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TnS  +   2601d ago
N4G exclusive?
Nice! :)
DiLeCtioN  +   2601d ago
i love N4G a real site for gamers
Violater  +   2601d ago
This game should have been Co-op online.
mushroomhead  +   2601d ago
This game will rocks...
MK_Red  +   2601d ago
OFMG!! N4G Exclusive! I love Jericho & I love N4G! Awesome, simply awesome. Also, awesome screens. LEts hope fot more N4G exclusives in near future.
timmyp53  +   2601d ago
the next thing is exclusive n4g videos...
okay not so fast.
but one day N4g will be on this list
timmyp53  +   2601d ago
wow n4g exclusive.
Antan  +   2601d ago
Sometimes people in higher places take note of such sites! also helps to have an insider! ;)
Satine  +   2601d ago
Great stuff!
Hi all,

I'm Satine, from Codemasters, the company that's publishing this "horrific" game :)

I found this site earlier this week and am amazed and disappointed I had not heard of it sooner. I'm a big fan of working up close with the sites that work hard for their members and that give us such great support.

Good to see the feedback so far, I hope we can provide some more stuff in the future!

Senior Community Manager,
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timmyp53  +   2601d ago
Satine ur game looks kool.. i look forward to seeing more stuff from you guyz on n4g.. (tell all your friends about this site too) =)
DiLeCtioN  +   2601d ago
yes we are famous lol N4G rocks
Omega Kaze  +   2601d ago
Oh wow this is exclusive to N4G?
Thats impressive. This site is amazing and should be recognised by more developers like this one. Looking forward to seeing this site grow throught the next year!
kingofps3  +   2601d ago
Thank you, Codemasters. You are always welcome here. Please come by often and make a comment in the comment section :)

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