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moodymofo  +   2062d ago
its so casual and gimicky how many times will you play with a lion and hide from it or work out with it? it will be showerd with shovelware. if it wants to impress me i need to see some 1st person shooter online play but even then im not gonna run in place and duck and roll for 15 minuts a game sometimes 6 or more games a night
voodoopickle  +   2062d ago
im just curious what conference this guy watched. as far as ive noticed, most M$ fans were pretty damn dissapointed with EVERYTHING that they did.None of the hardcore gamers i have ever talked to give 2 shits about kinect and think its pretty damn lame
kws1065  +   2062d ago
That was quite innovative.
Most of the time, game developers trick gamers by using pre-rendered video only.

But MS...tried to trick gamers by using pre-rendered video + actors. That was impressive lol.
tiamat5  +   2062d ago
What innovation is everyone talking about? Are you sure that we were all watching the same conference? They bombed. Everyone is buzzing about what idiots Microsoft are. All you hear from every site are the words disappointment, waste of time, same old thing, chance. Face it, Microsoft tried but tripped over there own feet. And now they still have the nerve to announce that games are going to be $60.00 while selling the Kinect for $150. Are you on crack Microsoft?
arnsekar  +   2062d ago
Soo...people were wrong to pass judgment on Kinect before MS' E3 conference, which proved it was more than a new Eyetoy. Yet you judge PS move before Sony's E3 conference as "Wii HD"?
jaosobno  +   2062d ago
Kineckt innovates? It's an eyetoy few years too late.
INehalemEXI  +   2062d ago

this how I feel so far from the motion madness, MS say one thing but deliver BS. Maybe it get better with time but atm resounding meh.
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Meryl  +   2062d ago
Well every other site and media have officially called it a ripoff, ms had to do somethi ng to try and make out everything is ok...
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Masta Kaos  +   2062d ago
Dualshock 3 has motion sensing...which kinda indicated that a dedicated motion controller was I dnt get it when they Move is a Wiimote. MS and Innovation don't go 2getha......
Senden  +   2062d ago
I guess another happy customer with a shiny new 360... the bribe has worked again!
rdgneoz3  +   2062d ago
Yep, Kinect innovates, just look at their demonstrations...
rdgneoz3  +   2062d ago
Yep, it innovates all right,
WetN00dle69  +   2062d ago
Yeah CALL IT whatever you want BUT the fact of the matter is that Move thus far has shown more appealing games than Kinect! I mean really Virtual pets..........
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olos  +   2062d ago
this is pure fan troll propaghanda masquerading as journalism
seriously what gives it away is his calling move wii hd

this crap is only just begining trsut me
we will be seeing it all week and leading up to kinect's release

microsoft has hands in alot of media

they will try and put a positive spin on any giant turd

as long as its their turd
naruto344  +   2062d ago
Kinect will kill off hardcore gaming on the 360
According to E3 kinect is a much bigger focus than hardcore gaming and thats how kinect failed. The xbox 360 doesnt even feel like a console i can play games Anymore on, thanks to kinect. Kinect doesnt appeal to hardcore gaming in anyway thats why alot of ppl thought MS E3 conference was a bunch of bs which it was...... Ps move on other hand does not just appeal to casual player it appeals to both hardcore and casual an example would be eyepet and socom. Kinect doesnt have any hardcore games it has games my 5 year old brother would play .
marichuu  +   2062d ago
Babysteps phase.
Even though I wasn't positively blown away, I still think it's an interesting piece of hardware. Many of you shouldn't be so shortsighted. I think it's impressive what's possible to deliver to the consumers at their own home. Much of what MS showed with Kinect wasn't really needed at all, but you weren't running a marathon at the age of 2 either, were you? Small steps to begin with like this might be necessary. Have faith and hope for a future with even more advanced technology in our homes :)

On a sidenote:
I see too many negative comments around, most of them not even constructive. And for what? To justify your preference of the other console? I'm sure Sony will have their ups and downs as well, nobody can avoid it completely, but there's absolutely no need for "LOLOLOL IT SAWKS BIG TAJM, NEED MOAR CAEK MUM!". This goes to pretty much all fanboys who can't control themselves: It's okay to prefer a specific console, but you don't have to bash the other competitors for any- and everything they have to offer to the millions of other gamers out there. If you absolutely need to say something negative, please be constructive so you don't look like an ass on the internet at least.
jsx  +   2062d ago
After reading through half of the comments here, I can deduce quite succinctly that you're almost all a bunch of morons and only a small few of you have any idea what you're talking about. That is all.
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2062d ago
Haha. Fail!

Not a single person I know wanted Kinect after yesterday's embarassment. The legitimate sites like IGN and Game Informer expressed how poorly that press conference went. It was a disaster!

