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Habitforming  +   738d ago
This would be my first Neverwinter game to play, but not my first MMO.. I'm Oldschool gamer from the 80's.. I've played my fairshare of betas.. even all text based.

-Habitforming aka l0ckd0wn
thestinkyweasel  +   738d ago
WOOT WOOT!! Neverwinter?!?! YES PLEASE!!
Silkside  +   738d ago
I would love to try the beta.
Please send me a key

Thanks a lot
dcs000  +   738d ago
please! :)
EvilX  +   737d ago
dungeons and dragons forever! since 1980! playing for years.
h2omelon93  +   737d ago
Hey thanks for doing this.
riskytoast  +   737d ago
I would really love to play! Thank you!!
WarBringer  +   737d ago
I'll take a key.
maeleson  +   735d ago
Key pl0x! ;p
WarBringer  +   735d ago
I'll take one.
bilika2  +   734d ago
give me a kay please!!!!!
Endymios  +   733d ago
Woot! Can't wait!
CrawfordG  +   731d ago
D&D is awesome, would love to try this with friends.
bullen98  +   722d ago
I've never liked having winter long now i like to have it :D
bullen98  +   722d ago
whoops i have waited very long to have neverwinter i wrote wrong whoops :b
HadeanBliss  +   719d ago
if you still have keys i would love one
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