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Ninferno  +   2064d ago
i wish i was there
every one is saying it was a disappointment. I wish i was there regardless. I wanted to see for myself!
Cevapi88  +   2064d ago
the one game that caught people's interest...and they show a video...instead of gameplay...i would have believed it if they had a person playing the game just to see if the fluid movements were actually in game
Godmars290  +   2064d ago
You just want a free Xbox... :p
Hitman0769  +   2064d ago
Regardless of the disappointment it was still an honor to be in attendance. The substance was just not there in my opinion.
NY_State  +   2064d ago
"it was still an honor to be in attendance"

Man Xbox fanboys can be douchie.
SaberEdge  +   2064d ago
This doesn't surprise me, coming from them. They seem to be big PS3 fans over there.
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DORMIN  +   2064d ago
Yeah because only PS3 fans are disappointed with Kinect.

Pistolero  +   2064d ago
No...but I know what he means...dualshockers always come off like ps3 fanboys.
ico92  +   2064d ago
i've said this like 5 times already but seriously WTF was up with Kinectimals my respect for M$ tanked after that
Marceles  +   2064d ago
I felt bad for that little girl up there demoing it lol...
BkaY  +   2064d ago
those ppl dont realise
how lucky they are to be there... all they do is complain...i dont understand why everyone expect second coming of Christ on every E3... you should learn by now not to get hyped about anything ... but look things with open mind..

honestly i dont believe when i read a news headline tht says "x game will blow your mind" or crap like tht .. i tried to stay away from that article....

in the end its personal liking and disliking.. if you are fan of "x game" then you will be blown away with just a freaking teaser with nothing more than a name of the game on the screen..

for me if someone announce anything related to "the warriors" or "manhunt3" on any console or hand held, whoever announce it is a winner for me..

DaTruth  +   2064d ago
Man, it must have been incredibly bad! Most of what MS shows is crap at every E3, but they always hail it as Godlike.

Even the American media can't pretend it was good! I was expecting the second coming A.K.A timed exclusive DLC!
deadreckoning666  +   2064d ago
Kinect for the lose. I'm very dissapointed as well. I was expecting something revolutionary. With the exception of Dance Central, all Kinect has is shovelware. Microsofts conference was the worst I've ever seen from them IMO.
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Chadness  +   2064d ago
The Microsoft conference was "meh" overall, but I was actually a bit impressed with the Kinect stuff. I was thinking of my niece and nephew when that young girl was demoing Kinectimals.

Also, the fitness game from Ubisoft seems to be, from what was shown, the best of the "fitness" genre to date. At least it seems to make you move more than Wii Fit and that fitness game from EA for the Wii.

I'm still reserved overall, but it wasn't as big a disappointment as I thought it would be. The Kinect stuff, at least.
Hitman0769  +   2064d ago
These Impressions were only from the Natal presentation just to be clear. I hope that Sony and Nintendo have a lot to show or this E3 is going to be a bummer.
Godmars290  +   2064d ago
Its not like, as they were laying on think with their child actress, they were showing that or how Kinectimals reacts to multiple kids.

For that matter, still don't know if Eyepet learns and recognizes people.
negrito211  +   2064d ago
sony has the last they say save the best for last
Bellcross  +   2064d ago
I think we have enough of these articles for today, I don't think it can get any worse for MS they failed two times in a row.

Sony and Nintendo conferences will save E3.
barakiu  +   2064d ago
but this one is a video
I'd rather there be more videos instead of articles on this, the worst E3 conference of all-time.

edit: this video is actually on the other Microsoft press conference that happened yesterday.
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Hitman0769  +   2057d ago
@ Barakiu

This video is not on the Microsoft Press Conference it is on the Natal event. Maybe people should watch again with that context in mind if you got confused the first time.
D4RkNIKON  +   2064d ago
The fanboys disagree. MS had a great conference if you know nothing about video games.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   2064d ago
How many more fail articles coming in?
I say at least 15-20 articles will say "Sony beats MS" tomorrow.
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WMW  +   2064d ago
all the bad kinect news must be like getting kicked in the nuts for the 360 fanboys they put so much hope into it.
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D4RkNIKON  +   2064d ago
They all said, wait till E3.. Then we'll know. Well, now we know
jbiz320  +   2064d ago
Microsoft isnt really known for having the worst E3 showings.. They usually are in the top 2 spots.. This showing cemented a 3rd place even before Tuesday.. VERY disappointing.
SaberEdge  +   2064d ago
Not necessarily. If Sony doesn't show some new, exciting games and they spend a lot of time on Move then I think they could end up doing no better.
dorkyfresh11  +   2064d ago
besides Kinect, M$'s biggest showcases were Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3. these franchises make money, but do little to innovate.

on the other hand, Sony will be showcasing LittleBigPlanet 2, Killzone 3, Socom 4, the Last Guardian and possibly Infamous 2...all of which belong to series that are critically successful.