The Move is a camera and controller. It's not just motion controls and ts not just full body tracking. It's both...incorporated together. :) The Wii ripoff here is Kinect.
nygamer28  +   2062d ago
wii-wii controller
move-wii like controller
kinect-no wii like controller

see whos the ripoff troll
nygamer28  +   2062d ago
wow you guys are quick to jump...the first couple of games you see and lable kinect will only be like the wii,their are much more games from other developers(capcom,activison, and much more)this might fail hard,but in the right hands something beatiful can happen.we still have six more months till release and comiccon and that japan game show left so we might see more,hopefully the move might overtake kinect

@monty:please explain how it innovates?
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MontyBurns78  +   2062d ago
Playstation Move Innovates While Kinect for XBOX 360 is Just a Eye-Toy HD
Jazz4108  +   2062d ago
Ps move looks like an overpriced vibrater. Let's see how this comment goes over as you can see I can care less what you sony droids that troll ms articles say.
strickers  +   2062d ago
It's a controller not art.The wii motes are dull looking.Kinect looks nice but has shit functionality.What do you want for gamnes?
JEDI WOLVERINE  +   2062d ago
So still no news on the price of the Kinect then?
Am i right in assuming that once bought it will allow 4 people to play games all at the same time without additional controllers - something to do with skeleton mapping?

If so and if priced around the £100 mark this would appear quite reasonable for what it offers.

On a side note - how much would you need to pay to allow 4 people to play with Sony's new Move system? Would each person need a controller set up for 4 player games and would you need to buy an additional PS eye on top of this aswell.

If so i can't believe that this would be cheaper than £100.

Any answers to above questions would be great - thanks in advance.
GIANT-ENEMY-CRAB  +   2062d ago
Microsoft is forgetting about us the hardcore gamers that made them the xbox what it is just think about it the conference was basically made to attract average the joe and his kids not to mention his kids have to be 3 to play this more than a month my xbox is gathering massive enemy crab dust because Ive sold the games i bought 2 years ago while my ps3 plays all the multi-plats... Ive yet to even play a N-wii let alone spend 60 Guantanamo's on kenict animals
matey  +   2062d ago
Nintendo have wiicam coming out but i know also that the wii has a gpgpu and has displacement mapping patent till 2020 so expect major better looking games when nintendo give this power to devs through SDK 2.2,Because SDK 2.1 indicates HD locked via Firmware not restricted by Hardware and has a 1988 million pixels per sec fillrate so HD can be done on wii,I also hear of WiiHiFi a new Network based wii for mainly online community based games ect with the power of PS3 so its either add-on for current wii or an update or last of all a new Wii 1.5 console which ever 1 its all to do with Nintendo grabbing some on there success like there doing to wii with motion controls.
kasasensei  +   2062d ago
"Microsoft has shown they can do a lot more than mimic and improve; they can create and lead."

Yeah, definitely!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi__  +   2062d ago
And so starts the...BRAINWASHING!!!

Saying that it started last year really. Anyway enjoy jumping around like a wally!!! ;-D I will stick with my DS3 Pad;)
washingmachine  +   2062d ago
damn,these reveiwers need to stay off crack
shikwan  +   2062d ago
After it's all said & done h8rs!!
U still forget the minute details of Kinect;

1. It can be used on the PC via Windows Messenger as well as 360.

2. 360 users can video chat (HANDS-FREE) with other 360 users OR Windows Messenger users (again HANDS-FREE).

3. Can watch videos, & listen to music, etc, while in a video chat - together (like party chat)! HANDS-FREE

4. Can watch Zune movies & listen to Zune music - HANDS-FREE.

5. Kinect can watch u (track u) throught your room - u don't have to stay in front of the cam. u can be mobile-tend to ur business while video chatting.

I don't recall the PSEye having capabilities to do ANY of the above & this is just the beginning of support for the Kinect.

As for titles that's already out on the Wii--WTF do u think Sony is going to do?

Bottom line is the only people who post negatively here are h8rs. If ur not interested, why not go read another article or play ur PS2? H8 = JEALOUSY
bjornbear  +   2062d ago
that whole list
means nothing if all you want to do is play videogames (and I thought that was the point of this whole "videogame console" thing)

but ok, its a cute media peripheral. but thats it =P

oh and hate? jealousy? strong words for such a futile piece of technology.

i'd say pity and amusement at how pathetic the whole thing has turned out to be =3
danielle007  +   2062d ago
I actually like M$, I'm not a Sony fangirl, but all those reasons are legit stupid.

If you're some casual gamer that's just going to use Natal to keep in touch with your twin, then sure, Kinect innovates how you can keep in touch, and if you're way too lazy to use a controller, then the voice controls would be nice, I guess.

But, I'm a gamer. Kinect = nothing to me. It doesn't matter if it innovates a bit more than Sony because Kinect has no damn games. It's a non-issue.
Hallucinate  +   2062d ago
like everyone said an updated more interigated version of ps eye and hand free isnt as great as it sounds
shikwan  +   2062d ago
To those responders
SERIOUSLY??? Then why read this article or even post if Kinect doesn't interest you? I'm not interested in car mechanics but you don't see me posting on their forums? I'm not inteerested in the Wii so you don't see me post about the newest Mario Kart or Zelda games, etc

No interest = no post.

H8r post = JEALOUSY.

Plain and simple.
djfullshred  +   2062d ago
Like I said in a previous post...interesting tech, but where are the good games to play using this interface?
shikwan  +   2062d ago
AGAIN...seriously??? This is the tech's DEBUT. This thing has yet to be on the market. How much software was available DAY1, for the iPhone on it's initial release?

Like Sony, they are gonna initially bring iterations of what is/was popular on the Wii - which has outsold both platforms.
bjornbear  +   2062d ago

sure, the masses will see it as something new...but the masses also enjoy Grey's Anatomy and think American Idol is a show worth investing your time in...
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