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WildArmed  +   925d ago
"My response, would be, it's worth it, for a proper walking dead video game!"

Question becomes how much are the fans willing to play for it?

The production costs are already very high, and if they want to do a game w/ that big of a scope... it'll be hard to not only fund the game but to sell the game at a 60$ price point. Not even the publishers of Walking Dead (Show) would be willing to invest that much unf. It is a business and passion only takes you oh so far.
s45gr32  +   925d ago
I say and still stand that travelers tale walking dead game is phenomenal. Now instead of a third person shooter how about a survival third person game. Hunting for food, makeshift weapons by scavenging the environment, deal with dehydration, hunger and stamina. Play solo or online.........
Jyndal  +   924d ago
With the current influx of zombie games, it's difficult to make anything that stands out. Personally, I enjoyed the Telltale game more than I enjoyed watching the actual show.

I'm waiting to see State of Decay, and the MMO (Class4) that it spawns. Right now, they're the only thing that's got my attention in the zombie genre.
s45gr32  +   924d ago
What mmo and is it day z or is it another mmo. I agree telltale the walking dead got me hooked. I can't wait for a second season if there is one.
Jyndal  +   924d ago
It a MMO being developed with the State of Decay engine. So far it's being called Class4 (SoD was initially called Class3). As far as I know it's only for PC and 360.
s45gr32  +   924d ago
interesting I will check it out :-)

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