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YourSavior  +   1052d ago
I'll take a key, please. (;
SignifiedSix91  +   1052d ago
OMG i've been waiting so long for this game! Please, please, please send me a code!!! :D

Thanks in advance!
Gibblefarb  +   1052d ago
I have been playing Neverwinter Nights since NWN 1 all the way through NWN2 and the expansions. I can't wait to try!
illu666  +   1052d ago
huge expectation for this game!
guerrier001  +   1052d ago
Thank for the 2000 key to play NevenWinter ^^
ShadowArchangel  +   1052d ago
Me me!
budlustgaming  +   1052d ago
Given the past trends of "founders packs" (ie, SWTOR) I feel becoming a founder is, put quite simply, a waste of money.

I would, however, love to get a beta key to confirm such.
Gravitic  +   1052d ago
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Rex_Aeternae  +   1052d ago
Well, this will definitely be worth checking out if there are any keys left I would love to be able to acquire one
lemjir  +   1052d ago
I'm in.
Snojo  +   1052d ago
Yes please :)
Llaucian  +   1052d ago
I totally forgot this was evening happening. Good to hear that a lot of people seem to enjoy what they've seen and played.
atdt911  +   1052d ago
Count me in please :-)
smashsulfide  +   1052d ago
yes please
thorstein  +   1052d ago
Late to the game, but I would LOVE to beta test this for you. I have been reading Salvatore's series and I have already planned UCC!
Ashlen  +   1052d ago
Yes please.
Maxxzimo  +   1052d ago
Please send me a key I need it in my life!
Efstratios  +   1052d ago
I'd like a key please!
RzrMoonlight  +   1052d ago
Looks awesome! would definitely like to check it out!
VenomousHail  +   1052d ago
Can't wait to play.
gigakain  +   1052d ago
Need a key please.
Ganryu  +   1052d ago

I'm a big fan of this universe and i would b honored to play in this beta event. Plz, give me the chance to do so.

Much gratitude,

evilstuie  +   1051d ago
Hooray!!! NWN was my fave pc game ever.
celestiatem  +   1051d ago
Neverwinter looks pretty interesting. Hearing some good elements so far about the game, and always a fan of D&D stuff.
theEx1Le  +   1051d ago
Key please :)
hen555  +   1051d ago
Cat thanks! you always hook me up with the beta keys :)
PlaYa_OnE  +   1051d ago
Looks nice!
Can't wait to try it out :)
birgirpall  +   1051d ago
Looks good!
chewydawg  +   1051d ago
Yes I've been looking for a way to get in this game for a while! :-)
Nofevil  +   1051d ago
Looks awesome!
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