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Inane_Asylum  +   1897d ago
xHarvey  +   1897d ago
Kinectimals. Raising a tiger isn't hardcore? lol
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ipwnall  +   1897d ago
Bubbles to you sir.

I'm extremely aggravated about this Kinect business. I mean, look at the image in the article. Those are the games for Kinect's future. Do we want to be playing those?
B-Real206  +   1897d ago
They told you to wait till gamescom and now you will wait.
00  +   1897d ago
You're all laughing now
But you won't be when that tiger mauls you.

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ShinMaster  +   1897d ago
"Wait till E3" they said.
Well E3 has come and this is the result.
Moonboots  +   1897d ago
LOL! +bub for funny on that one!

PS: I love you Skittles! Don't eat me!!!!
BiggCMan   1897d ago | Trolling | show
B-Real206  +   1897d ago
that is funny!
00  +   1897d ago
to funny.
HolyOrangeCows  +   1897d ago
"Wait until E3"
"Wait until Gamescon"
"Wait until release"
"Wait until next E3"
"Wait until...."

So if we want core games, the best option is the waiting game?
ClownBelt  +   1897d ago
Wait ti'll E3 biatch! XD
Smokeyy90  +   1897d ago
Yeah E3 2011 maybe!
Alcon Caper  +   1897d ago
hey ms remember this list from tgs 09?

Activision Blizzard, Bethesda Softworks, Capcom Co. Ltd, Disney Interactive, Electronic Arts, Konami, MTV Games, Namco Bandai, Sega, Square Enix, THQ Inc. and Ubisoft

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Imperator  +   1897d ago
Behind closed doors being shown to paid celebrities who could care less about gaming.... if there's even any at all.
Mr Logic  +   1897d ago
It needs buttons. There is only a limited a limited amount of things you can accomplish through gesture recognition.
Inane_Asylum  +   1897d ago
I heard Kevin Butler say buttons existed in the future...

...I believe him...
Moonboots  +   1897d ago
Obviously Kinect is a casual device designed for those gamers first and foremost and that is the message MS wanted to send at E3 much to the angst of the core. And they have been saying all year that is what to expect.

I am going to give it some time because I don't think MS are going to ignore their core for long. And in the mean time enjoy my controller on games like Gears 3, Reach, Fable 3, Kingdoms, Black Ops, etc etc on the 360.. Not even going to mention my plate for the other systems I own.. There is just no time to play it all. (heaven?)
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Redempteur  +   1897d ago
Don't you see ? hardcore games are coming ..just now they annonced .. BURGER KING !!


neverming .
Arnon  +   1897d ago
It's funny because after the Microsoft conference, we actually saw some. In fact, I'm surprised that they showed off the shovelware they did, and then an hour later Sonic Freedom Riders and Child of Eden were shown off and completely destroyed what Microsoft displayed.
Imperator  +   1897d ago
Child of Eden is a multiplat, and do you have any gameplay vids of Sonic (I honestly want to see how it works).

@Orange Juice, Ah, I see. Looks kinda simple though. wouldn't really call it a core game.

@Arnon, if that's the case then Kinect really does have the edge in that game... but that's just one game. MS needs to show a LOT more.
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Orange Juice  +   1897d ago

There you go

EDIT Now that I watch the gameplay closely its most likely a game for kids. I couldnt see an adult "hardcore" gamer playing this game for an extended period of time.
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Erotic Sheep  +   1897d ago
Eyetoy Antigrav says hi..

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Arnon  +   1897d ago
Child of Eden is multiplat, but it's exclusive to Kinect in regards to motion controls. The developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi does not have a dev kit for Move.

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HaVoK308  +   1897d ago
If core gamers are anything like me they could careless about them.
gfunkera10  +   1897d ago
pimpmaster  +   1897d ago
gotta agree, MS is exactly like nintendo 2 years ago. hey, what ever happened to that dumb ass vitality sensor.
gynecologistcobra  +   1897d ago
Like Nintendo two years ago? As in, raking up a fuck ton of cash?
pimpmaster  +   1896d ago
as in having nothing to offer for the hardcore audience. and only for casuals
Megahurtz1986  +   1897d ago
Without buttons Kinect ain't gettin no hardcore action. I'm still trin 2 figure out how you would walk in a FPS like Halo
guerojose  +   1897d ago
Or play a game while sitting down...
gynecologistcobra  +   1897d ago
Why does "hardcore" mean FPS? And it's not like you have to use Kinect for everything. Just because it's not meant for everything doesn't mean you have to put it in every situation. "How will I play a dungeon crawler with Kinect!?"
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Finch  +   1897d ago
I believe MS called it the hybrid with the controler and Natal or what ever that new dumb name is. Yes Natal is controler free, but it doesnt always have to be that way depending on the game if needed.
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bjornbear  +   1897d ago
buying move
or just playing with a controller.
NSG  +   1897d ago
Hey they're smart. Nintendo is on top and making all the sales, so naturally they want some of that if they're gonna be in the business.
gynecologistcobra  +   1897d ago
You just might be the smartest person on N4G.
Pedobear Rocks  +   1897d ago
I thouht MS came out
earlier this year and specifically said Kinect was not for the 'hardcore' (what ever that means).
gynecologistcobra  +   1897d ago

Stop defining things that appeal to us as "core". I'm disappointed with the initial Kinect line up too, but I got over it. If it doesn't appeal to you, stop complaining and just don't buy the fucking thing. If games eventually come that appeal to you, buy it. But don't claim that "THESE GAMES ARE 4 LOSERS N CASUALS BECAUSE I DO NOT LIKE THEM."

Core means centric. Microsoft's centric audience for the Kinect is casual gamers. So the "core games" are right fucking there. If you want the Kinect's core, get Kinectimals or some shit.
Master of Unlocking  +   1897d ago
Cute little girlie
on that gif.Such a shame to see a cute little girl like that make an ass of herself before a large crowd because her parents told her it was all right to,after receiving M$'s check. -_-

On topic: there will never be any core,or hardcore games with that Kinect thingy,quite simply due to the fact that there are no buttons or analog sticks that come with it,thus no way to control your character and walk him in an environment more sizeable than the space you have in your living room,no way to open a menu to select your arsenal,or even to shoot at enemies because Kinect cannot recognise your fingers moving,should you even be prepared to act like a moron like that before your TV & your friends.

Put in a nutshell,Kinect's supposed strength really is its biggest weakness and will be the chief reason for its downfall.That and its price of course.But price won't be an issue for too long, once M$'s gizmo ends up in the fire sales bin along with some vomit-stained Virtual Boy,dust-covered Jaguar,& broken HD-DVD player.
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wages of sin  +   1897d ago
Yeah, keep laughing...
Meanwhile on Amazon, people don't even know what a "Move" is. This is the start of something big, and soom of you are too ignorant to "get it".

We'll see who has the last laugh.
king123  +   1897d ago
.....You sound like BinLaden
king123  +   1897d ago
oh that's why PS3fans don't buy games
they are just too busy Trolling

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