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stevosn95  +   1055d ago
I would love a key please!
Professor Chaos  +   1055d ago
Can't wait for this one
ccaniman  +   1055d ago
I'd love a shot at this, Thanks
bigalmkal  +   1055d ago
looking forward to this!!!
NegativeCreepWA  +   1055d ago
I'll take one!
Mounce  +   1055d ago
I'd love to play and help improve the game in my time :3
cped  +   1055d ago
I will check it out
SPAM-FRITTER-123  +   1055d ago
me please.
Loki86  +   1055d ago
I am definitely interesting in a key, totally hyped for this game. I put well over 2 years of my life into the NWN1 and NWN2
Y_5150  +   1055d ago
I'll try it!
aPerson  +   1055d ago
I would love a key!
kelixaleir  +   1055d ago
This game is going to be amazing!
arkard  +   1055d ago
Me please! :)
Cruzer2  +   1055d ago
Key please
Kylejp97  +   1055d ago
I love beta testing! Please and thank you very much :)
XboxBetty  +   1055d ago
This game is going to be awesome! Id love a key :)
SilentNegotiator  +   1055d ago
I'll try it.
snake21  +   1055d ago
Finally an engaging mmo with D&D lore.
badang234  +   1055d ago
this game is like tera i want play nao
Omegabalmung  +   1055d ago
I'll take one :)
SeraphimBlade  +   1055d ago
Can a man get some Neverwinter up in here?

EDIT: Wait wait wait. It's only this weekend? I'm actually CRAZY busy... Don't waste it on me.
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Pazy  +   1055d ago
Sweet, ive been looking forward to this game.
BeyondtheGravex  +   1055d ago
Majorly impressed with Neverwinter so far, hope I get to try it!
CheexInk  +   1055d ago
I'm commenting on this post
Mooseguy  +   1055d ago
I'd like a key please and thank you.
stonepaintings  +   1055d ago
I'd like one thanks
coldspark24  +   1055d ago
Well then! I will take one key please.
Xristo  +   1055d ago
MEEE!!!!! .... please?! :)
Xristo  +   1055d ago
I just received one from another source, Cat. You do not need to send me one. Thanks for doing this for us all, though! :)
TrailBlazor  +   1055d ago
Yes please!!!
Autodidactdystopia  +   1055d ago
me please :)
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