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SilentNegotiator  +   848d ago
Between the possible leaked documents, dev comments, feverish defense from Orth, etc....I think this rumor is a little more likely than your run of the mill random rumor.
flyingmunky  +   848d ago
It does seem to hold more weight that the typical run of the mill rumor. The fact that it has so many sources also lends credence. I'm still going to consider it with a huge grain of salt though, I just can't imagine any company willing to make that poor of a decision.
caseh  +   847d ago
Sony actually own the patent for preventing pre-owned games but never used it despite the 'rumours' being confimred upon this patent being discovered.

I just see it as Orth stating a personal opinion, he has no issue with a console being 'always online', sadly its been taken to the extreme becuase he works at MS (worked? :0). M$ had to step up to prevent the media believing this guy is leaking unspoken truths but sadly its gone the opposite way. M$ speaking up apparently confirms what Orth says now relates to the Nextbox *groan*. The internet, its what started WW2 dontcha know.
Gamer-40  +   848d ago
Always-online, blocked used games, weak console than ps4..
Man, i dont understand.
Why make this Microsoft? Why?
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lastofgen  +   848d ago
assuming all the rumors are true....
Gamer-40  +   848d ago
Yes, i think, all the rumors are true.
lastofgen  +   848d ago
alright, well...I'll hold you to that, especially the ones about blocked games and this 'always online' requirement to play games.

when ms announces their next xbox, we'll meet again.
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MrBeatdown  +   848d ago
You're not looking at the whole picture.

Yeah, there is a big discrepancy between people who connect their Xbox, and the number of 360s sold. But that's not all Microsoft would be looking at.

Always-online would not be implemented, or even considered without good reason. For any feature that makes it into the next Xbox, MS will consider the pros and cons. You only addressed the downside here, but that's not the full picture. You're overlooking what MS may see as a benefit of an always online requirement.

The most obvious potential use of an always-on connection would be to prevent piracy and eliminate used games. MS knows the relevant numbers. We don't.

Profit is obviously the motivation behind Xbox Live subscriptions. If they were concerned about subscriber numbers or install base, they wouldn't throw a big, money-making block in front of the gates.

If Microsoft can make that kind of profit-driven decision, which clearly comes at the expense of the user base, it's far from unrealistic to expect they would, at the very least, consider the same approach when it comes to the actual console itself.

Fact is, only Microsoft's number crunchers have an idea of how beneficial or harmful an always-on requirement would be to the business.
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Neko_Mega  +   847d ago
Only time will tell if Microsoft is going to shoot themselfs in the foot or make a good console.

I wait to hear from Microsoft to know whats true, because sometimes people can twist words around.
IlluminatusV  +   846d ago
I think this blog entry gives a balanced view of that case. It is a positive example of arguing instead of downplay other opinions without facts behind it. I am not saying that he is right because we are all speculating until MS announced the console but he tries to see a bigger picture.

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