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jaredhart  +   2062d ago
The Big difference is
Move can be used for first person shooters and has 1/6th of the lag.
Nugundam0079  +   2062d ago
Two things I would get if I had Kinetc
The Micheal Jackson game (R.I.P)
and the Star Wars one

The Dance Floor game was cool--till they sent out that corner dude at the end
danielle007  +   2062d ago
While I agree, a little, that Move really is just copying Nintendo directly, while 360 does innovate a bit. None of it matters, because there is nothing good coming to kinect.

Move might have actual good games, and then I'll be more on board with that, doesn't matter who innovates more, it matters who delivers with games.
guerojose  +   2062d ago
That statement is just plain dumb.

Kinect does innovate a bit: Okay, fine, let's assume that this whole-body-3D-tracking actually works somewhat, in a way that's usable for games. Something that is by no means proven yet, in my eyes. If that's the case, then yes, it will have innovated "a bit" beyond EyeToy.

But then wouldn't you say that Move, if it's shown to have much higher fidelity than Wii-waggle, combined with video overlay, innovates at least "a bit" beyond the Wii? "Copying directly", really? Has any Wii game ever shown the tracking fidelity that Move has already demonstrated? Does Wii employ video processing with motion/position/orientation sensing?

I can almost understand the embarrassment, and the desire not to see your preferred platform fail. But denying reality in order to get there? That should really give you pause.
danielle007  +   2062d ago
I don't have a preferred platform anymore.
I'm actually leaning towards Sony as of late. & what I said wasn't dumb.

"[It] doesn't matter who innovates more, it matters who delivers with games." & that's the damn truth.

Kinect might be innovative, with the voice, and the body nonsense. I mean, they definitely introduced some new concepts.. but if there's just going to be cheap party games, then it doesn't matter.

Move seems more like a copy because they're using a Wiimote + Wiimotion plus + Nunchuck thing, which... is true. They're just improving on it, less lag, more hi-tech. So I dunno, honestly, I don't care.

All I care about are games, and whether or not I have to buy one of these to play something great, because if not, then none of this matters one bit to me.
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Claudinho69  +   2062d ago
ps3 move also have voice, face recognition, etc.
Lightel0s  +   2062d ago
kinect the future.
for me what counts it's my son and he was completely surprised with the dance games since he loves ddr and piu; play without controller this kind of games its much better than wii or move can offer; its about family its about fun.

xbox 360 rules in every game genre this generation im sorry dudes but wii and move are sooooooo 2006.

and yes i love the eyetoy (kinect) for 360, its what sony failed to do with good software. :P
ijkabob  +   2062d ago
only a fool would say that after the games that were shown. Not one original in the bunch. This thing is honest to god making me laugh.
gumgum99  +   2062d ago
"Kinect has taken Microsoft’s motion-controller from a distant second place in the buzz world to number one after being displayed yesterday at Microsoft’s E3 presentation to the public. "

What the--? I don't even--

*looks at Article image*

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Alcohog  +   2062d ago
And everything on Kinect so far can be done with the PS EYE :D
rmedtx888  +   2062d ago
lol. innovates what? that has been done already on the PS2 with the eyetoy...
kraze07  +   2062d ago
I don't even know what the hell I'm doing here. Motion control was alright as an option, but this craze for it is getting out of control. The only games I wanna see use motion control are first person fighting games. Everything else should stick to using controllers/mouse and keyboards.
gumgum99  +   2062d ago
lol, now this is what I call innovative.

Pure. Win.
Henry Cain  +   2062d ago
Kinect is nothing but eyetoy in HD. The article states kinect is innovative but it's really not. That was by far M$ worse e3 showing. I felt like I was watching nintendo e3 conference from last year. Now everyone laughed at nintendo last year for how bad they were. M$ turns around and has the same type of show . Then they decide let's give the crowd in attendence new 360s. It now comes equiped with wifi. Which is funny because 360 fans say Ethernet is better, who needs wifi. Now all sudden it's an excellent idea. Down right pathetic.
Vip3r  +   2062d ago
gypsygib  +   2062d ago
The only thing kinect has going for it is the dancing game, the rest is a joke. It is really limited for today's gaming as there's not much you can do with it gameplay wise.
Shendow  +   2062d ago
If PS Move is a Wii HD, then I guess kinect is PS2 Eyetoy.

