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electroblood  +   1051d ago
I wouldnt mind trying this out. Maybe it will get my wife off of WoW for a while.
berkan350  +   1051d ago
i want a key
D4Damager  +   1050d ago
awesome cant wait!!
Murad  +   1050d ago
Commented. I'm very interested, and just because it's a beta.
TheFanboySlayer  +   1050d ago
I want one !!
Wigriff  +   1050d ago
I'd love a key. I still have my 2nd edition ad&d Forgotten Realms stuff. heh
coolbeans  +   1050d ago
How can I not bite on the offer? Thanks, Cat!

But we have to make sure LostDjinn doesn't get a prize. Give me a thousand of those codes if you need to! :P
luiti1  +   1050d ago
ill take one please :)
Kingaling  +   1050d ago
Can't wait. I just hope it has enough to really stand out in a congested genre.
trevr  +   1050d ago
I'll give it a whirl.
xerokai  +   1050d ago
This game sounds great!
cherubidim123  +   1050d ago
this looks so awesome dudes :)
cant wait for a key :)
lathawen  +   1050d ago
me, please!
baller_jim  +   1050d ago
can i has :3
Kurimou  +   1050d ago
I'm down for a key! :D
aawells07  +   1050d ago
Id be very greatful for a key.
md22  +   1050d ago
looks awesome, can't wait to try it
spliskn  +   1050d ago
dosempire  +   1050d ago
Very Nice!!
Count me in, please.
grimmweisse  +   1050d ago
The game is shaping up great. Been a massive fan of the neverwinter series for a long time. Would love to give this a go.
Jibble  +   1050d ago
Id love to try it!
th0rgr3d  +   1050d ago
Can I please get a key? Thanks.
PotatoClock  +   1050d ago
Would love to play this game sooner rather than later!
menghina  +   1050d ago
Hello , I'd like to try it aswell :)
L_S_4  +   1050d ago
looks awesome
L_S_4  +   1050d ago
looks awesome !!!!!
L_S_4  +   1050d ago
looks awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jaunty  +   1050d ago
YES I want a key :$
landog  +   1050d ago
just wanted to say THANK YOU!!

game is awesome, level 7 mage....gotta get some sleep, but can't wait to play some more

thanks again!!
Glor  +   1050d ago
This game looks very awesome! I would love a key
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