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MonkeyNinja  +   1043d ago
Very well said. I agree 100%.
NewMonday  +   1043d ago
this saga played out classicly.

denial(it's rumor/lies)
anger(sweet billy mems)
bargaining(would you take it for 200$/maybe it's only some models)
depression(ax to xbox)
acceptance(this blog)
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Software_Lover  +   1042d ago
........... isn't there an offline mode in Steam? Or was this before that was implemented. Steam would not know there was an update if it was not connected, right? Of course King Solomon was wrong before so I could be also.
specialagent4532  +   1042d ago
it has but it only works if you are logged in to your STEAM account. I just don't log out from my steam account mainly due to is annoying as hell to log in and log out from my account B-)
flyingmunky  +   1042d ago
I have to wonder if people are really going to put up with the BS from MS next generation. You say people put up with the red ring, kinect, etc. so they will bend over for one more thing. While that was true for the 360 it may not be true for next gen. The people that put up with it this generation do so because its really hard to sale off an entire library of games and change platforms mid generation.

I think that at the generation switch people will be much more likely to change brands. Yeah there will be some amount of trepidation since people generally have a lot of brand loyalty. There is also the issue that the nextbox will likely pull your profile, game data, and library from the old console. This will be pretty minor if gamers decide the competing consoles have a better feature set and more games though.
specialagent4532  +   1042d ago
I hope you are right and it does happen so the game industry sees that customers are not willing to put up with any bs.
talisker  +   1042d ago
Always online doesn't bother me from a technical perspective as I never go offline due to my work (also paying for backup solutions in case my cable fails). What bothers me is WHY they are pushing this feature. I can only imagine it's due to harsh DRM and forced advertising that will be thrown into your face through Internet and ingame. Also, mining data of your behaviour. Always on Kinect + always online is too much for me and will be in any future I can think of. If Sony follows the way, I'll also abandon them. As for now, no money from me, Microsoft, and you have to deal with it.
StinKyNuGz  +   1042d ago
Ac4 has requires Internet connection for ps4 says on box
b_one  +   1042d ago
a moment ago i was doing final boss battle on TITAN mode and got disconnected from PSN, good for me its not restricted to always online

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