Yeah -_- don't you love it when people are so full of it? Their wasn't really anything big for the 360 at E3, the biggest thing was a remodel 360(Which I hope is alot better then the old ones).

Keep in mind by the wording Microsoft use, older 360 (My guess anything not from 09) will not work with Kinect.

Why? Maybe its missing a part or software, don't know but that is pretty much what MS said.
HINDERIZATION  +   2062d ago
move is superior because of it's unique orb shape

Kinect/Natal -
bobrea  +   2062d ago
I did not realize that a glorified eyetoy and voice controls (which I have had in my phone ever since I can remember) are innovation. Kinect and Move are both lame and I've been saying this for a long time.
Claudinho69  +   2062d ago
everyone wanted a wii hd...
crazyclown  +   2062d ago

what about the eyetoy that is years ahead

who copied who??? this article fails + all who agree
kewlkat007  +   2062d ago
I've always said the PS3 Move is an enhanced version of the Wii Console
though it is a part of the PS3's gaming ecosystem, targeted at a certain demographic.

Microsoft's Kinect though uses motion is attempting something different with no controller.

Whether it will kick-off or be as successful who knows. Lookoing at this site most want it to fail anyhow but I've seen plenty outside this site amused by it.

Of course these motion controlled devices are aimed at a different Demographic so hardcore gamers can trash them all they want.(Just like you did when the Wii was announced) MS/Sony will still come out with Traditional controlled games.
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Hades1337  +   2062d ago
The hardware innovates, but the software doesn't
TANUKI  +   2062d ago
Reality: Gears 3 and Halo Reach we all knew about. Kinetic games just added longevity to the conference.

Fanboys: "Omg! As long as it's Microsoft stamped, I'll spend all my money on it".
Morituri  +   2062d ago
I like when an article's title is so darn ridiculous.
It tells me right off the bat that the article is going to be a piece of complete and utter bullcrap. Saves me the time of clicking the link and reading the drivel. Gee, I hope none of you lads went through the trouble...
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Darkfiber  +   2062d ago
Huh? Every other article I've read says that Kinect has nothing new whatsoever and is very disappointing. It's a repackaged eyetoy for the PS2. None of this sh*t will sell anyway, I don't know why anyone cares. Both companies will end up losing hundreds of millions of dollars, especially Microsoft, who seems to be putting all their eggs in one basket with this and it will definitely not pay off.
Captain Tuttle  +   2062d ago
Anyone who clicks on that link is a sucker
Dellis  +   2062d ago
EYE TOY HD= Kinect

remember the game from Eyetoy called Kinetic lol
ATi_Elite  +   2062d ago
Nothing to see here so move along
Kinect looks like crapware and unless they sell some kind of Kinect: Halo edition or Kinect: Modern Warefare 3 package Kinect will be a total fail because we all know that 360 owners only want Halo or Modern Warfare type games.

Ps Move is a little better as the Cell processor eliminates the HUGE lag I see in Kinect. Basically HD Wii but the PS3 has more power to make far better Wii type games.

Either way both Sony and M$ are just coping the Wii in hopes of moving more consoles cause the Wii has crap for games.

Playing a FPS w/ out a KB/M is stupid and now consolers want to even get rid of the controller. Their Insane!
CrIpPeN  +   2062d ago
I got so bored with MS conference. I though I was watching Nintendo's (Last year). LOL.

Now they got some games people looking forward to. But they need something to the holidays to.
bobdog626  +   2062d ago
Microsoft Proved there Point
Sony is Next .Lets see what they have to offer before passing judgement.
DigitalRaptor  +   2062d ago
SERIOUSLY? This article is pure damage control from fanboys.
lukejames1111  +   2062d ago
So let me get this straight...

They are saying Kinect is 'innovative'......? Really? LOL! Haven't they heard of the EyeToy?
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