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Apolloeye  +   1929d ago
god damn pages
websites that use pagination for no good reason are really starting to get on my nerves
DelbertGrady  +   1929d ago
It's a quick way to get hits if you can't come up with something worthwhile to write. Making top 10 lists is also an energy-efficient method.
NastyLeftHook  +   1929d ago
fallout 2.
JsonHenry  +   1929d ago
Who the hell made this list?!
sid4gamerfreak  +   1929d ago
Great pc games. Just goes to show the high standards and quality games that pc gamers have. Not to mention having the largest catalog of games and can be played in full hd
sid4gamerfreak  +   1928d ago
@pogibaldy: Dude oblivion was and still is the best game in my opinion. Absolutely loved every moment of it. Completely agree with ur list
pangitkqb  +   1929d ago
I only agree with a few of these selections...
but everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

I would have taken off about half of them and added Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Starcraft, Diablo II, Dragon Age: Origins, and (yes, go ahead and hate) Crysis. (Crysis value, I would argue, doesn't come from its story or game-play, it comes from permanently revolutionizing and illustrating the future of gaming visuals on all platforms. It was a fun game, but people still talk about it 3 years later because of how ahead of its time it was visually. Any game still gracing the lips of gamers daily after three years did something right and deserves some recognition.)
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Simonkey75  +   1928d ago
Blame Google
Unfortunately pagination is only going to increase since Google decided to make fast page loading time one of the criteria for search ranking. It's simply no longer feasible to put everything on one page after that decision.
chak_  +   1929d ago
oh great, homeworld's there :)

Anyway a shitton are missing (sin of a solar empire, theme park, sim city, crysis.....), the biggest one being baldur's gate.
PotNoodle  +   1929d ago
Crysis lol
PotNoodle  +   1929d ago
Maybe i should clarify.

The PC has the biggest catalog of games in the world, it has been the longest running platform, the birth of many genres, types of games and all sorts of innovation.

Yet you want to put Crysis in the top 10. It is a good game, but there are far more games to put on the top 10 before you get anywhere near crysis.
chak_  +   1929d ago
yeah that's true.

Crysis, while being a very solid shooter wouldn't be in my top 10 either.

was just a quick exemple
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rwarner174  +   1929d ago
Neither Quake 3 Arena or Unreal Tournament? Wow.
hellraiserpop  +   1929d ago
An OK list.
I don't see KoTOR or any of Blizzard's games there, but I did see Rome. Kudos on that ;)
Palodios  +   1929d ago
Any best PC game list that has the Sims instead of Baldurs Gate is worthless to me.
CellularAutomata  +   1929d ago
Have you ever played Sims when you were younger?
Palodios  +   1929d ago
I played Baldurs Gate and the Sims when I was younger. The difference? I kept playing Baldurs Gate.
CellularAutomata  +   1929d ago
I played Age of Empires and Sims.
Although AOE was miles better, I still thank Sims for the beautiful memories Ive had.
I see it as a classic.
Cajun Chicken  +   1929d ago
Crap list.
darthkai  +   1929d ago
football manager?!?
If you think football manager deserves to be in the top ten PC games of all time, but not starcraft, you should be used as a pinata at a Korean birthday party.
vmartin12  +   1929d ago
How is Counter-Strike not on this list..
bym051d  +   1929d ago
Wow. How can you have a top 10 without Diablo II, Starcraft, or, as much as I hate to say it, World of Warcraft?
Darkfiber  +   1929d ago
Cause not everyone is a rabid Blizzard fanboy?

Don't get me wrong, I loved Diablo 2, but Starcraft is just a strategy game for stupid people, and World of Warcraft is just a chatroom for fat suicidal housewives.
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Pumbli  +   1929d ago
"Starcraft is just a strategy game for stupid people"

Wut? You obviously haven't played Starcraft.

I personally hated both Diablo games but I wouldn't call you stupid for liking them.

I will call you stupid however, because you generalize people and overall just act like an idiot.

Not the worst list I've seen, I personally would make a few changes to it but hey, that's just me. Everyone has a right to their opinion.
AEtherbane  +   1929d ago
Starcraft anyone? One of the best and most long-living games of all time... and it looses to, football manager 2010? As i agree with soem of this list, the rest, is well... just putrid.
theonlylolking  +   1929d ago
half life 2 sucks
za3redrum  +   1929d ago
Half-Life is better then Half-Life 2 imo.
DeeBee  +   1929d ago
Wow, this list sucks. You can't have a "Top 10 PC Games EVER!!" with the games they listed in the article when much better games exist, such as -

Doom, System Shock, Diablo, WoW, Unreal Tournament, Deus Ex (to name but a few).

There are an insane amount of games that would be considered for a top 10 ever way before half the games in this article.
dirthurts  +   1929d ago
This list
Is the suck.
Modern Warfare 2? What?
ultramoot  +   1929d ago
Get COD4 out, it has no business being in anybody's list of Top 10 PC games. Put in games like Starcraft, Diablo 2, Warcraft 3, Doom, Quake, etc. And as much as I enjoy playing Football Manager 2010, it's nowhere near being good enough to make the Top 10 list.
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DJKGBYF  +   1929d ago
I would have replaced Modern Warfare with the original Call of Duty, Medal of Honor Allied Assault, or a Battlefield game.
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Anon7349  +   1928d ago
I saw half-life 2 than I thought this list had potential. I couldn't have been more wrong.

Call of Duty? Over games like Dues Ex, System Shock, Portal, Doom, Counter Strike, Crysis, Unreal Tournament, Team Fortress, Quake, Tribes 2, etc?

Football Manager? WTF! Starcraft, Guildwars, Eve Online, Age of Empires, etc??

Who the hell wrote this list? Sims? Really, the Sims? Maybe you should go try something like Buldur's Gate, Diablo, Mass Effect, KotoR, Neverwinter Nights, etc?

I'd actually rage less if they put ultra-crappy games like MW2, Bejewled, WoW, Farmville, runescape, etc because then I know they're casual/mentally ill/trolling.
Relientk77  +   1928d ago
This list completely fails

DIABLO 2 IS NOT EVEN MENTIONED are u f***king kidding me (not even Diablo) that is a complete outrage to me. Diablo 2 is my most played PC game EVER!

also I don't play World of Warcraft but seriously how can u have a top pc games of all time and not mention that its a phenomen and millions of people play the game daily, its not gonna go away anytime soon and it should have been mentioned
Simonkey75  +   1928d ago
PC gaming has such a vast back catalogue no-one is ever going to agree on a selection of the ten best games - hell, look at the grief PC Gamer magazine gets every time it does its Top 100.

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