M$'s conference was all hype, little substance. it's practically impossible for Sony's conference to be as much of a let down as M$'s conference was.
NY_State  +   2064d ago
Have you not been paying attention to the last past several weeks here? We have a butt-load of games coming out. They'll most definitely just talk about the move and do a recap of all the games already talked about pre-E3. The move/socom combo will be enough to top MS' Natal offering.
dkgshiz  +   2064d ago
Sony just announced four new games in the past month. Clearly they have some big things in store this E3. Or else they would of saved the surprise.
negrito211  +   2064d ago
hey they were all ....just wiat till e3 comes etc etc lol ya sure now what just how hlo was gonna look better then KZ2 lol
quiddd  +   2064d ago
In your opinion, given what you've seen from Microsoft, what percentage do you think Sony's will dissapoint?
Typical-Guy  +   2064d ago
Microsoft conference was sooo boring. The only game that excited me was Gears of War 3.
dkgshiz  +   2064d ago
Kinect sure looks awful.
It clearly is because MS gave away a free xbox to everyone attending the conference. This is most likely due to the fact they want people to sway there opinions to the positive side with Kinect.
giovonni  +   2064d ago
ubi soft
ubi soft showed off a game for the konect however, the footage was cut off due to some unforseen issues with the G4 studio cameras. When it was corrected, the creator said for xbox konect and moved on this e3 cant get no better for Microsoft as far as presentation goes
Atelierrorona9  +   2064d ago
if sony or nintendo
was watching this lame show of ms i feel like one of them will make ms pay for it i could be wrong though just hope sony doesn't show move the entire show they can show it for at least 10 min's but not the entire show thats just stupid..
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DA_SHREDDER  +   2064d ago
I think that fitness game using Kinetic is revolutionary, state of the art, and indeed the coolest fitness software on the market. Everything else from Microsoft was rubbish though imho. LOL at forza using natal. Jesus, they couldn't come up with something other than that?
-PINNER-  +   2064d ago
Kinect will find its rightful place next to the power glove, virtual boy, and R.O.B.

Is it just me or did the Halo environments look really... bland or sparse or N64ish? I'm not trying to rip on it, I thought the enemy evasion was sweet and the A.I. seemed nice, but I would expect a mountain base to be a little more mountainy and harder to access then a grassy field with random crags sticking out of the ground.

Not very inspired, I think Bungie is ready to be done with Halo.
dkgshiz  +   2064d ago
What is it with these game companies and their useless paper weights?
Just keep producing more AAA games. Not this garbage. What PS3 or 360 owners even asked for this garbage? I'm 90% sure nobody that owns a 360 or a PS3 asked Sony or MS if they could produce a motion controller.
FordGTGuy  +   2064d ago
A Microsoft Product
Disappoints a Sony website, big surprise.
dkgshiz  +   2064d ago
It disspointed majority of the people that attended it.
Just look around at the latest articles.
FordGTGuy  +   2064d ago
You have proof that these people were actually at the event?

I see a bunch of BS articles written by people who saw it on broadcast that are hating on it in order to garner hits for their websites.

Fanboyism destroyed gaming.
taz8080  +   2064d ago
watch the video and see the proof wherrethey show the wristbands, confirmation and kinectimals they received at the show. Silly comment Trix are for kids.
Atelierrorona9  +   2064d ago
no has nothing to do with fanboys
the show was stupid its a fact what was so special about it give me a answer please?the new slim 360 isn't speical it may look better but it still lacks the power then the ps3 and to top it off what games are coming other then halo or gears of war?
Xfanboy  +   2064d ago
He Named his site Dual shocker?? C'mon!!

What if I made a site called Nataler ??

Im not any side bcuz Sony & M$ take money from me!!

Fanboys make me eerrrlll!!!

Now take my bubbles & Let everyone else enjoy being a real gamer!!!
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Pennywise  +   2064d ago
What if I made a site called Nataler ??
I would point at you and laugh.

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