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ChrisW  +   1033d ago
Nice cookie-cutter style of academic writing. Your abstract clearly outlined what you wanted to convey to your readers in very short and precise sentences. However, your paragraphs in the following are too short and their introductions are a bit lowbrow, i.e. "Now time for...", "Now for...", and simply "Now...". Change things up a bit and you'll find that your readers will be more interested in the subsequent sections that you've made, especially in your conclusion where you've overused "I think...".
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1033d ago
Okay then thanks for the help! As my first blog I didn't know if it would be good but I will improve on my next one.
Gamer-40  +   1033d ago
"the PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox 720"

No, 100%. Only a old leaked -rumor- documents say this.
Wait and see.
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1033d ago
agreed, that is why I said "I will make another blog when the 720 is revealed and then I will have a full update and I can crown a fair winner". When the Xbox is revealed and we have the specs, than I can compare it fairly
Software_Lover  +   1033d ago
I just cant find the time to write a blog.
taquito  +   1033d ago
pc, like always

the most exclusives
the best graphics by far
backwards compat
way better prices
way better performance
bigger/better/dedicated servers
better online chat options (steam/vent/teamspeak/in-game
community projects

also, anyone else think it will be freaking hilarious if the xbox 720's specs completely curb stomp the ps4's?

it wouldn't be hard

just have better than a 1.6ghz cpu-EASY
better than a crappy laptop gpu-EASY
and 10 gb of ram because all the console kids thinks ram is the most important part of a system (hint; its LAST behind cpu and gpu)
JohnDread  +   1032d ago
Not a single word on Nintendo. Oh, well, I don't even know what I expected...
iGAM3R-VIII  +   1032d ago

I didn't say anything about Nintendo because it is in between Next-gen and current-gen. Also the PS4 and 72 come out this year and no new console from Nintendo. IMO the Wii U will get beaten by both the 720 and PS4 so yea. And we already know everything about the Wii U.

DO not talk about things you do not know.
JohnDread  +   1032d ago
There is no such thing as "in between generations". Wii was the 5th home console from Nintendo. Wii U is the 6th home console from Nintendo. That is the definition of "generation" in gaming, you know.
Also judging Nintendo's new console in comparison to competitors, before either of Sony's or Microsoft's are even out / announced is wrong on many levels.
Another thing I disagree with is the term of "winning" a generation (which already is wrong by definition). Nobody wins a generation. There are many factors which play a role in judging a product like a home console. Like, Nintendo for example sold the most consoles last generation. Is that considered winning? Because I think many, or in fact most of the so-called core gamers despise the Wii and some even go so far as to denying it being a gaming console. There is so much shallow thinking in the community and to be honest I believe this article is just another example for that.
Don't get me wrong, I do see that Nintendo is struggling very hard at the moment, and I know they do not deliver as of now. However, that is something that can change. To be honest, I don't care what console will be considered the best. I strongly believe it will be a very similar situation as with the current/last gen.

tl;dr: I think your post just lacks important elements which are required for the comparison you are trying to depict. Apart from that I also think the topic itself is redundant. However, if we take that away, good effort.
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miyamoto  +   1029d ago
its actually the PlayStation gamer's voice that won the battle for Sony against M$ misinformation campaign.

Just hear around the internet how loud the voice of PlayStation gamers. Its one factor M$ has under estimated and did not see coming against them. M$ lost the battle against opinionated gamers.

I can't wait what their next media buy-out move will be but rest assured the PlayStation Nation will be ready for them once again.

So its the PlayStation gamers who has won and will win next gen. Never undersestimate the the power of the people M$.
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Soul_Re4p3rR_69  +   1025d ago
I personally think the PS4 is gonna beat the 720. Because look at the Playstation 3 its beauty has beaten the 360, and on memory storage, graphics, free online, etc. ><

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