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Nick212004  +   2068d ago
My Impressions
I personally lost interest after the first 20 minutes because it seemed to turn into a Nintendo conference until the 360 slim was announced. I must say that the slim is sick though!
Lifendz  +   2068d ago
It jumped the shark
when the tiger was licking the screen (never thought I'd write that in life) and a little girl was rolling on the floor laughing (nor did I think I'd ever write that).

ChozenWoan  +   2068d ago
Jumped the shark...
more like the whole ocean.
Imperator  +   2068d ago
MS doesn't know what to do. They don't know if they should please the core crowd that's already there, or go for some of Nintendo's casual crowd. Unfortunately, they decided to go casual. MS is by far the worst of the 3.
raWfodog  +   2068d ago
I was very unimpressed and I was hoping for more. I really thought that was a slick move giving away new 360's to the attendees...and not in a good way. It's like they knew they were lacking and had to 'bribe' the people in some way. Notice how they got the biggest applause after the giveaway...

Yeah, now go write some good reviews of our conference...
SOAD  +   2068d ago
So if Sony gives stuff away it's because they are generous. If Microsoft gives stuff away it's because they're "bribing" people.

Where's the distinction?
raWfodog  +   2067d ago
Who said Sony is 'generous' when they give away stuff? Certainly not me. I think any company giving away stuff to reviewers and industry insiders is bribing them. Why arent they giving away stuff to little betty sue or young johnny? Because Sue and Johnny arent going to write a review praising MS, thats why...
Darnokg  +   2068d ago
I feel you. And M$ hasn't announced anything new software wise.
Nick212004  +   2068d ago
I think adding ESPN to the XBOX Live service is HUGE, but they needed more announcements like that. They only announced one new exclusive that is not Kinetic-based.
mantisimo  +   2068d ago
@ Nick
Don't you have a TV? Where were the games?
candystop  +   2068d ago
Something must have happened because I could of sworn MS said or led us to believe there would be many games announced at E3.
Darnokg  +   2068d ago
The thing is i don't watch any kind of sports, so I don't care about ESPN, Hulu on the other hand I was hoping for.....oh well. Maybe Sony will "bring it" this year .
killajd  +   2068d ago
What kind of e3 was this for Xbox360... I was let down wheres all the huge announcments. Ok so Xboxslim version is okay and all and I saw it coming when ps3 released theres. I was looking foward to the Kinetic or whatever they call it... I was dissapointed and all but oh well.
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SOAD  +   2068d ago
E3 is tomorrow, dude. This was a pre-E3 event.
ChozenWoan  +   2068d ago
+1 for that one... lol.
Philaroni  +   2068d ago
The ESPN and New Xbox where cool but I'm shocked at no new major games or even all the hulu rumors not coming true. MS I feel left the door wide open for Sony to take alot of the core market back.
Tony-A  +   2068d ago
I can see a lot of internet memes happening now with those people demoing "Dace Central" for Kinect.
Silentmerc3nary  +   2068d ago
I thought the Microsoft Briefing was average. Easily could have gone with out Black Ops demo, and less Kinect stuff. I find Kinect interesting, but the games not so much.
I was surprised in the last 3 minutes though, in a good way.
BasilMarceaux  +   2068d ago
Im going to say the same thing I thought when the PS3 slim was announced....
Doesn't everyone that wants an xbox already own one?

Yes, if your system dies and you need a new one, this will be nice to pick up. But why the excitement for something that just looks different? Are people really dumb enough to get yet another new SKU just because it looks prettier?

