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coolbeans  +   869d ago
Hope you enjoy this review misplaced in the blog section...AGAIN.

For those of you who aren't aware of why I have 'UPDATE' listed in the title, the details of why that's there and why this is submitted here can be found in one of my previous blogs:

Although I shouldn't put a score on it, I'll at least say it still squeaks by with a *FresH* title (I'll explain what that means if you need me to) and worth picking up for point-and-click gamers who can handle some frustrating puzzles because of poor design. Even with the idea of not being able to finish when I first downloaded it, I'm still so drawn to its strengths that that annoyance feels like a passing thought.

If interested in what the text praises it for: keep an eye out for it during steam summer sale.
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Cat  +   869d ago
Quit sassing me!
coolbeans  +   869d ago

You started it by tempting me with a game I couldn't finish until now. [o_o]~
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Pisque  +   869d ago
DAYUM that's one big text we got here
Pisque  +   869d ago
coolbeans  +   869d ago should see when I get my hands on a game with sp, co-op, and MP. :P

tl;dr version:

+Good visuals
+Unmistakable charm thanks to good writing
+Variety of good voice actors
+Solid value

-Ending feels phoned-in
-Poor design from certain puzzles leads to frustration
-Terribly optimized engine (loading screens, framerate, initially couldn't finish game)
-Bad hint system
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Cat  +   868d ago
Your discussion of the world promised and the actual exploration allowed hit home, that's a game element that can...not make or break, but be the difference between "good" and "overwhelming joy". It's something that makes me hungry for all things next-gen, thinking about what could be possible.

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