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lex-1020  +   880d ago
I'm not sure if this is how Bioware did it or not, but this is how I would have done it if I was them. Figure out what happened most often and make that the default. Did more gamers save Wrex or kill him, and did more gamers romance Ashley or Laura? Get a record of these, and bioware could have do it(the just released an infographic on the choices from Me3), and make it the default choice for people who don't import.
Man-E-Faces  +   880d ago
Correct me if I am wrong as it's been awhile since I finished this series but dosen't EVE's survival depend on wether you keep or destroy Maelon's data in Mass Effect 2 and then you have to get her extracted during that Cerberus onslaught? And are you sure there wasn't an option to save or destroy Maelon's data if you don't have a save from ME2? I imported my save from ME2(PS3) with the Platinum so everything worked out perfect for me as far as choices in who lived, died and romanced(miranda), so I can't say I have any regret in the series other than the underwhelming ending. Maybe you should pick up the trilogy and have another go to get the bad taste out of your mouth.
theChickGamer  +   880d ago
Unfortunately not, you need to have that choice in an imported save (choice that I had on my PC save :P).

"The only way to keep Eve alive is to complete Old Blood on an imported character, and save the data.

Eves survival has two major effects:

- If Eve dies, there is a -50 modifier on Krogan War Assets. Her survival prevents this.
- If Eve survives, you are unable to convince Mordin to sabotage the cure - the only way to do so is to kill Mordin yourself. You monster."

Which is definitely how I wanted my story to go :(
Man-E-Faces  +   878d ago
Okay, I tried a new game and your right the only option is choosing Ashley or Kaidan, but the good news is if your willing to pay $3.99 there is the
Mass Effect 3 Genesis 2 on PSN under add-ons for Mass Effect 3 it fills in both ME1 and 2 and allows you to make key plot decisions like the ME2 ps3 Genesis did for ME1. Basically it's the Genesis they added for the WiiU version of ME3 since there is no ME1-2 on WiiU.
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IcyEyes  +   880d ago
I totally agree with you (theChickGamer). Bioware didn't pay too much attention to those details and now you (and people like you) just cannot have the "right ride" over 3 chapters and 5 years of gaming, just because something goes wrong.

I have a similar experience, but I was lucky to found the time to play again and again the game :

ME1 - first on X360 then PC
ME2 - first on PC then PS3 (thanks to the comics)
ME3 - PS3 and I play the story exactly as I "planned"
Man-E-Faces  +   878d ago
They can enjoy their ride now since Genesis 2 was released on PS3, it's the WiiU's version of filling in the back story of ME1,2 and allowing you to make key plot decisions from those 2 games carry over to 3. But yeah it may be a little late for most people who played the game at launch.
dreman999  +   879d ago
....You don't know you can get a save editor to fix this?
IcyEyes  +   879d ago
for ps3 ?
dreman999  +   878d ago
1.Go to bsn(bioware social net work)...The will tell you how.
IcyEyes  +   878d ago
I already checked all those place and forum ... there is no way for Ps3 user.

Btw, I play a lot around the save editor ... on pc.

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