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Herring  +   892d ago
Thanks for a chance for a key! looking forward to checking this out.
R_aVe_N  +   892d ago
I have been watching this one for awhile any new information on it?
Emilio_Estevez  +   892d ago
Hook me up Cat! I'll take 2/3 if you have extras to spread the love!
darkanonymous  +   892d ago
i need this key. Ive been waiting to download this game for a while.So please be kind enough to give me a beta key!
Herbzman86  +   892d ago
Cant wait to try out this game looks interesting
skyrimer  +   892d ago
I'm the evil sorcerer that will haunt your dreams if you don't hand me that beta key!
LobbycastGeoff  +   892d ago
It looks great! Thank you for doing this for us!
Roopa  +   892d ago
OMG I cant wait! plix send me key plzzzzzz. Me big fan, i want key soooooooo bad!
Phaerius  +   892d ago
Neverwinter looks super boss. Glad I dropped by!
Gartersnake  +   892d ago
DreadfulHero  +   892d ago
I would love a key. Thanks!
Munkis  +   892d ago
Awesome, pls gif key
pileobunnies  +   892d ago
Yes, please!
FantasticBoss  +   892d ago
I love beta keys!
Saryk  +   892d ago
I'll take a lookie!
FaultyPixel  +   892d ago
i'd love a key if possible please
Toon_Link  +   892d ago
Let's play some neverwinter!!
lucenthawk99  +   892d ago
I would like a key to test! Looking forward to playing!
TheCookieMonster  +   892d ago
I'll take a key.
Publicglutton  +   892d ago
Would love a key please , thanks N4G & Perfect World Ent....:)
Orionsangel  +   892d ago
I never tried this series before. I'm game though.
fossilfern  +   892d ago
I would love a key :D

Thanks for the chance.
Sandmano  +   892d ago
Beta code please! Thank you very much!
brandonb21  +   892d ago
il take one
cyoung747  +   892d ago
A key would be very much appreciated! Been checking this game out for a while now!
Ryoushi09  +   892d ago
Key please!
FunkyDarion  +   892d ago
I would like a key please.
undeliverable  +   892d ago
I wouldnt mind trying this out. Maybe it will get my wife off of WoW for a while.
HyperBear  +   892d ago
I wouldn't mind having a key please! Thanks :D
HaVoK308  +   892d ago
Looking forward to this game. I have faith in Perfect World after playing and enjoying RaiderZ. Hoping I get a beta key!
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