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LiViNgLeGaCY  +   1892d ago
You know what?
Good. Good for him. The man was spending way too much time teasing, and not revealing, if you ask me. I'm glad this happened.
DarkSpawnClone  +   1892d ago
Here is some intro Videos of Twisted metal to get yah Hyped up :P OMFG i cant wait!
DarkSpawnClone  +   1892d ago
:O a disagree fairy , some people don't like twisted metal shame ;/ the xboxers don't know what there missing! seriously Twisted metal is AWESOME!!! no fan boy could turn this game down! Cars with guns and rockets? how can you turn that down.
LevDog  +   1892d ago
Man what a long smooth shaft with a mushroom top that guy is.. HE HATES SONY.. HaHa he is made they have more first party devs?

Anyways This is great news.. I wanted it to be twisted metal and it was.. ModNation got me back into cars games.. This might be the icing on the cake.. Just want I needed after the over saturation of shooters..
barakiu  +   1892d ago
step yo game girl
pretty lame N4G
Mamajuana  +   1892d ago
What's up with all this stuff being leaked before E3, it was like that last year also. I wonder if Jaffe and/or Sony is upset about this.
evilmonkey501  +   1892d ago
serously? Who cares.
Twisted metal sucked anyways in my opinion. Its the only Jaffe game I didn't like. I'd much rather buy Modnation racers.
VenGencE999  +   1892d ago
Who ever posted this poor attempt at journalism is a complete tool. You take an old clip and put on a shiny new label on it to garner quick, curious and eager hits from gamers waiting for new gaming info for shameless attention.

Alcohog  +   1892d ago
Time for me to make a prediction, Pachter. You will face a penalty from Eat, Sleep, Play and SONY for breach of NDA.
Matthew94  +   1892d ago
did jaffe not say that he WASNT making a new TM game?? anyone forget this?
KILLERAPP  +   1892d ago
I am really impress how Sony this year has manage to keep all there surprises secret unlike last year, none of these four guys no anything more than those game that everyone knows already, Sony has something in the dark to surprise us all I just can’t think what the hell it is... Am also exited about the game he talks about been in the cover of Game Informer, he talks about a first party game he has seen and he is very impress with what game could it be???
orion456  +   1892d ago
It's obviously a joke. Do you all lack the social skills necessary to tell when somebody's telling a joke. Lesson 1: When somebody laughs when making some sort of statement, they're probably joking
Dioxinis  +   1892d ago
I disagree i DO want the full console experience i just CANT without a second analog stick! SOME games work fine BUT i NEED another analog stick if your going to be making portable shooters in addition to some other games! i mean you guys (sony) would do FANTASTIC if you had a COD game which was basically equivalent to the console version! make it work over a 3g/4g network and thats REALLY portable gaming
Prcko  +   1892d ago
As i said,twisted metal:Harbor city!!!
One more ps3 exclusive!
despair  +   1892d ago
riiight like anyone is going to tell patcher anything of real value or substance.

hope its twisted metal though
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Merritt201052   1892d ago | Spam
thehitman  +   1892d ago
Why was this approved?
This was already put on N4G and omg TWISTED METAL BEEN CONFIRMED FOR F&CKING 2 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Run_bare  +   1892d ago
Off topic
I hope Kojima reveal Zone of Enders 3
TheDudeLasse  +   1892d ago
Commenting based on the title.
Judging by the comment section, people post comments based on the title of the story. Pachter is just guessing like he always does on the Bonusround.
oguzsasi  +   1892d ago
Im sick of this Patcher guy!
Please just shut the hell up dude! If you wanna be famouse just do your job! Dont run after gaming sites to make money all day long to tell lies! jesus!!!
yog-sothot  +   1892d ago
The new Jaffe's game might very well be a Twisted Metal title, but Pachter was just joking for God's sake !

videogame journalism is getting worse every day
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