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akfgsuperfan  +   1805d ago
Do you know Jesus? Is he a part of your life? Repenting for our sins and accepting him as savior is recognizing that we are not perfect, and that the only way to the Father and to heaven is through Jesus' love and forgiveness for us. As such, we are not perfect, but are made perfect in our weakness, as it is Christ's love and sacrifice that saves.

Invite Jesus into your life. He will change it, believe me. He changed mine 180 degrees.

Now, as for gaming, yes these are just games, but at the same time I think what many Christians want out of a game is the choice not to be forced to compromise their beliefs for playing the game. I certainly feel that way. At least give me the choice to have a gaming experience not full of swearing etc. Also, yes, I do think it is a bit tasteless to have a game set in Iraq or Afganistan.. but then again what is the difference between that and all the WWII games? Just time really. Perhaps we don't need to have all shooting games...or maybe it is better to have them set in fictional universe like Killzone 2, or Halo. Killing insurgents for sport in a video game is a bit too weird if you think about it.
lagoonalight  +   1805d ago
Profanity is but mere words. God and religion are the same in many senses. Your faith is based off of words and nothing but.... There is no physical reality in your 'faith', only words that have long ago died. There is no spiritual context in words. Because you go to church or worship Allah you think that you are somehow different than someone that does not. Why? You are a living being. You can decide for yourself what is right and wrong but it has nothing to do with a man or god or some kind of savior. Because a system was invented for you to follow others must also think this way? If you want to read philosophy do so. You have Kant, Nietzsche, etc. If you want to read the bible than you have that. But please, Christianity and monotheism in general is responsible for so much murder and mayhem it's ridiculous to think anything of it but what lies it has spawned in the name of absolute power. The horrendous crusades throughout the ages, still going strong today, were put upon innocents by murderers and molesters of all kinds in the name of god and power and riches. Fundamentally, god can never be understood with reason. The bible as it is called is just that, a piece of reasoned philosophy put together by man. Your 'book' is a fairytale as much as any other type of philosophy open to debate. But that is the problem. There is no debate with you people. As the buddhist line follows, believe in nothing anyone says, including me, and question everything lest you become a stagnant human being up against the wall of belief that immediately puts an end to any creativity or 'reason' that you might possess.

Aside from that, the cursing in KZ2 was immature and ridiculous. If you cannot swear like a real person might then do not put it in. But if it adds to the character's dimensions then by all means add it.
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akfgsuperfan  +   1805d ago
Well, I too was once ignorant to the holy teachings of Jesus. I suggest you try inviting him into your life. You will be grateful you did - both now and when you die. Is rejecting Jesus offer of redemption worth supporting your earthly philosophers. You may think so now. Just wait my friend. Sometimes it takes living in the gutter such as I once did to fully comprehend how much we need Jesus. Swear at me, call me a liar, a biggot, I have heard it all, but I am at peace because I know Jesus loves me and I am forgiven.

You can't reason your way into heaven, only true repentance and faith will suffice.
treeson47  +   1805d ago
i'm glad your at peace
but so am i, and i'm now at peace because i've rejected the teachings of christ. i was raised catholic, and all it ever taught me was that people are afraid. afraid of death, the unknown. and religion, god, scripture, it all gives you purpose if you chose to believe it, but when i realized that all it was, was a reassurance for this situation that nothing past death can be assured. i decided to free myself from the bond of judgement. because the only one to judge me is myself. nothing another human being can say means any more than any other human being. we're all people, in the same situation. no one knows anything more than anyone else, no book written by man knows anything else, and no one can prove god without faith, a word and concept created by man in order to justify another idea and concept created by man. so i'm glad you found purpose, and you're at ease with life. but i hope you're not disappointed if there is no heaven or hell.
Figboy  +   1805d ago
this is the kind of shit that irritates me.
i'm a Christian (as i've stated before in similar topics), but i don't NEED my entertainment to cater to me.

i'm not so high up on my horse that cursing, tits, ass, WHATEVER will offend me.

and even if it did, WHY the hell would i want to rain on everybody elses parade?

the cursing in Killzone 2 rolled off of me. why? because it's war. if you've never heard real people talk, they curse. a LOT. soldiers even more so. seeing atrocities that we can only imagine (and poorly at that), i can see how dropping a few "F-bombs" would be par for the course for a soldier.

i think people were just looking for reasons to hate on Killzone 2 because it delivered on all the things the jaded, bias media were predicting it would fail on. met/exceeded the target render, and the game play was just as awesome as the visuals.

they picked apart the controls, but there wasn't really anything to that, since, once the game hit, gamers could see that the controls were just fine.

so what else they got? cursing. wow. that's...that's REACHING, actually.

as for what this has to do with a Christian gamer is beyond me. i think this author was simply trying to find a way to incorporate his beliefs into his game reporting, and he failed at it. this isn't the first time either.

