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lomion5  +   2065d ago
Echo307  +   2065d ago
I haven't seen anything out of this that interests me, but the actual design of the camera is pretty slick looking.
captain-obvious  +   2065d ago
is it me or they are trying to go after the old PS3 style ??
i mean its kinda rounded edges and shiny black touch
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lomion5  +   2065d ago
It does kinda look like it would go better with the original glossy black PS3 rather than the 360. I guess we'll just have to wait for the confirmed 360 redesign and see...

Kotaku recently posted some images and it's actually a lot deeper than I thought.
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Droid Smasha  +   2065d ago
looks sleek and high tech
OneSneakyMofo  +   2065d ago
See, the problem with this, the Wii, and the Move is the giant bar you have to place in front or on top of your tv. Where do I put the Wii sensor bar once the Move camera comes into play? This thing looks HUGE. I'd have to buy a new TV stand just to fit that someplace.
Dom6390  +   2065d ago
HHmm 3 Lenses? wow that's a bit excessive for the functionality i've seen so far
Arnon  +   2065d ago
Very shiny. Looks a lot better than the white one that was originally shown off when it was first unveiled.
talltony  +   2065d ago
You guys see this yet? lol
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OneSneakyMofo  +   2065d ago
I've seen that public television commercial, and it gave me chills. Now it's just hilarious, LOL.

For those confused, that commercial is for a seatbelt awareness commercial that aired on PBS I think. The guy just threw Kinect on the end to make it funny.
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Christopher  +   2065d ago
It looks sleek, which is good. Of course, the 360 isn't a bad looking piece of hardware, just one that hasn't had the best of histories. I wonder the purpose of the version with the tilt mechanism, but more will be revealed over the next few months.

@talltony: Is that for real? If so, I'm very confused... Kinect, practice safe virtual driving or your house may be covered in glitter? I'm thinking that's a fake commercial someone made. Correction, I'm hoping that's a fake commercial someone made.
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talltony  +   2065d ago
Not sure got it off youtube
regardless its pretty funny
Moonboots  +   2065d ago
The commercial is a parody of a seat belt public safety ad and I believe it is fan made with Natal edited in at the end.

Related video
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Christopher  +   2065d ago
Thank heaven that isn't real. Thanks Moonboots. Bubs!
Imperator  +   2065d ago
Looks alright. Hopefully there's a white version as well.
niceguywii60  +   2065d ago
"Looks alright"
Sexiest Camera in the console market(and even PC's?). Matches high end piano black bezels on modern HDTVs nicely plus the design is artsy. Perfect for always being very near the HDTV panel.

I could actually put this on top or on the base of my Samsung(thanks god I just got a new 2010 650 series with the flat Base)
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SDF Repellent  +   2065d ago
I don't think there will be a white version..
The rumored and supposed leaked of the New X360 Slim is Black.
zoks310  +   2065d ago
Looks like Wall E's head.

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RememberThe357  +   2065d ago
Looks nice.
AyeKay47  +   2065d ago
looks pretty good.
ElDorado  +   2065d ago
That thing
is named really ugly. Don't call me a fanboy, cause i have both a Ps3 and a Xbox 360. I mean Kinect sounds even more worse than Move. I hope this motion-thing doesn't screw everything. I love gaming with my Dualshock 3 and also love it with my Xbox 360 controller.
Arnon  +   2065d ago
I agree with the second part of your comment. I don't really mind the name, as it's a fusion between Kinetic (movement) and connect (joining). But I am going to prefer my original controllers over these. Only reason why I'd buy Kinect would be for simple features within games, such as interaction between characters and leaning over cover and such.
Imperator  +   2065d ago
I think it sound a lot better than Natal. The Xbox 360 Kinect. It sounds pretty good imo.
lomion5  +   2065d ago
Sounds like K'nex to me. I miss K'nex.
OneSneakyMofo  +   2065d ago
Kinex owned, but Legos are still a beast.
basicsameh514  +   2065d ago
O_O its shiny its like they oiled it up before they took the picture.. i can imagine greenburg doing it since he cant fit in anywhere..
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xtremexx  +   2065d ago
Kingscorpion1981  +   2065d ago
This is a joke! I am not impress!
Bellcross  +   2065d ago
it looks ok I guess.
polow got sol  +   2065d ago
Perfect first day buy i love it
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TheAwesomessMan  +   2065d ago
It looks nice. One thing I like about Microsoft is their style. Look at the PS3 compared to the 360. Which one makes you wanna say "OOOH NICE"? (In terms of style not specs)
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necksnappa  +   2065d ago
xbox looks like crap, i think you must be blind, the phat ps3 was very shiny and nice. the new one isnt, because it got scratched the crap out of.
TheAwesomessMan  +   2065d ago
Oh you like 'shiny things'
tiamat5  +   2065d ago
red light flashs on camera. shuts down.Microsoft says 'Not again.... I mean it supposed to do that. (laugh nervously). lol. And TheAwesomessMan the black,sexy, sleek shink PS3 of course as opposed to the pale,pasty, ugly coloured Xbox 360.
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AbyssGravelord  +   2065d ago
Big brother is keeping an eye or three on you!
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Myst  +   2065d ago
It sure looks nice, and if by some chance I Do get it I'm really going to hate finger print smudges on it. Just like I hated them on my big PS3, probably get over it after a while but still...
Memo-Xen x3100  +   2065d ago
The design is slick.
Thudd  +   2065d ago
The new name really sucks....
nuff said.
SDF Repellent  +   2065d ago
the same with the Wii
Everyone was bashing the Wii name when it was first announced...Kinect is going for the Wii (out of the Blue) name factor.
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ElementX  +   2065d ago
You can say the same about Sony Qore.

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