(yeah yeah built in wifi, but everyone has already been scammed into buying the wifi adapters)
theXfactor  +   2068d ago
When the PS3 slim was announced, not everyone who wanted a PS3 had one. That was made obvious by the huge increase in sales of the console. The main thing that sold it though was the price drop. Without it,sales wouldn't have risen by much. That is why I don't see this redesign as such a big deal
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TheJudgement  +   2068d ago
The point
Is to make it more cost efficient and lower price tag not just new remodel. MS failed to provide the lower price point which is where they COMPLETELY lost me and I was pretty optimistic about finally getting a 360 for games like gears and maybe those multiplats my friends rather get on 360 over ps3 for xbl reasons. Also not everyone who wants a 360/PS3 has 1 or there be like 80mil 360 at least and 100mil ps3s sold. Not even everyone who wants a wii has 1 when people make comments like that it makes no sense because every week thousands are being sold.
topdawg122  +   2068d ago
Honestly I'm thinking about getting one, as long as the hardware is a lot better and they bring out more exclusives. There are a lot who still don't have a 360, but I honestly want more variety from the games and not just shooters. I know that sounds like a typical fanboy comment, but it's kinda true. Although Gears 3 is one of my most anticipated games next year.
theXfactor  +   2068d ago
MS was really disappointing imo. I was hoping that they would show me something that would get me at least mildly interested in kinect because, unfortunately, motion controls are really getting a huge push and could become a big part of gaming in the future. The only major announcement related to games that they made was the exclusive from crytek, but i wont believe it until I see it. It is, after all, a third party game.
RELAX  +   2068d ago
i remember the time when i saw wii for the first time , a joypad like a tv controler. and everybody say it was doomed.
i think what is wrong whit rare, make a mario klone or something for the hardcore.
jaredhart  +   2068d ago
It's great to know
that Kinect has nothing for hardcore gamers.
THE TRUTH  +   2068d ago
How is getting ESPN exclusive huge? ESPN is everywhere I get live ESPN on my HTC evo free. Seriously the last thing gamers need is ESPN on the damn 360. At this point MS is really confusing me, where is the old MS at. I prefer the MS at the start of this console generation as opposed to MS now. Kinect is rather useless especiallywhen you redesigned your console without it built-in. Epic fail, come on gamers consider what was at stake for MS and what they delivered ....... Epic fail
SOAD  +   2068d ago
Keep saying it. Keep saying Epic fail and keep imagining that MS is a small company like Sega who will be forced to exit the market and peddle Yakuza sequels in Japan.

Kinect is kind of like the PS3 when it first launched. Lots of potential but zero output.

Sony built the games around the PS3.

Why do you assume that Microsoft won't build games around Kinect?

Ask yourself that

Also, the PS3 need a damned web browser even though I can get it anywhere including on my phone?

Yet, don't the PS3 fanboys use it as a bulletpoint for the PS3?

I'm just trying to understand your mindset.
theXfactor  +   2068d ago
Very true
MS is not a small company like sega that will be forced to exit the industry. With that said, I don't think kinect and an exclusive deal with ESPN is the answer to stopping Sony's momentum. As much as MS wants to advertise it as being a new console, it is not and it definitely doesn't have the potential the PS3 had when it was first released
THE TRUTH  +   2068d ago
I never compared MS to Sega that would be ridiculous, almost as ignorant as you comparing Kinect to a PS3. Project natal had potential Kinect is the realization of that potential.

Honestly at this point it really seems your reply is taking on water and your just grasping at anything to save you from sinking.

Sony has a history of building games around its consoles Ps1 Ps2. Ms does not. At the very least make a sku with Kinect built-in, if they believed in Kinect that would be a logical step right?

I'm no fanboy, I don't like motion controls. I'm sorry but MS's actions are questionable at best. I just don't think they are confident in Kinect based on this E3 conference. I'm sorry if that offends you.
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animelover10487  +   2068d ago
Kinect excercise thing
did anyone else notice the lag in that exercise game when she was breaking blocks it was like she would hit towards the right but the game would go in the other direction i thought that was pretty hilarious
biggame901  +   2068d ago
Honestly, I'm disappointed in Microsoft. Being a sports junkie, ESPN is nice, and I did like Kinect functionality outside of gaming in controlling the dashboard and the voice chat. But in terms of the games, Microsoft just plain flopped. Only one new game was revealed, everything else has already been announced.

I expected better than this from Microsoft.
bviperz  +   2068d ago
They'll show more blockbuster games that are geared for the hardcore.
DJnal05  +   2068d ago
Death of Hardcore
I am kinda unhappy with lack of hardcore games!!

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