gems in the rough like a boy and his blob, No more heroes, Monster Hunter, Metroid, etc)

I'm almost positive the game is crap.
Gun_Senshi  +   2035d ago
here play it free right now
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Spenok  +   2034d ago
Im not to suprised. Ive never heard of this game before this article.
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