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B-Real206  +   2063d ago
wait till gamescon! then it's on!
GWAVE  +   2063d ago
But Microsoft said they were bring the big guns to E3 this year. So, you're going to simply believe them again?

edit @ below

Exactly. No one likes to wait. Especially if they were told they wouldn't have to wait...
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D4RkNIKON  +   2063d ago
Wait till E3, Wait till Gamescon, Wait till Release, Wait till the devs get used to it
.... patiently waiting is fun. I just don't see why core gamers defend this crap because it is obviously not meant for them.
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HolyOrangeCows  +   2063d ago
"I just don't see why core gamers defend this crap because it is obviously not meant for them"

Over 40 million people, that includes myself, who didn't buy the 360 for Kinect have full right to be annoyed that Microsoft is diverting most of its attention to Kinect and non-gaming features.
Parapraxis  +   2063d ago
40 million plus 1.
Got an Elite today.
Guess what, Kinect is STILL sh*t.
B-Real206  +   2063d ago
Whatever I was being sarcastic, jeez.
Mista T  +   2063d ago
Kinect, what is it good for, absolutely nothing!
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Gladiator7  +   2063d ago
Microsoft is going to be the next Nintendo, but with worse casual games.
hate when they ignoring the hardcores gamers, i mean they just giving more halo,gears of war,fable games. they giving so much limited experiences.
KILLERAPP  +   2063d ago
“ If you’re looking for a four-player experience on the Wii, that’s $40 for each controller and $20 for each nunchuck, plus the cost of the Wii, which comes to $440. The PS3 Move costs even more.”… Show me a game on Natal that comes out of this year’s E3 press conference that four players play together at the same time, you can’t because I haven’t seen one, natal is mostly two player at the same time, cause you will have a huge room to have 4 people playing at the same time and I don’t see it maybe in a few games but you can’t compare the move or the wii to it and two player playing at the same time with the move or wii cost about the same as natal so you lose your point…
-Alpha  +   2063d ago
I think that that argument is decent. The problem though, is that when it comes to local multiplayer, I don't buy all the controllers. I have friends who bring over their own controllers, and I assume that if they buy the Move they'll do the same for that.

We additionally still have no price for Kinect and the fact still remains that Move is a better device. MS may have done local multiplayer right by endorsing family gaming, but it just doesn't interest me.

MS is doing all the right things for Kinect from a business sense. They have a core audience and know the core audience likes the Halo, CoD, etc.

They have that audience, and now want to reach out with Kinect. However, the obstacle for success still remains:

-No price tag
-No guarantee casuals will buy it (they may very well buy it, I'm sure they'll prefer it over Move anyway)
-The Wii is still a strong device for casual gamers so the competition is there

Still, MS could succeed with Kinect, but it will be for a new audience. We already have it (apparently) outselling Move on Amazon, which was totally expected. I mean, it's a device that is aimed at a bigger, broader audience and it's advertised as a social tool to chat with friends, watch movies, and play family games.
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outrageous  +   2063d ago
M$ has gone about this the right way. They know who their Kinect demographic is and are moving fast in that direction. Many developers are working on apps. It's only been around a year and are coming to grips with the tech.

Why announce a price when the device is not out for several months. It was a shrewd business decision and and it worked. Sony has said $399 for a bundle. No Wii consumers are gonna buy that and now it's generated a " it's like the Wii but costs twice as much backlash " argument.

The your shape Ubisoft fitness app is gonna be a big Kinect mover. The dance game promises crazy dance routines from great, well known instructors to some of the best music around. It's made by MTV. Kinectanimals and sports will keep kids entertain for hours. C'mon...did you see her play hide N seek, having 2 children my self I'll tell you that game is a winner...BIG, BIG sellers, more importantly, it will move 360's. that is the whole idea.

Check out this video of the Ubisoft presentation. My wife said she wanted it right away...look how precise and accurate it measures the lady...the menu's, the options...Wii Fit outsold MW2, this could be controller, just a wave of your hand. This is just the first gen for Kinect. The apps will get better. GDC will be awesome this year for all.

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hazeblaze  +   2063d ago
The thing about Kinect is that I haven't seen any games that I would enjoy playing with just one player, yet alone two or more! The technology has potential but it doesn't seem like developers have wrapped their head around it yet. And playing games without anything in my hands, or physical feedback, just is not appealing.
DA_SHREDDER  +   2063d ago
The only thing Microsoft has ever done right was created Xbox live. Other than that its just a box, a remote, and 3rd party handler.
Megahurtz1986  +   2063d ago
At GamesCon they will be unveiling Kinectamils 2 featuring Snikcers the baby Wolf
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2063d ago
Haha. Nothing.
RagTagBnd445  +   2063d ago
Kinect is a mistake from MS. All the hardcore players will stick with their controllers, and all the casuals will prefer Nintendo because it is cheaper and have better/more iconic games. The only decent looking Kinect game we have seen this far was Forza, and honestly i think your arms are going to hurt after a while.
gonzodamus  +   2063d ago
Is Nintendo actually cheaper? I think that all depends.
Eclipticus  +   2063d ago
Though I am not a hardcore gamer, I am not a casual gamer either. I do have all 3 consoles, play the ps3 (mostly movies) and xbox (games) regularly. and aside from a handful of games on the wii, I would dump it, especially if I had the kinect.
KingME  +   2063d ago
Please also provide a sensible argument for Move using the same analogy.

I'm very interested in seeing how you see move using the same criteria.

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