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JuMBa  +   859d ago
So Sick Neverwinter Ftw.
S/O i7;)
rdgneoz3  +   859d ago
Would love to try it out
dannyxt  +   859d ago
I would love to have a beta key 4m you guyz... this is 1 my most anticipated mmo in this year... I love neverwinter series :D
thanks :D
Barrons  +   859d ago
Love this!
lamenter  +   859d ago
I would like to try this game as well. Thanks!
RobAlmighty  +   859d ago
Me! Me!
TheSleepyV  +   859d ago
Looks fantastic, can't wait to get started.
scampattack  +   859d ago
This game looks damn good. Can't wait for this and ESO.
metalgod88  +   859d ago
I would love to be a part of the beta. I just found this game today and it looks amazing! I hope I'm given a key =)
urwifeminder  +   859d ago
Id take a look cheers.
Kinslayer9000  +   859d ago
I've been looking forward to thissss!!!
pulsuhundur  +   859d ago
Been waiting forever to try this game out. I'd be forever indebted to you if I'd get a key! :p
Jirikai  +   859d ago
So excite!
Attila57  +   859d ago
Looks interesting.
GamingTale  +   859d ago
I would like to participate in the beta :)
rfaronson  +   859d ago
I'd like a key, please.
Jovahkiin  +   859d ago
Hey send me a code please, thanks guys !
DigitalSmoke  +   859d ago
I will like to try to Beta out as well, i think the D&D world is splendid.
arcbinder  +   859d ago
I'd love a key. Thanks.
Zalabar  +   859d ago
This looks like a great game, can't wait to try it out.
Boroak  +   859d ago
Sounds like a fun game
OcelotRigz  +   859d ago
Nice one, thanks.
Cueil  +   859d ago
cool beans!
Yowser  +   859d ago
I would love a Beta key please
deathsarm  +   859d ago
i would love to get a key so i can give it a try out the game so far looks sick
boby8gown  +   859d ago
Dont mind if I do thanks very much
crab  +   859d ago
Oooooooh beta key, yes please
Athonline  +   859d ago
A key would be great! Thanks a lot! :)
llMurcielagoll  +   859d ago
May I have a key please?

Thanks N4G!
LostDjinn  +   859d ago
Is this going to be like monthly prize money? You know, where you just point and laugh.
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