again, as a Christian gamer, i don't expect my entertainment to do anything more than entertain. if i want a comfy, cozy, rosy view of the world, i'd read my Bible. oh, wait...
Kellz  +   1805d ago
Hey people what can we manufature to try and control the human race. hmmmm RELIGION
majdees  +   1805d ago
Guerrilla Games ain't got no pancake mix

Related video
Xfanboy  +   1805d ago
Cursing is not a sin!!! It's the emotion of hate behind it hate is a sin!!
xCaptainAmazing  +   1805d ago
Religion fails
It is a work of fiction, nothing more. You can believe what you want, but know that you are incorrect.
ArchangelMike  +   1805d ago
...then please enlighted everyone on N4G what IS correct then, and why it is so!?
orion456  +   1805d ago
I like what this article is about.
Gaming could do with a lot less pointless swearing (except for no more heroes).
But why is he banging on about christianity.
What the hell does swearnig have to do christianity.
I know lots of christians who swear.
Guerrilla Games don't care about you.
The fact is that lots of people (christian or not) complained about the swearing in KZ2.
You just come across as one of those people who will use any excuse to go one about their faith, sexuality, etc.
treeson47  +   1805d ago
so let me get this straight...
people are fine with hard violence and blood from a first person perspective, but when it comes to being said too many times, it's a problem? and the whole christian/religious argument is completely inane. i refuse to respect a group of said "decent" people, whose beliefs and religion has been the starting point for conflict since it began. but before you all throw your arms up and tell me i'm going to hell, why don't you just feel sorry for everyone who enjoys killzone just the way it is (with the exception of rico) somewhere else. i'm sick of developers toning down thier games because a group of people are upset due to belief or it makes them uncomfortable. if they don't like it, them. they can go play thier E to T rated game's and enjoy them, i dont see why they have to impose on the mature game market and try and tone it down, when they should just either get with the program or play games that are marketed to thier demographic. i've been playing mature rated videogames since i was a child, and i'm not a psychopath or a less moral person. so let me enjoy hearing a swear word in a war game where violence and death is being simulated. because i know if i were on the battle field, i wouldn't be saying, "holy smokes!!! RPG!!!" or "CRAP! the enemy is closing in". THIS IS CENSORSHIP, and it needs to stop.
blink3020  +   1805d ago
Most Christians are brainwashed zombies who follow a more immoral lifestyle than those that they "preach" against. F*** em.
ArchangelMike  +   1805d ago
A mirror says 'wuh?'
..and what about those who want to pursue an immoral lifestyle based on popular media and the 'status quo', without anyone to tell them otherwise... what would they be called?
nvm1987  +   1805d ago
Again with you bloody Yanks and the word "cussing" just say "cursing" for fucks sake, "cuss" words just sounds lame. Also keep religon outa my game news sight, it has no place here.
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hazelamy  +   1805d ago
there have been studies done and they've found that swearing actually helps people cope with stress and pain.
they tested people in situations where they experience stress and pain and those who swore coped better.
and you don't get a much more stressful situation that in the middle of a war under heavy gunfire.
when they make a game where you're taking the kids to school and there's swearing all over the place, yeah, it would be gratuitous and out of place, but in a setting like killzone it's perfectly natural.
why is it in a game like killzone that the language is the problem and not killing people by the thousand?
i know they say you should respect people's beliefs, and if their belief is something that only affects them then fine, but when it affects other people, why should we respect them?
because their belief involves some sort of deity?
their belief in a god makes their beliefs more important than mine?
not as far as i'm concerned it doesn't.
ArchangelMike  +   1804d ago
Ok Mods, please do not allow articles about religion on this site. The last I checked this was a gaming site where users come to find gaming news, and not a religions forum!

It is one thing to encourage and facilitate fanboy flame wars about the PS3, Wii or 360, it is quite another to allow and facilitate the same about ones personal beliefs. You only have to look around the world to see the extent people will go for their religious beliefs, because it means so much to them and defines who they are and what values they hold dear in this life.

In this thread, there are posts which are very offensive to those who don't have a religious belief, and also to those that do! This would Not be allowed if the subject was Race! Such offence should also not be allowed even more so as the subject is religion. (Go through this thread and substitute the word 'Christianity' or 'Religion', for 'Indian', 'White', 'Japanese', or 'Black', you will see how increadible offensive the language becomes).

As has been stated many time in this thread, gamers are gamers precisely because gaming is entertainment, it is fun, and most of all it allows an escape from such as discussions about religion. N4G is many things to many people, but do not allow it to become a breeding ground for religious hatred and intolerance...

...unless ofcourse it is the hatred and intolerance of a 360fanboy for his dearly beloved PS3 fanboy, and vise versa!!!
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bjornbear  +   1804d ago
I’m A Christian, Guerrilla Games Care About Me
I'm an Agnostic, Guerrilla Games care about me?


do I give a damn so as long as the game is good?


these crazy christian articles kind of freak me out.
HalfCarrot  +   1804d ago
You're a flaming fag
And a pretentious tw@t. Build something out of milk cartons and keep your superstition to yourself.
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